The Sony A6400 has pretty poor battery life overall, so I recommend getting at least 2 extra NP-FW50 batteries for those long days of shooting or recording video. The new firmware v2.0 can be downloaded over at Sony’s website for both Windows and MacOS operating systems. Just note that I do not find the bluetooth connection totally reliable. It is NOT supported by the original CamRanger or CamRanger mini. There is no shortage of resources including free resources on the internet, books, classes. See the Sony 10-18mm F/4 on Amazon / Adorama. While not an exhaustive list, some great resources: Shoot… a lot. Focal Length: 20mm (equivalent to 30mm) Weight: 69g (2.4 oz.) Please let me know what you think, because I always want to improve my videos and articles, and also be sure to ask questions in the comments are below if you have them. A “speedlight” external flash really enhances photography when used properly. bigger. How to do HDR photography with the Sony A6000 and A6300 Compact Mirrorless Cameras. It's just that Sony is in a good place right now with still and video imaging. If you utilize video extensively, you will probably have very different needs than me. But it’s realistic to consider whether adding a lens will enhance your photography and help you realize the potential of the camera. Shooting Menu 1 (Page 3, Shoot Mode/Drive1) Auto Mode: Default (-), grayed out and only visible … Sony A6400 Tutorial | Aperture, Shutter Speed, Manual Mode, and Bulb Mode Explained, Your support is greatly appreciated as we run this site in our spare time and are not paid. With that in mind, I am going to recommend three lenses that every Sony A6400 owner might want to seriously consider adding at some point: The above two images were taken with the Sony 10-18mm F/4. In this beginner oriented tutorial using the Sony A6400 I will first go over the basic concepts of Exposure using the exposure triangle illustration I made a while back. In this Sony A6400 mirrorless camera review I will go over everything you need to know with a real world perspective using tons of sample photos, 4k video, and much more. Steady Shot (the highlighted icon above): Most of the time, you want to keep steadyshot on. Eye-AF changes in the Sony A6400 compared to older Sony cameras. If you can’t be bothered to move the focus point or the camera, you can utilize “wide” AF modes, but the camera will not always select the right subject. The good news is that nearly every button is highly customizable. I did a guide like this for the Sony A7iii. It’s powerful, beautifully designed and comes with everything you need to engage your visitors and increase conversions. This will allow for easy downloading of jpeg files to your phone and also allow for a bluetooth connection that can import GPS data into your files. So a 200mm lens becomes 300mm or 600mm gets a result you’d expect from 1200mm on full-frame. Sony has announced a new Camera Remote SDK on Feb 11, 2020. The newly-announced a6400 is an APS-C camera that can shoot 4K downscaled from a full 24.2 megapixel sensor. But you may want to turn it off when you’re shooting landscapes, etc. Feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions. With the new autofocus system (discussed further below), you no longer are required to assign an eye-AF button but I still did so. So you’ve unboxed your Sony A6400. Sony RX100 VII – Best High Quality Camera Option for Hiking and Travel? Some of the settings like Eye-Start AF only apply to adapted lenses. But also gain those fundamental concepts that make photography such an amazingly powerful and creative art form. Sony A6400 | Using Manual Focus Lenses | Beginners Guide, My Sony A6400 Review | Real World Content Creators Perspective, Sony A7 III – Aperture, Shutter Speed, Manual Mode & Bulb Mode Tutorial, Check out all of the currently available E-Mount Lenses and lens Adapters in my Guides This Way >>, Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit >>, Recommended UV Protective Lens Filters (Select Lens Filter Thread Size) >>, Recommended Shotgun Style Microphones for Video >>, Recommended High Quality Lavalier style Microphone >>, Recommended Monitors for Video Recording and Capture >>, Recommended Variable Neutral Density Filters (Select Size) >>, Recommended Polarizing Filters (Select Size) >>, Sony ZV-1 – Beginners Guide on How-To Use The Camera, My GVM RGB20W On-Camera RGB LED Video Light Review, My GVM G100W LED Bi-Color Video Light Review and Set-Up with App, My Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens Review – Lab and Real World, My Sony FE 200-600mm G OSS Lens Review using Sony A6600, My Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens Review, My Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS Lens Review, My Sony FE 35mm f/1.4 ZA Lens Review | Real World Perspective and Lab Testing, My Sony A99 II Review – Using 16-35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens and 70-400mm G II SSM Lens. Follow me on twitter with the link at the top right or accept notifications of this blog, to see all our posts. It comes in several kit versions at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield. Carry your camera whenever you can, don’t stick it in a closet just for special occasions. That is about it for this