Just a compact wad of cheese powder. -- ML, Look, there are many fine candy bars in the world, but there is only one that Bart Simpson wielded to make poor Milhouse depressed about the state of his lunch. Served in a flexible pouch that somehow stood up, the drink required you to stab it with a straw to access the liquid within. No one ever trades their Reese's. and cheese, but the thought of actually dipping one food in another food exhausts you. But baseball dugouts and episodes of The X-Files wouldn't be the same without them. If you like potato skins, you'll love all the Tato Skins potato snack chip flavors: *Cheddar & Bacon *Sour Cream & Onion *Original Tato Skins potato snack chips are great as a filling snack on the go or for a serious snack attack at home. There's an almost imperceptible sweetness just in the background of the salty that has you tempted to go back for more, isn't there? -- ML, Yup, those are some pretzels alright! Honey -- while still catering to our primal desire to eat the head off of a cute endangered species. Chocolate. Calories 105 kcal. Also: best actual chocolate chips of any store-bought cookie. Got it? Then I snapped out of it and went back to chugging those little cherry- and grape-flavored goblins like a madman. The first line included 10 meals of 300 calories or less. My Roll-Up-consuming heydey definitely came before SpongeBob got involved. Fill each skin with cheese. cookies were the subject of many a heated argument surrounding the virtues of the crunchier originals versus the chewy variety (I'm an originalist). Prep Time 5 mins. It's a chip that's as good straight out of the bag as it is with dip or next to a deli sandwich. And also because you sometimes cut your mouth on the pretzel if you're too voracious. I don't know who Amos was (Googles). These days I find all the smoothness and sweetness a little one-note, but that wouldn't stop me from gleefully inhaling one if you handed it to me. Anyway, the Extra Toasty rendition had that extra-dark hue and depth of flavor on it that you get when you order a pizza well-done. The next Relx pods flavour I will try is called icy purple sweet potato. The Reese's Cup is perfect: a two-pack of pleasure possessing the exact right ratio of sugary peanut goodness and also-sugary chocolate, with the ridged edge providing the entry point to a flavor-and-texture party that's been the subject of many a Halloween candy-trading argument. Turns out, customers weren't fond of assembling their own sandwiches, so the McDLT was discontinued in 1990. Try Cheddar Cheese n' Bacon, Sour Cream n' Onion, or tasty Baked Potato. Passed out on the couch and awoke to find a slice of the pizza you ordered still lukewarm in the box? Peeling the icing off the top and rolling it up like a little chocolaty sugar taquito is optional. They look kinda like that. Salute Your Shorts debuted on Nickelodeon. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Note: Includes: Tato Skins baked potato flavor; Tato Skins sour cream n' chives flavor; Tato Skins cheese n' bacon flavor Last updated: 21 Aug 07 07:33 AM. -- AK, Toffee. Every '80s kid remembers commercials showing the Keebler elves hard at work baking cookies in their treehouse kitchen. Added to that, these suckers pack more saturated fat than a White Castle Crave Case. Commercials featuring Linda Evans or Priscilla Presley sipping on the drink during their workouts helped keep sales brisk. But with respect to Cool Ranch (I know I'm an outlier in my ambivalence toward ranch everything), there's only one flavor that truly matters, and that flavor is Nacho Cheese, the single greatest mass-produced snack in America. If it is, I want to go. The potato, as well as the skin, are great sources of vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, potassium, zinc, and protein, but neither naturally contain any fat, cholesterol, or sodium. Lottech96 12 years 9 months ago Posts: 1282 ... but they were called "Doolies". These mega-sized gum pieces were filled with liquid, with flavors inspired by Dr. Pepper, 7-Up and Cherry 7-Up. A couple of years ago I got to the bottom of a family-sized bag of these beauties (a weekly tradition) and discovered a lump of pure nacho cheese seasoning a little larger than a quail egg. Cheez-Its always tasted more, for lack of a better word, "real" to me than most of your mass-produced snack foods, and that isn't just me being persuaded by the "100% Real Cheese" marketing. Sales slumped a bit when studies showed a link between saccharin and bladder cancer. -- AK, No other chip tastes as delicious when dipped in French onion dip than the original Ruffles. Hot damn, it worked after all! Ingredients . -- ML, I'm not sure I'll ever forgive the folks at Twix for replacing the original Peanut Butter's regular cookie with chocolate -- the first time a combo of those two elements actually made something worse -- but the fact remains that Twix is one of the more perfect candy bars. No chips. Sad! Yet in sitting down with 29 cans last year, I noticed that I was grabbing at straws to figure out why I even slightly disliked some flavors. Spray the skin side with the olive oil spray and lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper. When they were discontinued, fans old and new launched a grassroots campaign to get the classic snack back in production. -- AK, While drinking soda through Twizzlers is the diabetic equivalent of trying to drink a Big Gulp with a crimped coffee stirrer, Red Vines are like taking it down with a beer bong. Sometimes we explain how stuff works, other times, we ask you, but we’re always exploring in the name of fun! "Heath Bar. -- AK. So bonus points for being salty and reliable in a pinch, and offering a hint-o-lime flavor that's like the LaCroix of the snack world (it's an essence!). I get it. Introduced in 1988, Lunchables were a brilliant invention by Oscar Meyer to sell more lunch meat by appealing to busy working moms. I imagine they'd work really well in getting you through the prison monetary system, too. Cuisine American. I'm not sure how to evaluate original Oreos vs. