So I’m back to laminate. Forget carpet and hardwood floors and instead choose waterproof -- or water resistant -- materials that are Doggie-friendly. We were originally going to buy the porcelain flooring that looks like wood but we weren’t super impressed with many of the colors/lack of sheen as well as the fact that they are so cold and uncomfortable (as you had mentioned). First re-acquaint the cat to her litter box. Manufacturer’s have caught onto this major concern so a good portion of cork made today are heavily distressed as well as patterned in order to disguise imperfections in the floor once it’s installed. The main disadvantage is it is noticeably louder than glue down products and your dog may find it slippery if they love to run around your home (sorry, but I find it hilarious seeing their legs flail everywhere as they try to turn a corner). It isn’t that expensive, so if it gets torn up…I don’t cry over replacement costs. It scratches very easily. This is a product used all over the United States and in the United Kingdom by a lot of professionals including dog breeders, kennels and veterinary practices to effectively clean and sanitize cages, surfaces, and common areas.. People think it is wood, I don’t have the issues I had trying to keep the wood from moisture, dings or scratches. So it’s virtually impossible to scratch, stain or damage. Thanks sooo much for your expertise!! For your bedroom, luxury or engineered vinyl plank is softer than hardwood, and meets waterproof needs when have pets. Look, you know your dog best – does it behave or not? Nylon and polyester carpets are a good place to start before making sure they have built in stain protection. A well balanced dog will respect you and your home and as a result, your floors. Water, pee, vomit, drool or feces won’t do a darn thing to them. Keep their toys in a separate room that can take abuse, or just keep them outside. Are you still liking it? It is too hard underfoot for bedrooms. We list & discuss the Best Materials For A Dog Toilet & Outdoor Potty Area, such as pea gravel, sand, mulch, artificial grass + more. However, in our humble opinion, laminate isn’t hugely “pet-friendly”, that’s to say friendly to your pets, especially dogs. The seams have held together very well. Savannah, what brand of vinyl plank flooring did you use? First up, there are no hard and fast rules! It is by far the most comprehensive pet protection warranty in the industry. I had Kardean put down about 4 years ago and love it. I would love to know the brand of Vinyl Flooring you used from Home Depot. As they have 3 big indoor dogs, it would be a good idea to put something durable in. It’s easy to vacuum and clean. It has held up better than my hardwood flooring to the nails and accidents. The accompanying pictures in those reviews are very impressive and I can attest to how incredible these cleaners are in maintaining your carpets to pristine condition. Only use approved floor cleaners for regular maintenance. Do you mean the best floors for them or the best floors for you!? It’s an inexpensive, waterproof, scratch and stain resistant flooring that is also comfortable underfoot. Linoleum Flooring – Almost as good as vinyl and eco-friendly, but costs more. Otherwise, enjoy the show. the new planks have a completely different look, but still vinyl. Durable and family friendly flooring, their PetProtect carpet and PetProtect vinyl flooring are both worth considering. Wish people like Savannah and Pam, when glowing about a product, would let us know what the product is so others can make an educated choice. After I walk you through each type of flooring and share a few facts about them, simply apply this information to your own dog and circumstances. One that eats, pees, sleeps and walks whenever and wherever it wants is a dog that’s probably going to give you a lot more problems than just your floors. The puppy does slide on it, but he seems to make it work. With other hard forms of flooring just be certain to clean and reseal every 3-5 years depending on exposure. Anyway, I would be grateful for any and all suggestions regarding this and if possible, would also greatly appreciate your recommended brands. Against these benefits is the appearance of linoleum over time, as a natural product it is prone to fading and degrading so careful maintenance is more of an issue. And if liquids are left to stand too long then they can often seep into the wood itself and cause swelling. The dogs have ran and skidded across the floor with their nails digging at the floor, without any damage occurring. Also Karndean has lots of requirements for cleaning and stripping none of the others have. We also have an area rug under the table. With regard to Quimbo123’s comment: we are in the same situation — 3 very small dogs — and the old one frequently has large pee accidents in the middle of the night that are not caught until morning. As you can see there is no one size fits all when it comes to flooring and your dog. We have 2 dogs and are looking for flooring that can take their abuse. I have installed plenty of this stuff all over Dallas-Fort Worth in both commercial and residential settings and it’s worked out just fabulous for the client. We suggest you add cork flooring high up on your “maybe” list when looking for the best flooring for dogs. Overall, not the ideal floor for larger dogs but it has it’s very specific purpose for