tutorial article and I really hope you guys got something out of it. The subject will be tracked, so focus will stay on the subject as you recompose. Below, you will see how I set up the Sony A6400 with an explanation of the choices I made. Additionally, the aperture is slow limiting the ability to use the lens in low light and to use for background blur. If the subject is a person, it will focus on their eye/face. In this beginner oriented tutorial using the Sony A6400 I will first go over the basic concepts of Exposure using the exposure triangle illustration I made a while back. After you fired a few test shots, what else should you be doing initially…. On the other hand, Sony NEX-5 has a 14.0MP APS-C (23.4 x 15.6 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and … My 12 assigned items are: Sony menu systems are infamously bad and disorganized but there has been one recent significant improvement. Stable, fast, versatile, and compact, the Alpha a6400 from Sony is an APS-C-format mirrorless camera that adopts many of the features normally reserved for their full-frame lineup. 210mm is not particularly a long telephoto, especially if you already have the 18-135mm kit lens. If you want to process your own HDR images, you may want to customize and control how you shoot a bracket. As I explain more thoroughly in my review of the Sony A6400, you can really use AF-C as the default focus mode on the Sony A6400 but it is helpful to switch to AF-S in low light or if you need to get precise focus with focus magnification. Recording is done on SD card or Memory … From full-pixel readout without pixel binning enabling high-resolution 4K movie recording to HDR (HLG) and S-Log/S-Gamut options and Slow & Quick Motion recording, the α6400 is loaded with advanced … There are two very affordable flashes that I can highly recommend: I own both of these flashes. There are far fewer controls and buttons than found on the Sony full frame models. For years, Sony cameras have had a FN (function) menu allowing for quick access to certain functions by pressing the FN button on the back of the camera. Sony E 20mm f/2.8. If you’re not shooting people, you may want face priority turned off, as it will prioritize any face that enters the frame. Further, the different buttons can serve different functions whether in shooting mode, video mode or playback mode. I will then go over Aperture Priority Mode, … There are much better straps that allow for much better distribution of the weight and more comfortable camera carrying. You can assign the focus point with touch. I don’t change the default “labelled” functions on the control pad as they are all things I use. Learn to Use Lightroom for organizing and processing your images. When turned on, it can be set as a touch screen, touch pad, or both. If you’re shooting on a tripod, you’ll want to remember to shut it off. See the Sony 50mm F/1.8 OSS on Amazon / Adorama. This allows you to assign star ratings when reviewing your photos. If you ever use the Sony A6400 extensively in a day, you will run down the battery. This has no effect on the cost of the product, and is a simple way to give back to for the effort and info we provide. Critically, if you want to use the control pad to move the focus points, first you need to enter the focus area menu. The Joby Gorillapod 1k is sufficient for the A6400 and a small lens. (Click Here)Tip Jar: (Click Here), Thanks for checking out SonyAlphaLab and have a wonderful day . The three cameras feature a built-in viewfinder with a 0.39 … While tripods can be large and expensive, the Sony A6400 pairs perfectly with a Joby Gorillapod. Download the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile App on your phone and go through the set up on your camera. As a touch screen, it is only active when using the LCD. (Review of the Sony A6400 … To some degree, I duplicate the FN menu, giving me a second way to get to these items. The Sony a6400 is a lightweight camera, but you will feel discomfort around your neck after a consecutive hour or two wearing the camera around your neck with the included strap. This apparently improves its performance at high ISOs (with its … You charged the battery, you stuck in a memory card. Third party charger and extra batteries on Amazon here. The Sony A6400 includes a 2.36 Mpts Oled viewfinder, an auxiliary flash, an accessory shoe and an HDMI output. If you find your photographs are soft or blurry, most of the time it is because they were not properly focused. My Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 II Lens Review – Is This Affordable Portrait Lens Worth It? Sony FE 70-300mm F/4.5-5.6 G (on Amazon). Read my article on how to use tripods for night landscapes. What you include in the FN menu will largely depend on whether you are primarily shooting video or stills. I assign the C1 button, next to the shutter button, to Focus Mode. Price Match Guarantee. While much more expensive, if you’re serious about telephoto shooting like sports or wildlife, I would serious consider the Sony full frame lens, the Sony FE 70-300mm F/4.5-5.6 G (on Amazon). The custom button lets you flip the eyes if you don’t like the choice made by the camera. If you want to maximize the image quality of every image and are willing to