IB Geography Study Guide: Oxford IB Diploma Programme View larger. Economics . In general, most countries have a female share of the population between 49 and 51 percent. Most high income countries are found in the Northern Hemisphere such as France and Canada. IB DP Geography is a dynamic subject firmly grounded in the real world, and focuses on the interactions between individuals, societies and physical processes in both time and space. densley populated areas exist. You just need to be aware of the general trend on a global scale and how the trend may vary from region to region. → The area is heavily urbanised with an average population density of 30 000 per square kilometre. You must make quick notes in the framework sheet below of where the item links into your IB DP Geography course, starting with the 4P's and the SDG's. Proudly created with Wix.com, 1. I have notes for sell for Geography SL and HL - for revision and learning. IB Geography Notes Geography is the study of the earth as the home of man. I really hope you will find them as useful as I did, they helped me to achieve a 7 in my final exams Click on the name of the file to open the PDF and enter the password ‘samthecamvet‘. ibgeorevision. Part 2 - Group 3 Induction. Currently the IB Webliography hosts resources for a selection of IB subjects and languages. The following 24 pages are in this category, out of 24 total. → About 3,600 Nigerian women arrived by boat into Italy in the first six months of 2016. The government set a target of 45% of married couples using family planning. Some cities have favorable aspects that allow them to become megacities. You do not need a lot of facts per case study because you already have a lot of case studies you need to know, so keep them short and add facts that you will remember with ease. If you're on the SL track, you'll need to master two subjects; if you're on the HL track, you'll need to master three. →  Forced migration related to the apartheid movement The data within links this current topic to Option G (Urban) and the Population unit from Perspectives. Natural increase: the growth in population as a result of birth rates exceeding death rates, Total fertility rate (TFR): the average number of children born to a woman if she lives to the end of her child-bearing years, Life expectancy: the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, Dependency ratio: a measure of the non-workers divided by the workers. Drop us a message to request other IB subjects, or to contribute and benefit students from all over the world. Part #1: Geographic Themes. The meaning of Geography • Scientific study of the earth as a home of man. I am currently a first year college student who completed their IB diploma in 2019. The Best IB Geography Study Guide and Notes for SL/HL A source of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, Employment opportunities: the increase in the population creates a skilled workforce that attracts transnational corporations, thus creating jobs, Transportation: megacities usually have good transportation routes due to where they are sited which allows for transportation services to be developed, Slum development: this can occur because of housing shortages due to large numbers of people living in the area, Air pollution: Megacity growth can lead to an increase of traffic congestion, which can lead to air pollution, Crime: this occurs due to growing inequalities amongst people, Unemployment: due to the large numbers of people, finding employment would be difficult, Case study! It is evident that in central and Northern Africa, as well as Southern and Eastern Asia, there are significantly fewer females than males. Option A: Freshwater. Two Year Overview. Essay Markbands. I'm sure most of the case studies are still relevant, but any May '19 candidates looking to buy these may want to compare the syllabi and make sure that they're getting what they need. Part 1 - Whole School Event At IST, our students complete a one week induction event covering all subjects from each of the IB DP groups. Top IB Geography Flashcards Ranked by Quality. Revision study notes on key aspects of the Hazards topic for A Level Geography and IB Geography. click the picture below and it will show you a video that clearly explains what a refugee is and what it is like to be a refugee! Employment opportunities: People prefer to live in areas where they are able to work, Transport infrastructure: People prefer to live in areas where transport is accessible as they are able to travel and commute easily, Crime: High levels of crime discourage people from living in an area as they do not feel safe, Government: Areas with high levels of conflict and corruption discourage people from living there, Soil: Fertile soil is attractive for farming, Land: Flat land is needed so that settlements could be built.
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