His station, Philippeville, is close to the shores of the Mediterranean, and sea breezes persisted during the day. The new voice in her mind was the same as the voice she'd heard during the chopper ride with Darian. How to use at in a sentence. Considering how much Gabriel couldn.t tolerate sunlight, Rhyn was surprised to see him during daylight at all, let alone without his shades. During the whole trip I did not have one fit of temper, there were so many things to keep my mind and fingers busy. Do not talk during the test. Ne'Rin only came for her once during the third day, to bring her to stand by him while he received visitors. Richard Lewis. " A Cleveland mother had reported an infant child was taken from his crib while napping yet when Howie was able to enter the location before and during the alleged time, there was no sign of the child. During the War of Independence Norfolk was bombarded on the 1st of January 1776 by the British under John Murray, 4th earl of Dunmore (1732-1809); much of the town was burned by the American troops to prevent Dunmore from establishing himself here. During in a sentence 1. Mom always used to want everyone home before dark – as though anything was out there at night that wasn't there during the day. In the zymo-technical industries the various species of yeast exhibit different actions during fermentations. Let's take a look at the difference in usage between during, for, and while. HARALDSSON (99510 3 0), king from 1016-1029, called during his lifetime "the Fat," and afterwards known as St Olaf, was born in 995, the year in which Olaf TryggvessOn came to Norway. Ancyra was the centre of the Tectosages, one of the three Gaulish tribes which settled in Galatia in the 3rd century B.C., and became the capital of the Roman province of Galatia when it was formally constituted in 25 B.C. If they had to work at love during courtship, what would marriage be like - when he no longer needed to pretend affection? During sex i fantasize that i'm someone else". During the campaign he met his wife, Anita, who became his inseparable companion and mother of three children, Anita, Ricciotti and Menotti. Although holding an office of subordinate rank, he was the chief defender of the government in the House of Commons, and during the time that Pitt was in opposition had to bear the brunt of his attacks. During an insurrection Cresphontes and two of his sons were murdered and the throne seized by Polyphontes, who forced Merope to marry him. Alex must have told the carpenters to stop working so she could sleep during the day. They chatted comfortably during the ride. The claim of the emperor Maximilian to be regent during the minority of his grandson was recognized by the states-general. High quality example sentences with “during my tenure” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. He'd approved all their purchases and talked them out of a few bad ones during the morning. The mean temperature at Brisbane, during December, January and February, is about 76°, while during the months of June, July and August it averages about 60°. We couldn't do anything because abduction wasn't made public for three days and the child went missing sometime during a twelve hour overnight period. / During I…‘ because the preposition is always followed by a noun, not a clause with a subject and a verb. During his three years of office as resident he was able to render not a few valuable services to the Company; but it is more important to observe that his name nowhere occurs in the official lists of those who derived pecuniary profit from the necessities and weakness of the native court. 1152), a son of King David I., and became king of Scotland on the death of his brother, Malcolm IV., in December 1165, being crowned at Scone during the same month. He was high sheriff of Wiltshire during 1647, and displayed much vigour in this office. Her husband, though he afterwards deteriorated, seems at that time to have been neither better nor worse than the Berrichon squires around him, and the first years of her married life, during which her son Maurice and her daughter Solange were born, except for lovers' quarrels, were passed in peace and quietness, though signs were not wanting of the coming storm. These estates were confiscated during the Revolution. During York's regency, both before and after the battle of St Albans, Waynflete took an active part in the proceedings of the privy council. It is of course quite possible that isolated cases of officers being put to death for their faith occurred during Maximinian's reign, and on some such cases the legend may have grown up during the century and a half between Maximinian and Eucherius. During this three-year period, conveniently named by the Chinese "The Three Years of Natural Disasters," no one really knows how many people died; estimates range from fifteen million to a high of more than forty-five million. He escaped from Brecknock Castle to Flanders, avoided Buckingham's fate, and devoted his energies during the next two years to creating a party in England and abroad in the interests of the earl of Richmond. Many important questions arose during the discussion. The walls were bare, the curtains drawn even during daylight, and the heavy wooden furniture solid and worn. The total gold production of the country is from £14,500,000 to £16,000,000, and as not more than three-quarters of a million are required to strengthen existing local stocks, the balance is usually available for export, and the average export of the precious metal during the ten years, 1896-1905, was £12,500,000 per annum. The magnetic observations he made during his travels were utilized by C. F. The largest positive and negative values recorded are met with during disturbed weather. Tancred became guardian of Edessa during Baldwin's captivity, and did not trouble himself greatly to procure his release. It was something normal people did during