put in the post-processing work, shoot RAW. More importantly, a button is assigned to switch eyes. This is not a universal recommendation — it all depends on how you shoot and the features you wish to easily access. Silent shooting (completely silent shooting with an electronic shutter but you only want to use it on subjects that are not moving quickly and you want to avoid artificial lighting due to. ISO is part of the exposure triangle, allowing you to set the sensitivity of the sensor. (. Thus, by assigning it to the center of the control pad, I can press the center, confirm the focus area, and then start adjusting the focus point. The Sony A6400 makes it easier to assign custom functions than prior cameras, by including a diagram of the buttons in the menus. My Menu 4: Panorama settings, so you can control the size and shape of the panorama. Silent shooting and Steady Shot are explained above. But just generally, it’s not a great lens for image quality. Third party charger and extra batteries on Amazon here. (See Joby Gorillapod 1k on Amazon / Adorama). Shown above, I set C1 for the “rating” function. RAW: RAW images preserve the most data giving the photographer maximum flexibility in editing the images. If you have no interest in doing much editing, this is the way to go. The Sony a6400 … You should use this menu to store items that you want to use frequently but don’t have hard buttons assigned. Sony A6400 has a 24.0MP APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Bionz X processor. It includes Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth technologies. Unfortunately, the quality is poor in many ways. With touch pad, you can use with your eye to the viewfinder, to drag the focus point across the screen. That click will then give us credit if you choose to purchase any given item. (Click Here)Shopping @ Amazon? Press the shutter half-way and the camera will start tracking the subject. The Sony A6400 has a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, which is likely to be the same one that’s in its current A6500. The Sony A6400 (See on Amazon / Adorama) is suitable for entry level shooters, budding enthusiasts and more advanced users looking for a compact aps-c camera. Below you’ll see how I set up my Sony A6400 with a discussion of a few of they key items. We can however, make a small commission if you click a product link that your interested in. Most Sony A6400 shooters probably purchased the camera in a kit configuration with a kit zoom lens. Tutorial. I am personally a hands-on visual learner, so this video is optimized for people that learn best in that way. By saving both, you get the maximum editing flexibility when you need it but can use the ready-to-go images most of the time. Jay, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Sony FE 20mm f/1.8 G lens Vs FE 24mm f/1.4 GM Lens – Lab Testing…. My Menu 1: Creative style and Picture Effect are for “creative” jpegs straight out of the camera. RAW files also take up a lot more memory and they don’t look very good until after they have been edited. Exposure compensation allows for a quick adjustment of the amount of light entering the camera, without going into full manual modes. I do not encourage anyone to run out and spend $5,000 on a whole collection of lenses in a search for the holy grail. The 50mm focal length is ideal for portraits on the Sony A6400, allowing for an attractive background blur that a kit lens will not provide. Like many mirrorless cameras, the Sony A6400 has very poor battery life. For details, please visit the following URL: https: ... Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1 (HDR-AZ1) α5100 (A5100) Lens-Style Camera DSC-QX30 (DSC-QX30) Interchangeable Lens-Style Camera QX1 (QX1) Action Cam HDR AS20 (HDR … As the a6400 has a cropped sensor it gives an attached lens an effective range of 1.5 its specification. If you are in the New York/Westchester area, feel free to contact me as I teach classes in the Spring and Fall. You can program certain buttons to do specific functions when you are reviewing photos. In af-c (continuous autofocus), move your focus point to your subject. But these images are ready to go, straight out of the camera. The Sony alpha 6400 uses a micro USB cable. The Sony 50mm F/1.8 OSS is another fast aperture prime lens. But since I do want an ISO control, I’ll keep it in the button that is already labelled ISO. The downside is that by saving both, you really fill up your memory card quickly and you slow down the camera as it writes a lot more data on to the card with each image. If you need fine precise autofocus on a tiny subject in the frame, the best way to accomplish it is to use AF-S and focus magnification. Then you will need to position the focus point over the subject. Initially released spring 2019, it’s Sony’s unofficially testing bed for their latent firmware prowess. The Sony A6400 is an APS-C mirrorless camera, slotting in below the Alpha A6500 in the range, and replacing the Alpha A6300. For the most part, those are flawed lenses but capable of very nice snap shots, especially in good light. You my want to correct these issues yourself in post-processing or the Sony camera can automatically correct some of these issues when shooting jpegs. Why you