Statewide NJ Zoning Maps, Ordinances & Codebooks. Also available online. Welcome to the City of Medford online assessment database. Massachusetts Medford : Antique black and white zoning map of Medford, Massachusetts, prepared under the direction of the planning board, 1925. MGL c. 40A Zoning Gives cities and towns authority to adopt ordinances and bylaws to regulate the use of land, buildings and structures. 1983. Therefore, we recommend that you search by keyword to find all relevant sections of the code. 1 0 obj --Maps Notes: Blue line print. Thus, if discrepancies exist between the print and internet version of the Zoning Ordinance, the most recent version, together with any amendments, as maintained by the City Clerk shall be considered legally enforceable. Meetings: Last Monday of each month 7:30 pm (see calendar to confirm time), Room 201 Medford City Hall. Medford Residents Question Late Night Zoning Vote - Medford, MA - A proposed Mystic Ave. zoning change voted on by the city council was reconsidered after residents left the meeting Tuesday night. No. While nearly all newly constructed housing in Medford is “luxury” with a price tag to match, passage of an inclusionary zoning ordinance would result new housing that low and moderate income families in Medford could afford. Medford). INFORMATION: 24-hour Inspection Request Hotline: (888) 299-2821. The Planning Division is responsible for reviewing all development proposals within Jackson County's jurisdiction through the County's Land Development Ordinance.In addition, we provide information concerning regulations that affect land use and prepare studies for inclusion in the County's Comprehensive Plan. Please contact Planning and Zoning at 817-952-2105 for further information. The Zoning and Land Use Controls Map identifies the distinct zoning boundaries within the Ashland City Limits. City Engineer.] %PDF-1.4 Subscribe to updates from the City of Medford, and you'll get emails announcing new topics and the outcome of existing topics. Save, Edit or Crop the zoning map. Maps Digital Format: Images Subjects: Zoning--Massachusetts--Medford--Maps Medford (Mass.) Subscribe me to the selected tools below.. It is not designed to list all of the pertinent requirements by zoning district. The Zoning Subcommittee hopes that Medford's inclusionary ordinance will be high enough to benefit the community but still be permissible for developers, who could override the requirement by building Chapter 40B housing as long as Medford’s total affordable housing stock remains below 10 percent. COVID-19: City Hall and Lausmann Annex are closed until further notice. /Title no. CITY OF MEDFORD COMPREHENSIVE ZONING CODE THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MEDFORD DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: SECTION 1.0: PURPOSE AND INTERPRETATION 1.1 Purpose The provisions of this code shall be held to be the minimum requirements adopted to: 1. In the search bar labeled Find address or place, type the address in question and hit Enter. Find the zoning of any property in Medford with this Medford Zoning Map and Zoning Code. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint. Request for Certified 200 Feet List. Affordable Housing & Proposed 40B Projects: view here. From there click the Quick Search button. 178-1956, date 4-16-1956." Save, Edit or Crop the zoning map. The enforcement of these Codes has a direct impact on the quality of life and the stabilizing of community values, in addition to the detection and reduction of criminal activity. The City completed an update to its Urban Growth Boundary and also adopted Urban Reserves in 2014. Electronic reproduction. The Zoning Official is responsible for code enforcement; and is tasked with taking action and responding to complaints from residents that involve violations of Medford Township Codes. is the new home of the Somerville Zoning Ordinance and provides a digital copy of the document and Atlas, guidance for navigating the new permitting process, copies of any future proposed Text Amendments or Map changes, technical reports, and more.
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