this time of year, something she'd done every year for twenty-three years. Traffic is very heavy during the rush hour. 4. The publication of this work was, however, impeded for some time by differences with the admiralty, during which Forster proceeded to the continent to obtain an appointment for his father as professor at Cassel, and found to his surprise that it was conferred upon himself. The real question is whether it can successfully wage a war of public opinion during and after the military conflict. The best testimony for the behaviour of Orleans during this summer is the testimony of an English lady, Mrs Grace Dalrymple Elliott, who shared his heart with the comtesse de Buffon, and from which it is absolutely certain that at the time of the riot of the 12th of July he was on a fishing excursion, and was rudely treated by the king on the next day when going to offer him his services. This is a question about writing mechanics and punctuation. CLUB OF THE FEUILLANTS, a political association which played a prominent part during the French Revolution. In 1792 he entered the public service during the administration of General Dumouriez. He was reputed to have kept a cool head during battle and wasn't easily intimidated. The measures were lifted in June, but were reinstated Nov. 18 when increasing COVID-19 … It rained during the night for two hours. The chief events of the year 1893 were my trip to Washington during the inauguration of President Cleveland, and visits to Niagara and the World's Fair. During this time Charles consolidated his dominion over the Netherlands. During all the terrible winter which followed, his energy and spirit never failed him. Sometimes in the south during the cold season they wear a cloak of skin or matting, fastened 'with a skewer, but open on the right-hand side. Definition of during preposition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. During these years there was constant warfare between the English and the Scots on the border, but in May 1524 Albany was obliged to retire to France. The son and successor of Agesilaus II., reigned 360-338 B.C. Though the Civil Rights act was passed in 1964, many areas of … The coldest months are June, July and August, during which the temperature is very agreeable, averaging 53.6°, 51 7°, and 54° in those months respectively. The capital value of land, which greatly decreased during the last twenty years of the i9th century, is estimated at 3,120,000,000, and that of stock, buildings, implements, &c., at 340,000,000. The scene played over and over in her thoughts, growing stronger until he was as vivid during daylight as he had been at night. The northern part of the Gran Chaco is partly wooded and swampy, and as the slope eastward is very gentle and the rivers much obstructed by sand bars, floating trees and vegetation, large areas are regularly flooded during rainy seasons. At all events, during the first months of the reign of Artaxerxes I., he was the ruling power in the state (therefore the chronographers wrongly reckon him as king, with a reign of seven months), until Artaxerxes, having learned the truth about the murder of his father and his brother, overwhelmed and killed Artabanus and his sons in open fight. In 1627 he commanded the large forces assembled at the siege of La Rochelle; and some years after in 1635, during the Thirty Years' War, he was general of the French army in Lorraine. The knights, who as farmers of the taxes had suffered heavy losses during the disturbances in Syria, were greatly embittered against Gabinius, and, when he appeared in the senate to give an account of his governorship, he was brought to trial on three counts, all involving a capital offence. “A” and “an” are indefinite articles, which are used to indicate how many of a certain noun you’re talking about. It does not tell us how long it happened. It was difficult to imagine that someone would think they couldn't talk when they actually could, but the mind did strange things during duress. "2 To trace the history of Presbyterianism in France for the next thirty years would be to write the history of France itself during that period. You couldn't have been twenty-one during the war and voted for FDR. Benjamin Chase, 39, was sentenced to federal prison for two April 2020 bank robberies. In return for their more equivocal attitude during the Third Macedonian War they were deprived by Rome of some possessions in Lycia, and damaged by the partial diversion of their trade to Delos (167). Fred, I know you're an old geezer, but Roosevelt died during World War Two. Rick Perry. " During the hurried explanations of her mother's condition, her trip home and hushed comments on the recent happenings, it was moments before Dean noticed Janet O'Brien sitting in the far corner. A storm arose during the night. at example sentences. The part of the room behind the columns, with a high silk-curtained mahogany bedstead on one side and on the other an immense case containing icons, was brightly illuminated with red light like a Russian church during evening service. Neither mentioned the late night phone call during Edith's nocturnal visit nor Cynthia's sudden, unannounced return. The words were constantly altered and added to during the Terror and later; thus the well-known lines, "Madame Veto avait promis De faire egorger tout Paris On lui coupa la tete," &c., were added after the execution of Marie Antoinette. she enquired, after a pause during which the horse continued to trot with long, regular strides. She thought of how she'd felt safe with Jule during their brief encounter. At most stations a negative potential gradient is exceptional, unless during rain or thunder. He didn't know if she still yearned for her husband during a time when marriages among servants were arranged, but there was nothing that could soothe the ache a mother felt at losing her child.
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