SHOULDN’T use the ELECTRONIC SHUTTER for PORTRAITS! Over the years I have found on just about every camera I … control dial on extreme edge, 1 custom button next to shutter, Gringotts Bank with Sony A6300 and Sony 10-18mm F/4, Despicable Me, with Sony A6300 and Sony 10-18mm F/4, Sony A6300, Sony 70-200 F/4 at 150mm and f4, This blog particpates in Amazon’s Associate program and earns from qualifying purchases HDR Photography Tutorial – Raw Files Using Lightroom, Photomatix, and more.. If you then scroll right/left, you get flexible spot options. Until now, you had to assign eye-AF to a custom button or you couldn’t use it. You can then use this option to obtain focus in a few ways: You should rarely have to leave this focus area set up. If I were to take the Sony A6400 on a vacation, I’d probably run down the battery in less than a morning. I will then go over Aperture Priority Mode, Shutter Priority Mode, Manual Mode, and Bulb Mode in detail. It’s fine for casual snapshot use. If you really want your photos to be tagged with GPS location, confirm that the Location Link is actually set at the time you are shooting. Viewfinder: less resolution on the a6100. Drive mode allows you to choose between shooting a single frame, shooting a burst of frames, self-timer, etc. I can even use them together wirelessly for great off camera lighting situations. This is extremely helpful as when you later import your photographs on to your computer, the star ratings get imported as well. I set up a lab scene and used the Sigma 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Lens mounted to the Sony A6400 for this demonstration/ tutorial. From full-pixel readout without pixel binning enabling high-resolution 4K movie recording to HDR (HLG) and S-Log/S-Gamut options and Slow & Quick Motion recording, the α6400 is loaded with advanced … (Review of the Sony A6400 here.) I also essentially put any video settings that I might want to reach in the same place. Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Lens & Pro Accessory Bundle incl. Read my article on how to use tripods for night landscapes. You should make sure Face/Eye AF is set up to your liking. ISO Auto Min SS: allows you to set a minimum shutter speed threshold when using Aperture priority mode or program mode. My Menu 2: A bunch of video settings including file format (4k video or HD etc), Record setting (4k at 24p or 30p? It allows for remote control of your camera. If you need extreme precision autofocus, switch to AF-S, put the focus point over the subject and then use focus magnification (see programmed button above). For example, if you take hundreds of photographs while on vacation, you can start to apply ratings in your downtime. Panasonic G95 was introduced to market in April 2019 and Sony A6400 was launched in January … The Sony A6400 Help Guide can be found here >>. Thanks, While you can’t zoom in and out with it, the Sony 35mm F/1.8 is a small compact light-weight lens that will give you superior image quality and much greater low light capability. The Sony a6400 officially replaces the older a6300: it uses the same sensor but comes with some subtle enhancements aside from the impressive autofocus capabilities. Most shooters want the face prioritized, so keep face priority on, and let the camera automatically select Left/right eye. Sony’s latest technological advancements are showcased in the new Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera. The portability of a small camera like the Sony A6400 is amazing. Set Up Guide for Sony A6400 Sony α6400 Mirrorless Camera. etc) and S&Q settings (a way to make quick hyperspeed or slow motion videos). It comes as a kit with the superb and tiny 16-50mm PZ lens at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield. The FDR-AX700 makes taking these astonishing HDR … (See on Amazon / Adorama). And How-To Guide for Beginners…, Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Test – Hiking With The Kids…, Sony Imaging Edge Desktop Tutorial for Remote Shooting and Tethering Your Camera. You turned the camera on and the camera walked you through the date, time, language set-up. 2X 64GB Transcend Memory Card, Gadget Bag, UV-CPL-FLD Filters and Macro Kits and More $1,048.00 Get the … This includes an … JPEG: The camera automatically makes adjustments to contrast, saturation, etc, and saves a “final” image. For this review I got the Sony A6400 with the E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens, and the top quality Sony … When it comes to ergonomics the A6400 is pretty good overall, but for extended use and when using with larger heavier lenses you can utilize a few different accessories to help yourself out. Finally, all lenses have certain defects like vignetting around the edges, distorted curvature instead of a straight plane, chromatic aberrations. I don’t care how experienced, every photographer can always learn more and continue to develop their skills. In af-c, move the camera so that the subject is under the small flexible spot, half-press the shutter, and then you can re-compose the frame. As soon as you dive into the very first menu screen, you’re given options for image quality. It’s a slightly more telephoto version of the 35mm F/1.8 mentioned above. The Sony a6400 is an interchangeable