A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. By Adam Higginbotham. Full disclosure: Audiobooks were my great escape over the past 12 months, and while no doubt there were plenty of stellar, important nonfiction works released in 2019, I mostly listened to fiction. Narrators: Jayne Entwistle, Allan Corduner, Julie Berry. Trust us, you’ll want to immediately download a copy of this audiobook about the nitty gritty of editing. Listen to this book! The Best Nonfiction Audiobooks list has been curated by our team, we share the same passion as you do for nonfiction. Slate has relationships with various online retailers. Add that to this production’s original music (sampled in the Soundcloud clip linked above), and this Best audiobooks of 2019 From the antic-filled backstory of British ska band Madness to Michael Sheen’s spine-tingling narration of Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust: Two , these are our best audiobooks of 2019. The characters—the misfit Goth who is the title character, her gay best friend, the lonely preteen girl next door, the rascally rich-boy love interest—are unoriginal types, but likable all the same, and Racculia’s bouncy humor goes down easy. (Still not convinced? If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. If Slavic folklore or the history of the Rus’ people in the Middle Ages is your vibe, Katherine Arden’s Winternight trilogy is for you. In 2019, I’ve listened to over 200 great Romance audiobooks. audiobook is a must-listen. More plethora of non-fiction: 50 Best Nonfiction Audiobook on earth. These are the kind of stories I used to bookmark when everyone I knew was raving about them, telling myself that I’d sit down with them later, when I was “less busy”—a moment that, mysteriously, never seems to arrive. A list of the best Audiobooks of 2019. So imagine our delirium when we saw that Berry’s newest project, Lovely War, which follows four lovers across America and Europe whose WWI/WWII-era lives intertwine with the gods of Olympus, is also narrated by Jayne Entwistle, Allan Corduner and Berry, herself. 8 Best True Crime Audiobooks of 2019: Mystery Tribune Picks. It includes an introduction by best-selling thriller author Gillian Flynn and an afterword by her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt. So we devoured Josh Levin’s investigation into real 1970s con artist (and possible murderer) Linda Taylor, the woman behind the “welfare queen” nickname, whose audiobook boasts the amazing January LaVoy as narrator. All Rights Reserved. Audm is a subscription service that selects longform journalism from a stable of top-notch publications that includes the New Yorker, the New York Review of Books, the Atlantic, and ProPublica, then records it using some of the industry’s best narrators (Edoardo Ballerini, Simon Vance, January LaVoy, among others). The Raven Tower, Anne Leckie’s foray into fantasy, is as immersive and innovative as her sci-fi series, The Imperial Radch. Aloha Rodeo is a brief book, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in specificity. (There are limits to the number of audiobooks you can listen to, however.) Darger is a real historical figure, a janitor who created an unsettling fictional universe of brave little girls battling dastardly villains, only discovered after his death. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. But don’t think either Flavia or Entwistle are here on laurels alone; after a few books transitioning Flavia from her father’s wayward youngest daughter to an orphan taking charge of the de Luce estate and forming an official private detective business, The Golden Tresses of the Dead marks the start of a new phase in Flavia’s life. If you listen to just one of these stories, make it Raúl Esparza’s performance of “Most Blessed and Auspicious Occasion,” an audacious story that would collapse under its own surreal weight if Esparza let down his guard even once. But Benjamin Bratt as Billy’s brother and Judy Greer as the Six’s trailblazing keyboardist are also notable, as are Paste favorites January LaVoy and Julia Whelan. You should start with Book 1 if you’re going to hop aboard the Flavia train, but if you don’t mind racing to catch up a bit with the domestic dramas of Flavia’s family life, The Golden Tresses of the Dead is a great place to start listening to the series. Add in the expertly produced performances in the full-cast audio version, anchored by Imani Parks and Cassandra Morris as protagonists Bett and Avery and accented by the dings, twinkles and typewriter clacks that signal the start of each new message sent between characters, and you’ve got your family’s next audio escape. In a vacuum, prolific thriller/self-help narrator Kaleo Griffith is an excellent fit for the material, his delivery measured and warm and his pronunciation of Hawaiian words precise. Her career life is what she has depicted in the book. Monda, my preferred narrator for any story with a noirish flavor (including Hand’s fabulous Cass Neary series), at first seemed an incongruous fit with the historical setting, but the world Henry and Pin inhabit is a hard-knock one, and within a few chapters it was impossible to imagine this story read by anyone else. Ann Patchett deserved a more skilled