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. It's more like somebody spilled a ramen seasoning packet on a bunch of Club Crackers. Truly, Combos are a flavor-mashing, tailor-made stoner snack that were decades ahead of their time when they first debuted in the '70s. It's like, you get me. Course Appetizer. Personally I always liked to go a little light on the first three crackers, and then reward myself with a gloriously cheese-laden grand finale. MEDIUM. Though you're inevitably going to eat the entire sleeve of Donettes anyway, then feel a roughly equal amount of shame. My own lack of self-control and the occasional pretzel-heavy bag has burned me too many times with a disappointingly Chex-free situation when things move towards the bottom of the bag. But technically, snack! It still often ends up being crumpled into a ball and devoured in a single go. It sold well for a few years, but even the addition of a layer of caramel in 1993 couldn't save this candy from extinction. Ask my very rich childhood dentist. Producers instead turned to the lesser-known Reese's Pieces, which became a huge seller when the film was released, as everyone wanted to try the adorable alien's favorite treat. To celebrate the new animated series, Hi-C rebranded its classic citrus juice box as Ecto-Cooler, complete with a picture of Slimer on the package. Place the “skins” on the baking sheet faced down. It's a protein blast. They sounded like fancy grown-up food, but I figured why not give 'em a shot. -- AK, Remember back in the day when officially branded RKTs came out, and some asshole kid came to your birthday party and told your mom they were better than the ones she spent half a day pouring into a casserole dish to serve to a bunch of ungrateful kids? Are you picturing Tato Skins? Fortunately for me, those are readily available here. Just delicious potato crisps that come in enough good flavors to give Baskin-Robbins a run for its money. At least I don't think it is. -- ML, By far my preferred method for consuming Rice Krispies. I believe in inclusion and diversity, is what I'm saying. The only thing I care about is that I no longer have any Junior Mints. -- ML, They're salty! They should possibly be classified as a narcotic. I can understand her feelings. Two bags in one sitting is probably a little much. Turn over, spray with olive oil spray and bake for another 7 minutes. How does a chip that isn't even a chip that's made with flavors forged in a lab (for real, we got a peek at how they're made and it's mad science) get so much right? 2. Yo, Combo empire, hit me up! And the cookie… hoo-boy, that cookie. So it is constantly with Cheddar. While they have the structural integrity to function as an ideal dipping candidate, they certainly don't require any help, having minimized the dull pretzel interior in favor of a maximum-impact crispy exterior that I'm speaking about so breathlessly you'd think I'm on the take from them. *) But don't take my word for it. Not the Flamin' Hot ones or the Steakhouse version, mind you. I keep wanting to compare them to Tato Skins, but I don't think that would be fair. This is a whole that completely transcends its parts, with little sugar crystals dancing on your tongue and the thick walls of chocolate that make it easy to break the four pieces apart melting the minute it hits your tongue, tying the whole thing together. For me it always went Red-Orange-Pink-Yellow? Because apparently bears really aren't willing to kill you for a couple almond-packed Kisses. -- ML, If somebody asked you what flavor Reese's Pieces are, you'd probably say "peanut butter and chocolate." That's largely due to the fact that it's very easy to hork down an entire can of whole cashews and suddenly realize -- again! My opinons are not for sale. But I'm not sure what else to compare them to, so I will. Each box came with two openings, each featuring a different color of sweet sugar crystals that you could chew or let dissolve on your tongue. 150 / 2,000 cal left. The drink was so popular that it stayed on store shelves long after "Ghostbusters" fever had faded. Lean Cuisine came out in 1981 to appeal to diet-conscious customers looking for a quick and healthy lunch option that could be cooked in the microwave in four minutes flat. Where have I been? Each came in various flavors. -- ML, I'm not a fan of Fridays to begin with, so this is a little odd, especially since it has a whole line of snacks modeled after its endless apps selection, among them "mozz sticks" that taste like some sort of accident occurred at the Cheetos factory. I pop them like an NFL linebacker with a Vicodin prescription. Purchase one of the comically large tubs at Costco and your entire family will be able to enjoy them for… not nearly as long as you'd think. For accessibility, we limited ourselves to things that are reasonably available at most American corner stores, mini-marts, and other workaday snack-purveyors. The naked version of the Twix -- obtained in a hamster-like manner by nibbling off all chocolate and filling until you're met with a rectangular rod of crumby shortbread -- is a delight. Call it gravitas. Introduced in 1987, and known as the Temptations bar in Canada, BarNone was a delicious combination of chocolate cream-filled wafers topped with finely chopped peanuts and coated in chocolate. I haven't seen those in ages. They are the kings of the crinkly chip world, but it's the flavored options that bump these down a little. -- ML, For a foodstuff that was created to repress America's sex drives, graham crackers sure are delightful, even if no one has ever successfully consumed an entire box without shattering several of them accidentally. 