lens E-mount mirrorless camera. I really worked hard on this tutorial and tried to lay out the fundamental concepts to photography and then incorporate those concepts into each camera mode mentioned above. … Size (Diameter … I really hope this tutorial will help those looking to learn more bring their photography to the next level. The main highlights are the Real-time Eye AF and Tracking … Since the time I had this camera for review, a new Firmware Update has come out for the Sony A6400 mirrorless camera that supports Animal Eye Autofocus!! The included neck straps are not the most ergonomic way to carry your camera. Looking for valuable information, such as essential points on shooting (Tutorials) This website introduces convenient functions, ways of usage, and setting examples. SS Using the zoom The zoom features available with this product Clear Image Zoom/Digital … The rear button is set for “Send to Smart phone” by default. In this article (the Sony 12-14 at Universal Studios), I demonstrate the value of shooting ultra wide. If you want to use the camera’s intervalometer for shooting Time Lapse movies, you should also download the Imaging Edge software to your personal computer. While editing is possible, there is less flexibility than RAW files. Then when you get to your computer, you import them into Lightroom and can sort them by the star ratings you already assigned. A “Dark ride” is indeed dark. It arrives in an increasingly crowded field, though, with cameras like the X-T30 from Fujifilm and the EOS M50 … Face Detect AF: Keep it on to automatically detect faces. See the Sony 35mm F/1.8 on Amazon / Adorama. Access unlimited eBooks from Amazon including many great photography titles, Recommended Sony A6400 lenses and accessories, Programming instant reaction button on the Sony A7riii and A9, Sony A6600 recommended lenses and accessories, Programming instant reaction button on the Sony A7riii, A7iii and A9, Sony FE 12-24mm F/4 G at Universal Studios, Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM at Universal Studios, Rokinon Samyang 85mm F 1.4 Review for Sony. I learned a lot about using Lightroom to process landscapes from. I include bracket settings here as well. Both remote camera control and wireless tethering are supported. Shoot Mode: Selecting Aperture priority, Manual, Shutter priority can be done with the mode dial on top of the camera, but if you switch the mode dial to video, then you can use “Shoot mode” to pick A/S/M for video. In the set up menu, you can ignore most of the of the settings. So the “C1” invites me to assign anything. The α6400 offers internal 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) recording2 in Super 35mm format with full pixel readout and no pixel binning at 2.4x oversampling4 (6K equivalent) for the ultimate 4K footage with … The Sony A6400 is the first Sony aps-c camera to include customized “My Menu.” You can essentially create your own custom menus, organized however you like, of the functions you need to access easily. (Most of the time, you will be better off using the touch screen to adjust the focus point). I'd get the body-only at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H or at Crutchfield. They are much cheaper than the Sony branded flashes but actually are more powerful with more features. This will determine the amount of images that fit into your memory card and will determine the amount of flexibility you get in editing your photos. While these are my custom settings, you should set up your settings based on your own needs. Panasonic G95 has a 20.3MP Four Thirds sensor whereas Sony A6400 has a 24.0MP APS-C sensor. Share images with others. The Sony A6400 (See on Amazon / Adorama) is suitable for entry level shooters, budding enthusiasts and more advanced users looking for a compact aps-c camera. While the Sony A6400 has a built-in flash, you want to use it sparingly. All the E-Mount Lenses available will work, but the APS-C Crop factor style lenses are a bit smaller and lighter when compared to the full frame E-mount lenses. While my recommendations for the Sony A7iii assumed a desire to use the camera in a fairly advanced way, my recommendations for the A6400 will assume the reader is more a mid-level shooter. Auto HDR Selecting the ISO sensitivity ISO Setting : ISO ISO Setting : ISO Range Limit ISO Setting : ISO AUTO Min. Here are the … While most people think of panorama as shooting the camera in the landscape orientation for a very long image, if you shoot it with the camera in the portrait orientation, you can achieve a super wide image in a more normal size. And most importantly, have fun. Zeen is a next generation WordPress theme. In other words, it does not zoom in and out and has a wide aperture to let in a lot of light. (I won’t repeat those basic steps). Depending on your level of experience, you may or may not understand all the functions already assigned to the various controls. A kit lens simply would not have been able to capture a decent image. This lets me quickly switch between AF-C (continuous autofocus) and AF-S (single autofocus). If you are in low light, you may want to switch the camera to single autofocus, AF-S, which works better in low light.
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