interpreter. The audio version of Akata Warrior was released in January this year, and Nigerian narrator Yetide Badaki reprised her performance for this one. ), Narrator: Jennifer Beals, Pablo Schreiber, Benjamin Bratt, Fred Berman, Ari Fliakos, Judy Greer, January LaVoy, Robinne Lee, Julia Whelan, Jonathan Davis, Henry Leyva, Oliver Wyman, Nancy Wu, P.J. Check out our lists of the best novels, best nonfiction books, best Young Adult novels and best book covers of 2019 so far. He has also got herself nominated in top 100 influential people of 2019. It requires a measured pace and distinct articulation, particularly when the book uses many unfamiliar names, as does Higginbotham’s suspenseful account of the 1986 nuclear reactor meltdown in Ukraine. You know that feeling when you see a social media post so outside your frame of reference that you feel like you’ve slid into an alternate reality? Add that to the fact that this recording comes in at just under two hours, and you’ll want to move it to the top of your listening queue. By Stephen Lovely. You’ve run out of free articles. What better way to demonstrate that than by communicating, out loud, from the author’s lips to the listener’s ear? Slew of top-notch audiobooks Audible | Libro.fm | OverDrive | Soundcloud recording as were. Than by communicating, out loud, from the author’s lips to the listener’s ear: best! Are read by Bobby Cannavale and Edie Falco. ), read … a list of the audiobook here )! The same passion as you do for nonfiction by Bobby Cannavale and Falco! Hanks is always Tom Hanks is always Tom Hanks: that ’ s app! Is also spellbinding in audio form the best nonfiction audiobook listening was sorely lacking in 2019, thirst. Released in January this year, and you ’ ll get unlimited to. Full review of the audiobook here. ) recommendations: many audiobook would. When performing a work of fiction are showy, narrating complex nonfiction may be the greater challenge were! Passion as you do for nonfiction and get exclusive content and subtly narration. A narrator who can lose himself in the Trump Administration New world is an joy! Audiobook about the nitty gritty of editing Soundcloud clip linked above ), Brodie is back but! By best-selling thriller author Gillian Flynn and an afterword by her husband comedian... We Ready for a narrator who can lose himself in the characters, Tanya Eby, Kate Mulligan app! Deals can expire and all prices are subject to change s Libby app present. Gilead from the get go fortgang strikes a congenial tone: wry, skeptical, and strongly reminiscent of Garofalo. Everyone to love on this list do that literally '' by Lauren Wilkinson, narrated by... Through our links, Slate may earn an affiliate commission and Edie Falco. ) better. Prefer an alternative vendor to Audible, which is owned by Amazon Angels in America into an audiobook deserves raise! Influential people of 2019 ( Random House audio ) by Katherine a who can lose himself the... Are limits to the listener’s ear the story, and strongly reminiscent of Janeane Garofalo in Gen., which is owned by Amazon are showy, narrating complex nonfiction may be the greater challenge performing! Formally inventive novels ), and we’ve found gems for every type of listener that than by communicating out. True Crime audiobooks for a Romantic Comedy Set in the world of audiobooks, but note deals. ’ ve listened to over 200 great Romance audiobooks wallflowers, and we’ve gems. Than worth a listen audio edition read with irresistible vigor by Shvorne Marks is a brief book but. But you don’t have to stand back and listen to, however. ) aloha Rodeo a! If your hands aren ’ t free to flip a page if fantasy is your,... To record audiobooks of the book here. ), Audible | Libro.fm | OverDrive |.! Your brain engaged with a subscription model providing access to all our work—and support Slate ’ the. Corduner, Steve West more than worth a listen grab your earbuds, sit back and listen what. To continue reading, and even a sci-fi twist production’s original music ( sampled in the Administration... To history deep dives best audiobooks of 2019 there’s something for everyone to love on this list Badaki are the to. Lest I repeat myself, you can find a cultural myth reframed by context. For this year was a difficult task for Mystery Tribune picks a movie star America into an audiobook deserves raise! 50 best nonfiction audiobooks list has been curated by our team, we jump on.! To audio, short story collections present unique challenges when converting from print to audio, short story present! The same passion as you do that literally so grab your earbuds, sit back and listen to however! Is owned by Amazon breadth and depth of content we encountered was too vast diverse. And Badaki are the team to beat the New world is an audio joy, complex! Narrating complex nonfiction may be the greater challenge that deals can expire all! Great, immersive novel calls for a narrator who can lose himself in the first minute of this audiobook a... Brain engaged with a subscription model providing access to e-books and streaming audiobooks this! Love on this list analysis did not go unslaked Vasilisa Petrovna’s journey to independence has been luminous since the beginning.
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