smaller ones. Add in plenty of shedding (yes, cats too) and the occasional… erm… accident and you soon have good reason to think long and hard about which type of new flooring will be the best fit for you and the best flooring for dogs or other pets in your house build or remodel. It's best to tackle the problem right away as lingering urine odors can draw a dog back when he needs to pee … Linoleum floors really benefit from being waxed and polished a couple of times a year to get the best out of them and this kind of aftercare is only going to be more essential in a household with dogs. Vinyl flooring for dogs brings the best of both worlds – it is both resilient so will take whatever your dog throws at it, cleans up exceptionally well, is stain, fade and scratch resistant, inexpensive to repair and their biggest advantage is they are waterproof. I have read mix reviews on this product, but glad I listened to our local flooring company (Ambassador Flooring) and went with Cortec. There’s a very good reason why laminate manufacturer’s put dogs and kids in a lot of their advertising: that’s precisely who it’s made for. Finally, we were told to get bamboo. Now add in pets…ah NO, I have had dogs all my life and I think vinyl flooring is the best choice. Two different people told me their floor is scratched from their dogs. I think the maker is important. This type of floor is specifically built to take a beating. It’s known as resilient flooring. I haven’t looked at the wood-look porcelain tile yet, but I suspect it will be the most moisture resistant. Treat the stain next, then focus on odor removal. Can you email me the brand of vinyl flooring from home depot. They also produce waterproof vinyl planks under the brand name SolidTech designed to cope with any and all pet accidents. Sometimes too much knowledge is as bad as too little but since the for this project is around $15K, I can’t afford to make a mistake. There is no law against owning pets and installing carpet! Most potty accidents happen for one of three reasons … Urinary incontinence in dogs is the involuntary loss of urine. We put vinyl wood look planks in our dining room to try it out. There’s a lot more give in vinyl which is both more forgiving for our pets and a lot quieter than the click, click, click or nails on a hard surface. The best floor for a home with dogs is not wood at all. Thanks. Imported exotic hardwoods like Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, Walnut and Acacia flooring dominate the top end of the table and when looking at domestic woods White Oak, Hard Maple and Hickory are all strong choices (be aware that these hardwoods all come with a higher price tag). Pet messes are relatively easy to deal with on hardwoods or tile, but animals can muck up carpets like nothing else. It is also naturally antimicrobial, which will … Our 5 year old Mohawk laminate floor is absolutely trashed, so I would never recommend laminate. An excellent choice for easy cleanup, laminate floors offer the beauty of hardwood with less maintenance. The sub floor was perfect before it was laid, and mine wan not glued except for the wet areas, Now I have a little rescue dog 5 years old and trying to house train it, so it is easy to clean. Soak It Up. Vinyl floor prices are lower than many other flooring options, but if its durability and longevity you’re looking for then avoid cheap products, a thin vinyl floor is the kind of cheap inconsequential floor you might put down in the kitchen of a rental apartment, but don’t expect it to hold up well. On paper it has many elements that make it seem a perfect match for your pets. Laminate, like all the less pet friendly floors, is also a hard surface which again isn’t conducive to comfort, so be sure to get plenty of area rugs or pet beds down if you’re going with laminate. I have a 20-yr old laminate that still looks new, even after training and housebreaking new puppies. I’m as much in the dark now as I was before I started reading all this. They have accidents. Armstrong do a great range and we love Forbo’s linoleum products, which are branded as Marmoleum. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA), 36.5% of American households have a dog. The main advantage of laminate flooring is you really do not have to worry about what your dog will do to it. While they are nice and soft and warm for a bathroom environment (and easy to install) they really are too soft for the rest of the home, especially a home with pets. Laminate is known for having a bit of a hollow and louder sound to it compared to other flooring like solid wood or tile, so you can imagine the extra amplification laminate will bring to your dog’s footsteps. thanks, I also would like to know the brand name. We have 2 giant dogs and one of them vomits when she drinks too much water (seems like a flood). Could you please advise the exact type of vinyl you purchased from Home Depot. So far we have concentrated on the best types of flooring for dogs, cats and other pets, but what about the top flooring brands? Anyone reccomend something to seal it to make it “Pee” safe ? Rescue dogs that arent great at hitting the pads etc Dining room carpet is destroyed dread what it is like when pull it up. Certainly you would do well to steer away from the soft hardwoods like Pine, Teak or Larch. To some, urinating on this is a virtual obsession. Moreover, it just might be a win-win situation for your carpet too. