Only 200 or 300 singing dogs exist in captivity and none have been seen in the wild for almost 50 years. (CNN)— This dog can sing ... or at least it can yodel. ", This story was first published on, "Rare 'singing' dog, thought to be extinct in wild for 50 years, still thrives. James McIntyre, president of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation and the researcher whose forays in the field were central to the discovery, first searched for New Guinea … James McIntyre, president of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation and the researcher whose forays in the field were central to the discovery, first searched for New Guinea … The HWD, similar to the New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD), […] The New Guinea singing dog was thought to have disappeared from the wild some 50 years ago, but new research suggests the unusual species has been thriving all along in the New Guinea … In 1996, James McIntyre, Director of the SWPRP and Founder of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation, set out for New Guinea with the intention of locating and studying the elusive Highland Wild Dog. Comparing the genetic makeup of those highland wild dogs with the captive New Guinea singing dogs, Australian dingos, and many domestic dog … ". Even the way that they walk is different.”. France Weighing An Increase To Aviation Eco-Tax. © 2015 Nine Media Corp. CNN name, logo and all associated elements ™ and © 2015 Cable News Network. More recently another wild dog population, called the “New Guinea highland wild dog,” has been sighted. "New guinea singing dogs are rare, they're exotic they have this beautiful harmonic vocalization that you don't find anywhere else in nature so losing that as a species is not a good thing. The New Guinea singing dog or New Guinea Highland dog is a type of dog (Canis familiaris) native to the New Guinea Highlands of the island of New Guinea. About 50 years ago, scientists brought a small number of singing dogs into captivity, and though there are more individuals living in zoos today, they are all descended from the initial founders, and have extremely low genetic diversity. "They look most related to a population of conservation biology new guinea singing dogs that were descended from eight dogs brought to the United States many, many, many years ago," said Elaine Ostrander, a distinguished investigator at the National Institutes of Health and senior author of the paper. The team was also able to observe and document dogs in the area first-hand, and DNA analysis of faecal samples have confirmed their relationship to Australian dingos and New Guinea singing dogs - the captive-bred variants of the New Guinea highland wild dog. According to Brian Davis, a co-senior author of the study and a research assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, this suggests that the two dog populations diverged within the past few decades and are essentially from the same population. “We assessed about 200,000 genetic markers across the genome,” Davis said. Because the captive group of singing dogs is severely inbred, this new information could support a conservation program with the potential to save the singing dogs and bring their population back from the brink of extinction. But McIntyre wasn’t convinced that the dogs had disappeared from the island’s remote regions. New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Confirmed in the Papuan Highlands. The same team traveled to the remote, high-altitude region two years later and braved extreme weather and terrain in order to collect blood, hair, scat, tissue and saliva samples. “As an evolutionary biologist, I want to conserve everything that exists,” Davis said. McIntyre, a co-author of the recent paper and the founder and director of field research for the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation, captured some individuals temporarily, to … The singing dogs may look similar to dogs like the dingo, but they have novel vocalizations and behaviors that no other dog has. September 14, 2020. "The discovery that the Highland Wild Dogs are the original New Guinea Singing Dog give us hope that we can restore the breed/species to its previous genetic status … Yes I use it almost every day when hunting in AZ. September 14, 2020.
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