Lavender Plants Online Express Shipping Fee $18 Dear Customers, due to an unusually high number of orders coming through over the last couple of months, we are shipping all orders using express postage only. - Lavender Surchoix is about 50% purple and 50% greenish gray buds - Lavender Super is 70% purple buds and 30% greenish gray buds. In general, prune the plant back by 30% in spring. We’re forward thinking, people focused, and passionate about achieving the best … Look at the soil they’re in. Tumalo Lavender Live Plants For Sale. :-) We'll use this space to give you the occasional glimpse of life on a lavender farm. Or, you can try taking a cutting from a mature plant. Lavender 'Phenomenal' $9.95. McKinley Lavender Farm grows and sells bulk dried lavender at wholesale pricing. Your search on our Lavender department came back empty. The Beautiful Lavender Farm Hiding In Plain Sight Near Pittsburgh That You Need To Visit. North (1) South (24) West (24) Special conditions. Our #2 lavender is a greyish-blue color with a strong and bright lavender scent. At Purple Haze in the summer we welcome you to wander our lavender fields, enjoy a scoop of lavender ice cream, and shop in either of our two stores-one of which is located on the farm itself and the other one which is located in downtown Sequim at 127 W Washington Street. Boasting over 7,000 plants, the property is surrounded by 75 acres of conservation land with woodland walking trails. Lavender 'Hidcote' $9.95. Learn more about the many different Lavender plants grown here at our farm in sunny Sequim, Washington by clicking on the options below or go to our store to make a purchase. On nearly ten rolling acres, our family has planted a variety of French and English Lavender for you to enjoy. You can buy a 50lb bag at Home Depot for $6. Contact us if you are interested in starting or adding to a lavender farm. Coastal conditions (3) Dry sun (25) Tolerates drought (25) Ready made borders. Lavender. If it’s lavender you want, we’ve got it – growing plants, bulk blossoms, dried bunches, essential oil and more. Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Grey' $9.95. Dried Lavender Buds and Flowers . Hearty plants that grow tall and dense. All our lavender plants are edible however we would recommend any of the Angustifolia lavenders as their softer scent is the perfect accompaniment to flavour your meals. …the fragrance of your Grandmother’s sachet, the aroma of your Mother’s linen drawer, or a whiff of lavender on a passing stranger. Lavender plants also make an excellent choice as a solitary flower display. All the plants in this section have a Year Guarantee, with free delivery on orders over £100. We offer English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), French Lavender (Lavandula intermedia) and Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas). From early beginnings as a forestry nursery, we’ve steadily expanded our range and our team. Currently the farm showcases close to 6000 lavender plants with 20 varieties in a full range of colors from … Buy your own lavender plants, place them in pots on your terrace, and you too enjoy their fragrance on a warm summer evening. Shop bath and body, skin care, gifts, food and home essentials from Terre Bleu Lavender Farm. Beautiful colors-lavender pinks. Plant lavender 2 to 3 feet apart. Look at pictures from Provence, but don’t look at the plants. The complete list of Lavandula angustifolia including Alba, Hidcote, Munstead and Rosea. Lavender plants are fairly long lived, around 10 -15 years before they need replacing. Buy Lavender Plants online Free Delivery when you spend over £30. Lavender is a classic companion plant for rose bushes. It is preferred for sachets, pillows, soaps, and other uses where the fragrance is desired above color. You can take a softwood cutting of several inches in the spring or later in the year when stems are more mature. Our farm is located in picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia and we ship dried lavender throughout North America. Dentata species require little … We have relocated Sauvie Island to the Northern Oregon Coast! Many of our lavenders are often available in plug trays. I am very pleased with my order! Pruning is easy and is best carried out starting when plants are still young, to encourage bushy growth. 'Munstead' Lavender is an English Lavender that has fragrant, cool lavender-blue spikes and gray-green, mounded foliage. And with a lavender hedge, you can create a visually pleasing and versatile border, as the shape and colour of lavender plants … They did a fabulous job keeping the plants happy. I ordered 10 plants to outline my vegetable garden. Lavender 'Provence White' $9.95. For wholesale orders, please visit our wholesale page. We are excited to continue our online lavender store and supplying customers nationally with our farm made lavender products. Lavender plants make a lovely addition to a garden, patio or balcony as they have great flowers, attractive evergreen foliage and contribute a fantastic scent. Lavender is beautiful, fragrant, and easy to grow; what more could you ask for. You can tuck this lavender into your herb garden, but we love it planted with other colorful perennials in borders, planted in a massive swath where it can sway in the breeze, or set in a pot on the patio where … All of our plants are propagated on our farm from soft or semi-hardwood cuttings taken … Soil for Lavender: One key to success for lavender is to plant it in well-drained soil that doesn't stay wet or muddy after a rain.It even thrives in sandy soils where other plants … Lavender Plants Lavender 'French' $9.95. Lavender isn’t easy to grow from seed; buy small starter plants from a garden