170 / 2,300g left. Like, they're almost too good. They have fun little herbal flavors. Chef America took advantage of the craze by creating meat and cheese filled dough wraps called Hot Pockets, which came out in 1983 and included a special sleeve to keep the dough from getting soggy during cooking. Also the actual edible part has a slightly softer, more gentle texture than its forefather. Color Me Badd was singing about wanting to sex people up. -- AK, Hey internet, can we talk for a second? Actually, it's possible they didn't even need Double Stuf, because regular Oreos are a giant among snack foods. Think of Tato Skins as mini baked potatoes, topped just right. Pro tip: Put a handful in your mouth, chomp once, then take a quick swig of milk. The enterprising owners decided to capitalize on the waste by tossing those crunchy nubs in a bag with rye chips, pretzels, and seasoning... and voila! And while there remains a special place in my heart for original Goldfish… man, the high-octane version is really something. But we're glad to have them, if only because they're extremely salty, and also trick you into thinking you've had a serving of vegetables. Remove from oven. The layer of caramel or peanut butter is the perfect cushion. Not really, but still… if I'm gonna play Russian roulette with my left ventricle, I'd rather do it with something that leaves me full rather than shaking with elevated blood sugar and the hunger for more. Meanwhile, the widespread use of microwave ovens drew unprecedented demand for frozen foods that could quickly be nuked to create a tasty meal, from frost-it-yourself strudels to sandwich fixings packed into layer of flaky crust. Sodium 2,130g. Designed with one dark side to mimic the skin of the potato, these chips are now sold under the TGI Fridays brand. 3 % 1g Protein. If you like Tato Skins and are eager to try a steak-flavored one, try these out. And then you go back for more, because Munchos are the potato chip equivalent of a magic trick, and you're still trying to figure out where the magician made his sleight of hand and made you go up a belt size. Still, while they don't launch as many weird flavors as Lays, they still have their share of successful gimmicks (the Pepperoncini is a thing of beauty). Also: Why don't more movie theaters serve milk? Made from 10 percent fruit juice mixed with sugary carbonation, this drink came in flavors like cherry, apple and grape. Oh, and caramel M&M's. I think we as a society really underappreciate everything Pepperidge Farm does for us. Scoops for chili. Push Pops solved this problem by putting the candy into a tube, where it could be easily tucked away and saved for later. How has some enterprising Mars exec not rereleased "original" 3 Musketeers in an old-timey wrapper? I honestly feel ashamed for not knowing any of this. When they were first introduced, this snack came in honey, cinnamon and chocolate varieties. That seems like it should have happened (*does quick research to make sure it hasn't happened yet What?! They should have called them Tato Skins Potato Snack Chips Steak Flavor, but that probably doesn't have the same ring. A damn fine chip with a touch of class! -- AK, These beauties are unequivocally the most important pretzel-related snacking innovation to come around in the last 15 years. And only one piece was chocolate, while the other two were strawberry and vanilla? And people don't usually take steak and potato and mix them together like the would with bacon and cheddar or sour cream and onion. But here's the rub: You're gonna be tempted to get the mixed nuts, because then you get the whole variety. Thanks a lot, Bill Murray. Fat 59g. Side note, why doesn't Taco Bell wise up and sell the shells on their own and make Taco Tuesday a holiday? 50 % 19g Carbs. But for real, try the Buffalo.) Heaven! -- ML, The fact that the standard Ho Ho comes two to a package provided important flexibility when it came to lunch-table wheeling and dealing. The thin membrane of chocolate is smooth and never overpowering. Source: FatSecret Platform API. Because before the Take Five (more on that later! But these potato skins… good Lord. Sadly, the PB Max was short-lived, just like Planters PB Crisps, which came out a few years later and were quickly discontinued. Glad we had this talk. Do you see any vending machines offering a handful of lime Runts? I mean, in a lot of ways it's just the next logical step in the evolution of the Baby Ruth. Duality, thy name is Club Crackers. and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. -- ML, This thing is like a Snickers and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup had a baby, then the baby went off and got knocked up by a Rold Gold in college, but finished its degree. Good. Weirdly, nobody gets them right, probably because they're not sure what they are. Whether you're getting it in the white or dark variety, Big Kat or mini -- and, yes, the green tea -- there is no candy so adept at taking the mundane and transforming it into something amazing as the Kit Kat. Then he finished the bag.
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