If all you're after is a CD player, then you might be best to choose something higher up this list that puts all its eggs in the audio basket. The $1200 D-105u, the top of Luxman's CD-player line, is novel in its twin-triode vacuum-tube amplification in the analog output stage. Not for nothing has it been a multiple What Hi-Fi Award-winner. The die-cast aluminium chassis design is solid and the backlit remote offers a great way to enjoy everything from a comfy chair. A personal CD player is a Discman-style player that you carry around with you to listen to music via headphones while you walk or on public transport. There’s just so much detail here and a nicely judged tonal balance, both of which help to create a top-class, highly transparent sound. Type: Transport | Outputs: AES, BNC S/PDIF | Dimensions: 9.85 x 33.35 x 14.2cm | Weight: 7kg. The ProLogue Classic CD Player is a true dual-mono design, right down to the dual vacuum tube rectification - another first in a CD player. An album is a journey best experienced in a single sitting and there are few better ways to do that than with a CD. This model is notable for old-fashioned weighty massive transport and chassis acting as stabilizers and resounding analog-sound shapers. A truly versatile bit of kit. The player images quite well for a CD player as well. I’m reviewing it with Rega’s Osiris integrated amplifier, … Apparently so. If you already own a DAC, you can buy this CD transport instead of a standalone player. Shanling CD1.2A HIFI tube CD Player With USB DSD64 Bluetooth 5.0 Decode Upgrade of CD1.2 $735.79 USD $565.99 USD ToneWinner TY-1CD HiFi laser CD Player HDCD DSD lossless music player with remote The transport mechanism works well with minimum fuss and not much noise. The remote alone could be used as a projectile to jeopardize tank armor. The Carver SD/A-490t, a full-featured CD player, offers an unusual combination of the new and the old in audio technology. You'll of course need a top class system to truly appreciate its talents but stereo imaging is excellent, with enough spatial information to give an appropriate sense of scale to recordings. A likeable all-round performer that isn't a class-leader, but for those who are keen on the NAD sound, the C 538 is definitely worth considering at this price. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. If you already own an external DAC, we would not hesitate to recommend the Cambridge CXC over a standalone CD player. The minimal design is slim and stylish, and you get a functional remote with a basic dot matrix display. The Special Edition version, the subject of this review, substitutes the 6H30 "super tube" for the 6922. High quality resistors, mosfets, and Solen capacitors yield superior transient response, detail, and channel separation. Type: Transport | Outputs: Digital optical, digital coaxial | Dimensions (hwd): 7.3 x 21.5 x 36cm. The slot-loading CD transport is a touch noisy when loading a disc, though as silent as you’d hope it would be during playback. A case could be made for the MkII SE being the best of the lot. I wasn’t disappointed. The most impressive feature of the Jolida 100A is the rugged and durable build quality. It's a smart looking unit that's feels classy and superbly-made. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I recommend that buyer insists on either US, Yugoslav (US licence) or Russian makes though, as vital for particular conservative, dramatic, deep-down-reaching and noble relaxed kinda wide highs this piece is capable of. (Or are they considered beyond the pale? It supports DSD files, too. Visit our corporate site. There aren’t many products that can spin CDs and stream files from one box, and not for such an affordable price either. To sum up, we think this is a great player with the bonus of a USB input, which allows the connection of Apple products and USB memory devices. Clarity and insight are unrivalled at this price. As with any viable gear, correct mains plug phazing is important - which is also easy on JoLida. NAXA Portable Shelf System CD Player. Trust us, its sound will impress. The solid build, precise controls and quality finish all make this look and sound like a CD player priced far higher than this is. In anycase the Jolida is unexpectedly mellow and fits fantastic into my higher frequency detailed system. Type: Integrated | Outputs: Optical digital, coaxial digital, AES/EBU digital, RAC, Balanced XLR | Dimensions: 43.2 x 33 x 8cm | Weight: 10kg. You'll need a standalone DAC to handle all the digital-to-analogue conversion. As a source component it’s more practical to power on only when needed, and the tubes are rather unobtrusive. A What Hi-Fi Award-winner in 2014 and still a terrific buy. Not just a great CD player, but a hub for your system. A high-quality digital source that covers all bases and sings like a bird too. Read the full review: Audio Research Reference CD9 SE. It is free of accursed alluminium responsable for naggy colourations with compromizing Hi-End manufacturers. You’ll have to spend a good deal more than £300 to match the sound quality it offers. Cyrus's best-sounding CD player to date sets a new standard for sound quality at this price. Moving into