It makes the perfect evergreen tree across all the milder parts of the country, with its beautiful glossy leaves looking perfect all year round. The Little Gem Magnolia is a beautiful small version of the familiar southern magnolia, with the same beautiful pure-white perfumed flowers throughout the summer. A: It takes a lot of energy for trees and shrubs to flower which often causes the plant to drop some of its leaves. It has great foliage and a very long flowering season. ‘Little Gem’ will reach approximately 4m (12′) in height and 2.5m (8′) in width. More. Share. Magnolias are so tough that many tree owners will never notice any real problems throughout their tree’s life, but when a sick magnolia tree is identified, the causal agent may be serious. I am going to get a 'soil tester' today because I read that this tree needs an acidic soil. Landscape & Garden Design › Magnolia Little Gem Problems. ‘Little Gem’ Southern Magnolia1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2 INTRODUCTION This cultivar of Southern Magnolia has a compact, upright growth habit more typical of a multistemmed shrub than a single-trunked tree (Fig. The little gem magnolia can be expected to grow in Hardiness Zones 6–10. Ornamental Features: Most magnolias are valued for their showy, fragrant flowers, large glossy leaves and striking fruit. I planted this Little Gem Magnolia in my Florida yard last spring. This cultivar of Southern Magnolia has a compact, upright growth habit more typical of a multistemmed shrub than a single-trunked tree. Browse Forums. First: 1 of 2: Last: Reply. More. Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2. Tips for Your Little Gem Magnolia ... Little Gem problems. Teddy Bear takes its name from the thick, reddish-brown down covering the backs of its oval, 4- to 8-inch green leaves. All other areas of the tree are fine. The fragrance is as sweet and unforgettable as the huge, white blossoms are lovely. vgolfer. Share. Common name: Dwarf magnolia. The undersides of "Little Gem's" 5- to 7-inch, elliptical leaves have a … Type of Plant (if known): Magnolia- White Flowers. Magnolia Root System Botanic name: Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ Description: Dwarf variety of the evergreen magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), but only a quarter of its size. Read on to find out the type of magnolia tree root damage to expect if you plant these tree close to the house. Landscape & Garden Design › Magnolia Little Gem Problems. The roots of Little Gem Magnolia have a characteristic of wide-spreading, stretching from trunk to a span of four times the umbrella diameter but they’re non-invasive. Magnolia Tree- Yellow/Brown leaves. The Little Gem Magnolia was developed in 1952 with many of these living today making them 60 years old. Location Dallas County, September 2014 Leafs limited to one or two branches of our Little Gem Magnolia have turned completely brown. Should I be worried? A dwarf southern magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact narrow form. It has a north-western exposure. 24/06/2009. Little Gem Magnolia pruning advice for maintaining and caring for your magnolia presented by by vgolfer. Magnolia 'Little Gem' - BIGGER SIZE APPEARANCE : This is one of the most popular trees available in Australia. Back to Landscape & Garden Design Next topic | Previous topic. The leaves are extremely glossy, with a deep orange on the underside. Magnolia ‘Little gem’ is also useful as a small evergreen specimen tree or screening tree that responds well to shaping. A naturally small tree or large shrub perfect for small gardens. View Map. vgolfer. The original parent tree of this cultivar was 42 feet tall in 1997. Growth Rate: The growth rate of magnolias depends on the species. Browse Forums. Uses of Little Gem Magnolia. Landscape & Garden Design. First: 2 of 2: Last: Reply. Very attractive, large, white, fragrant blooms. Page 1 of 2 38 replies. Like. Young ‘Little Gem’ Southern Magnolia. 1:19 pm #1. Little Gem Dwarf Southern Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' Sku #5943. The stately and ancient magnolia is a tree beloved by people everywhere, not just those native to the southern United States. Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem': 'Little Gem' Southern Magnolia 1. Like. Although magnolia trees are surprisingly low maintenance, magnolia tree roots can cause problems for a homeowner. Go to page 1, 2 Next. Magnolia Little Gem Problems. General Information on Magnolias.
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