nursery. Feature newsletter: Lavender: 1.2.3 CHOOSING, PLANTING, GROWING, PRUNING, HARVESTING AND USING . Throughout the spring and summer, the public is invited to explore the fields and cut their own fragrant Lavender bundles. The farm is free to visit, open March-December. Each plant was wrapped in mailing paper, packaged in a box with slots for each plant and soil was moist. Lavender’s native Mediterranean habitat is generally horrible limestone, and lavender prefers an alkaline soil. There's so much to love; it's a heat loving, drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant plant that comes back bigger and better every year Attractive to pollinating bees, who will be regular visitors all summer long. Find Lavender flowers at FiftyFlowers! Checkout … This bulk dried lavender is actually lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia), which is a cross of English lavender and spike lavender. Light for Lavender Plants: Grow lavender in a warm, sunny spot -- this plant likes lots and lots of light.Full sun (at least 6 to 8 hours) of direct light per day is best. Best … Fantastic quality plants, Supplied as pictured in bud and bloom in season, in approx 2-3 litre containers. The Best English Lavender Plants. Lantana 'Trailing Lavender' $7.95. We give away crushed limestone when we sell plants until we run out. Pair it with Hot and Blush Pinks and True Purple to create a gorgeous ombre spectrum of colors, or have a more spontaneous and original look with Lime Greens and True Yellows. Lavender plants (Lavandula) are enjoyed for their richly colored flowers and fabulous soothing fragrance. Learn How To Grow Lavender in Texas >> We specialize in contract growing lavender plants for field production. Try Hidcote Blue Lavender to edge a path or garden border, or even perhaps in a patio container near a door so that the fragrance can be enjoyed by all that pass by. Shop Lavender. Catalog information on Lavenders. Lavender 'Provence' $9.95. Regular pruning will increase the useful life. Lavender is the quintessential perennial plant used as low hedging and used to great effect in cottage garden schemes. Lavender Plants For Sale Here you will find where to buy Lavender plants online from several reputable suppliers including mail order as well as our Online Store with Lavender plants wholesale. Facing. Our ever-growing site is now home to over 40 staff and millions of plants. These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. Cape Cod Lavender Farm is a family-owned business located at the heart of 11 secluded acres. Lavender 'Munstead' $9.95. Sequim Lavender and Much More. Ideal for making a privacy hedge or natural barrier fence line. Breathe in the fresh scent of lavender as you drink in the unspoiled beauty before you: Row upon row of bright purple lavender plants with a picturesque farmhouse in the background. Commonly known as lavandin. There's so much to love; it's a heat loving, drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant plant that comes back bigger and better every year Lavandula x Intermedia. Delivered direct from our nursery in Somerset. The Lavender Ellagance range, available as 3 Jumbo Plug plants are an outstanding favourite of ours because they flower the first year you … Don't miss this wonderful profile of our farm by CT Public Television's "This Life Calls to Me" series. Various sizes with good root balls ready to be transplanted. I was a little nervous ordering live plants. Plants typically reach between 1 … Lavendar, lavander, or lavandar – it doesn’t matter much how you spell it. Our lavender farm in Kelowna specializes in dried bulk lavender for industrial or commercial use. They are one of only a few plants sold for culinary use that look good and grow well outside the kitchen garden as well as in it. Tumalo Lavender offers a variety of lavender plants that are acclimated to grow successfully in the Northwest and especially in Zone 5. The dried lavender Buds are great for making sachets that can be placed around the house, in drawers or commonly ignored household areas (think lavender … Luvin Lavender Farms LLC, is a family owned farm located at 5861 Middle Ridge Rd, Madison, OH 44057. Lavender: [ All Lavender] - Buds - Bundles - Grosso - Angustifolia - Hidcote - Culinary - Hydrosol - Fresh - Essential Oil - Body Care Wraps They look great in the yard or in a garden. Various sizes (12 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches and larger). Upon delivery the lavender looked gorgeous. Buy Lavender: Delivery by Waitrose Garden MORE FROM WAITROSE: ... Home > Plants > Shrubs > Lavender. We now offer through Airbnb the … Today, nearly 2000 plants later, we are pleased to open Pleasant Valley Lavender to the public. Check back with us regularly and be sure to Like Us on Facebook for the most current info and events For more information on purchasing wholesale plants, please call (512) 930-0923 or e-mail us. Mailing Address: 951 … Southern Woods has been producing quality plants for over a generation. With a soft and graceful pastel tone, Lavender brings a sweetness and bright virtue to any bridal look. Lavender 'Grosso' $9.95. Lavender is beautiful, fragrant, and easy to grow; what more could you ask for. Shrubs; Lavender; Clear all filters. Ontario based organic lavender farm offering unique, natural and handmade lavender products. Lavender propagation takes place in the fall and spring. You will find a good selection of several different Lavender varieties all potted ready to plant in your home flower garden. They grow fast and are easy to shape … These perennials are drought-resistant and are important for bees and … We loved it and hope you do too.
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