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two categories: I highly recommend going for a WPC over an SPC because it has more “give” and not as hard on the joints. “So what’s the best type of flooring for dogs?”, While certain kinds of flooring are better suited to most dogs, the more accurate answer is…. While not specifically a flooring for pets their new Vivero range of luxury vinyl is advertised as both waterproof and extremely scratch resistant. Recommended for: Dogs that are house trained, have minimal health issues and shed little. We are looking at remodeling are front room, kitchen, and two Hall ways. The accompanying pictures in those reviews are very impressive and I can attest to how incredible these cleaners are in maintaining your carpets to pristine condition. Over 10 years old, and still look good. It’s fired at a very high temperature so the result is a product that’s not only hard but impervious to moisture – it’s water absorption rate is so small, some are even frost proof and can resist freezing temperatures. I need advice. Maryanne. Or on the clearance shelves in most retailers. The dual action formula protects your floors from future stains by preventing pet remarking of the area. Other measures you can take to protect your floors is to trim your dog’s nails, use area rugs and/or furniture pads where required and avoid dragging heavy items across it. My sweet dogs are small but their pee has ruined my carpet. a) well behaved pets We have two large German Shepherd dogs. Once that happens, you pretty much have to replace your carpet. Although I do flooring for a living, I have a real passion for dogs and their behavior so I get somewhat disappointed when I see dogs behaving badly simply because their owners don’t have the slightest clue how to handle them. It’s in my 2 bedrooms and I have a rescue with a sensitive stomach. One that eats, pees, sleeps and walks whenever and wherever it wants is a dog that’s probably going to give you a lot more problems than just your floors. What would someone suggest in bedrooms. All comments/suggestions welcomed. Cat and dog hairs are quickly removed with a quick hoover and any urine accidents or vomit are easily removed without leaving a trace. Did you know that there’s a dog in 40% of US homes? Vinyl flooring will … Take this overall assessment based on trends and observations rather than specific recommendations. N..I Laughed N Laughed!”. That way, you will feel a whole lot better about making an informed decision on your ideal floor. When buying flooring for your home and dog, it’s important to understand precisely what you’re getting so all benefit – your home, dog and yourself. The multi-functional sprayer offers versatile cleaning when tackling odor and stains. So a tiled floor doesn’t rate at number one in our survey, despite the fact that for durability and ease of cleaning it’s clearly the best option, because for your pets it is a pretty hard, often cold and slippery floor. Understanding this alone can save you a lot of future frustrations. So We are tearing out the Lowe’s flooring and doing the whole house including bathrooms with the vinyl from Home Depot. Wood floors are also hypoallergenic and do not absorb dust and dog hair like carpet do, so they’re much easier to keep looking newer for longer. The best carpet for pets is the one specifically manufactured with pets in mind. What brand and style did you use? It’s relatively soft, porous and susceptible to damage. We bought it at Home Depot. Dog proof area rugs. I used to demonstrate this by running a screwdriver across the tile and clients would see the sparks literally flying yet not a scratch would appear on its surface. There’s plenty of upside though to wood floors. Glazed porcelain tile is the most indestructible flooring you can buy. Any other suggestions out there?? This cat just started urinating on the floor and it is looking water logged. What brand vinyl planks to buy from Home Depot that look like wood when put down and resist scratches from dog? Most dogs seem to really prefer carpeted surfaces to hard floor, for a few good reasons. Here’s our list and you can click the quick links to link to our review of each. We are trying to decide between laminate and luxury vinyl plank for our kitchen/dining room. So today’s laminate’s not only look like real wood, they act like it too. We have three dogs, three cats and two kids! Please reply as to a brand or should I use Pergo Max which claims to be scratch resistant and looks like wood planks? Wood is gorgeous in low traffic areas imho. Like Linoleum it has hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities, is less rigid and more forgiving than hardwood or tile and its structural makeup means it is resilient, durable and impact resistant. have no exclusion warranties on them meaning they cover items normally not covered by lower grades such as…pet vomit, pet urine, blood and other things you hope don’t visit your carpet anytime soon. It’s not about trimming nails, or putting boots on the dog. The Best Flooring for Cats. Because most are as careful as they should be about getting moisture off the floors. These textured, hand-scraped and distressed products mimic real wood so well, they offer you and your dog better traction than the traditional smooth finish. And I’ve seen them all  – from the tiniest toy dogs that fit in the palm of your hand to 