the streaming world, I was looking for the ‘last CD player’ I would buy. The Audio Note boasts an impressively large soundstage, certainly equal to my far more costly standard setup. Reviews Audio Player Reviews CD Players Built with the same quality that all McIntosh products are known for, and the ubiquitous chrome, glass, and green and blue lights that are distinctive features of their products, the McIntosh MCD600 SACD/CD Player is like no other disc player in the consumer market today. Both the size of the discman and the need for carrying around CDs is just too impractical. It doesn’t make a fuss with file types, either, having a forgiving balance that makes the most of low bit-rate MP3s while still retaining enough transparency to make listening to 24-bit/192kHz FLAC files a worthwhile experience. Still, if you prefer the AXC35 CD's slim and stylish form factor, this unit is a very worthy proposition. The Onkyo’s file compatibility is extensive. Pace and momentum is exercised with articulation and vibrancy. We like the fuss-free design, easy to read display and high-quality remote (earlier SE models came with a rather plasticky affair). NAD seems to have followed the same style notes for decades, and the C 538 bears many similarities to its forebears. It's nuanced enough to deliver the full emotional impact of vocals snd strings, and comes with enough weight in the bass to keep your tracks feeling big. Factor 3 is of course the DAC/filtering/master clock circuit which is true multibit Burr Brown operated (of original inland US make!) Punchy and tuneful, feature-packed and fun: if you’re looking to buy a high-quality digital source that covers all bases, the Technics SL-G700 is a brilliant option. It offers plenty of scale, lots of subtlety and a good degree of dynamic fluidity too. If it's within budget, the Marantz SA-10 is a brilliant choice and one of the finest disc players you'll probably ever come across. A solid CD player worthy of serious consideration. You may wish to transfer cassette tape audio tracks to a compact disc. Inside, you'll find the highly-rated ESS Sabre ES9018 DAC. Marantz CD-52 MkII SE (1993) There were more versions of the CD-52 than you could shake a stick at. Type: Transport | Outputs: digital optical, digital coaxial | Dimensions (hwd): 7.3 x 21.5 x 36cm | Weight: 4.7kg. The inclusion of coax is the main difference but there's no optical out and no USB (for the connection of Apple products or USB memory devices). Inside of every CD player is a semiconductor diode laser and a photoelectric cell. Partnered with a suitable DAC, such as the company's brilliant DAVE DAC, the Blu MkII delivers a beautifully balanced and textured sound. The remote control feels more luxurious than most supplied with high-end players, and we're impressed by this CD player's casework – it’s immensely rigid and well damped. I'm using this CD player with Jolida's FX10 tube amp. The Cambridge Audio CXC transport is an affordable way to listen to your CDs with precision quality that takes full advantage of an external digital-to-analogue converter. Looking for the best CD player that your money can buy? It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. There’s a real musicality here that can get lost on lesser players, with organic, fluid interplay between instruments. This hugely capable SACD/CD player majors in analysis. CDs, SACDs, Bluetooth and music streamed over a network - this is a player for the 21st century. Unaccentuated too. However, it's up against the truly brilliant Marantz CD6006 UK Edition, which sounds better across the board and has the added bonus of a USB input. Inputs are limited to 24-bit/192kHz at best and DSD isn’t even on the menu but, for CD sound, this is a hugely accomplished performer that sets sky-high standards for one-box spinners. The design is solid and the design crisply rendered, although it doesn't quite feel as premium as you'd expect for this kind of money. The production is demo-like and not only offers huge detail but also a tight, powerful punch. The Jolida was a toss up having no experience with this company, but I could not resist a hybrid design that included vacuum tubes. 's round-up of the best CD players and transports for every budget, whether at the cheap end or the premium. This Onkyo has a foot in both camps, being both a CD player and music streamer. JoLida's design goal with the JD-100A was to build a CD player … The Cyrus CD t is one of the best CD transports you can get, regardless of price. Read the full review: Roksan Caspian M2 CD. This was the first question I asked myself when I heard about the Cayin CDT-17A. Though time passed since condacting the test - the US-based JoLida are here to stay and stick to approved of models for years with about no alterations introduced. A single CD player that plays several audio formats, has a 16-bit DAC, and has a few special features typically costs $100 to $300. It was a goner and gone it is. You'll need to go back a decade and four model cycles to find a CD6000 that looks notably different which is why you might do a double take if you scroll down to the predecessor further down the list.
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