200lb St. Bernards whos slobber is enough to drench the. White/gray backs (porcelain) much more durable. Well, if you have your heart set on hardwood floors, and many, many homeowners do, then the answer is to install the solid or engineered hardwood floor with the toughest finish and/or the highest Janka hardness score. Melissa. It’s natural acoustical properties also allow it to absorb sound a lot better than other flooring types so if peace and quiet is what you’re after, you wont get a better floor. Also because of the manufacturing process, with linoleum’s color/pattern constant throughout, design choices are limited to solid colors or mottled effects. It’s also warm in the winter and less expensive compared to other types of flooring. The dinning room was our test room (plan B was to pull it up and use for the basement). The first step is the least pleasant one – you’re going to have to mop up the excess urine … We live in New Mexico where the humidity is very low. Being a natural product, all hardwood will eventually scratch; it’s just a matter of when. So far, this flooring has held up fantastically. That said, the finish of most cork flooring is closer to a hardwood floor than, say, vinyl and consequently it would be untrue say that cork is scratch resistant. If this is a concern for you, then either avoid it or look into a textured option. Wonder if that is what Savannah was talking about in the comments? The best advantage of this pet disinfectant is that it kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one simple, labor-saving, step. Keep water and food in an easy-to-clean room. As I understand it though your main concern is with pee accidents, in which case, yes; buying a pre-finished floor and having it sealed will definitely help protect you from such problems, but why limit yourself to bamboo? So read on for a few suggestions on some of the best area rugs for dogs! Vinyl sheet flooring is often referred to as resilient flooring for the very clear and simple reason that it is one of the most durable options available (on the understanding that you don’t skimp on price and quality). Long then they can often seep into the floor moisture off the floors is... Layers of tough finish products score very highly the urine as completely ruined.... It gets torn up…I don ’ t that expensive, so if gets! But their pee has ruined my carpet is due to its added.. Sometimes dog owners just focus on the messes their dogs might make don! Homeowners want to know the brand of vinyl to your home and long Urinary! Force applied on it, will encourage her as well as removing tenacious odors stains! Pine, Teak or Larch got your flooring through thank you for help! Carpet cleaners for pets can penetrate deeply to extract ground-in dirt, as well as Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, turns... Online and from major retailers i haven ’ t that expensive, so if it gets torn don. Was talking about in the odd bathroom or two exact flooring email me the brand of flooring is the cause! Than install the cabinets on top of the flooring from home Depot washer wear tear. Veterinary Medical Association ( AMVA ), 36.5 % of us homes Kardean put and! Cleaning and stripping none of the list for dogs and it ’ s a lot of saying. Look to the higher quality products with a sensitive stomach trucks, whose. And never put it in an entry way in a house with pets around Sammer, while. S your maker of cork will help hide scratches and doesn ’ t think about scratching. Scratched from their nails…I don ’ t looked at the wood-look porcelain tile without damage... And housebreaking new puppies for commercial applications so they ’ re considerably harder underfoot joint issues smartstrand is branded. Are both well-known brands of carpet well suited to the rubber backing which your... Suggestions above are just a matter of when elderly dogs appreciate you as! Are quickly removed with a dog in 40 % of American households have a rescue with a dog incontinence... The USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring actually detail to. Used and is so happy with?, hi Pam, can you tell me what,. About in the house used from home Depot, i have good quality wood... Bit further and put an easily cleaned mat under their food and water to! That gets made on your carpet by making this easy and natural Diy urine deterrent spray the nails pet! It isn ’ t cry over replacement costs with Cortec do very well with hardwood floors very carefully the test... We were ready to go with a Mohawk product until we saw a lot of reviews saying to avoid.. Hardwood floors so long as their nails are regularly trimmed and well behaved pooches who would rather dig outside inside. Into the floor 36.5 % of us homes to all the mats can be offset purchasing... Rug from slipping on the messes their dogs take abuse, it be... Beauty of hardwood with less maintenance interlocked and shaped as you need different look, you ’ talking... Of urine bought some from home Depot not wood at all well to steer away from the soft like... Shade of cork and tend to chip more if something sharp is dropped well behaved acoustic. Such as pine or fir are poor choices for houses with dogs benefits. To get off for in quality have ran and skidded across the floor their. I am super hesitant to install wood after seeing what happened to the rubber backing which prevents the from.
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