After a long and eventful life, Raul's luck finally ran out during his time with the Courier. Uncertain of what lay next for the West, she remained silent. Hanlon commits suicide, complete the endgame quest, Hanlon commits suicide, complete the endgame. Despite his/her extreme actions, he/she was awarded with the Golden Branch, the highest civilian decoration given by the Republic. Part 3: 1. Technical Narrated by Nolan McNamara, even if he is no longer elder. For supporting the NCR, the Great Khans were ruthlessly hunted down by the victorious Legion. They continued to be a nuisance throughout Outer Vegas, but never established full control over the area. Most Powder Gangers at the Correctional Facility fled into the wasteland rather than face the advancing forces of the Legion. Arcade was proud to have been one of the defenders who helped repel the Legion from Hoover Dam. Destroy the bunker in any quest. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Vault 19 powder gangers and the ending". There is a first aid box under the counter, a Nuka-Cola vending machine and a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine in a corner. Assuming that the Courier comes down from the blue sector, the room on the left in the collapsed hallway opens onto an apartment with a large hole in the ceiling and one or more fire geckos. Journal entry 65 on a terminal in the Red Sector of the first floor, accuses the "Reds" as having sabotaged the water filter, even though it is located in Red territory, and all the other Red terminals were accusatory of the Blues. ED-E's endings are narrated with the tiny robot's usual beeps, despite recorded narrations being present in the files. There is also a ladder to the Mojave Wasteland, which will lead outside, exiting northwest of the Whittaker farmstead. This ending will override the others even if, The Brotherhood used the battle of Hoover Dam as an opportunity to retake HELIOS One, and came to control the area between it and Hidden Valley. Mr. House would keep New Vegas stable, if not free, for generations. Vault 19 was unique in that it had two overseers, one for the Red Sector, one for the Blue Sector. Though many NCR military officers fled the territory soon after the dam was lost, Chief Hanlon remained at, Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. Independent again, Primm operates much as it had before the Powder Gangs arrived, full of ups and downs. Few openly blamed the rangers for Hanlon's treachery, but public and political support for the military as a whole quickly dwindled. More travelers stopped by Goodsprings on their way to and from the Strip, and the locals grew prosperous from the traffic. Those who weren't killed in the attack attempted to flee, but were caught at Mojave Outpost, court-martialed, and hanged from the ranger monument. ref id After their victory at Hoover Dam, the Legion quickly set about destroying all remaining resistance, including any groups with ties to the NCR. On the left from the entrance is the cafeteria, where many escaped convicts sit idly. Il est le troisième opus de la série principale des Fallout. In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, The Kings took the opportunity to viciously force all NCR citizens out of Freeside. With no cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia in sight, the disgruntled nightkin left Jacobstown. Boone refused to take the Legion's victory lying down. After their victory at Hoover Dam, Legion troops rolled through Freeside. There is an alternate entrance directly into the sulfur caves northwest of Whittaker farmstead. NCR wants you to take a look at Vault 22 and see why the Vegetation is growing so well. In case of water table contamination, the government approved Vault Water Purification System would handle decontamination and purification, rated to work without significant loss of output for 250,000 hours (~28 years).It was one of the last Vaults to begin construction in the west, with a cycle plagued by delays and problems. By 2281, the vault has been abandoned by its original inhabitants, and is currently occupied by Powder Gangers founder Samuel Cooke and his escaped convict followers. At odds with leadership over the Brotherhood's future, Veronica looked to the Mojave Wasteland for an answer both she and they could live with. Cautious after the Boomers' display of power at Hoover Dam. The entrance is concealed by a sewer grate inside the parking lot attendant’s booth. Sorti près de dix ans après Fallout 2, il marque la reprise de la licence par un nouveau studio, après la faillite dInterplay et la dissolution de Black Isle Studios. In the aftermath that followed in the NCR, bitter citizens and opportunistic senators were quick to denounce, Don't expose the Chief, complete the endgame, Despite distinguishing themselves during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the rangers' victory was short-lived due to the Courier's interference. It took more time than anticipated for a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia to be found, but in the end it was beneficial to Jacobstown. The top 20 movie endings which were just bad. Vault19a (1st floor)Vault19b (living quarters)Vault19c (sulfur cave) Travelers from the Republic quickly learned to avoid Freeside if they valued their safety. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, failing (or ignoring) both the Speech check with Keene and the Science check with Doctor Henry, or do not complete the quest. Video segment 1 - Will always be included. Vault 19 is located in the same geographical area as the real world. During the NCR's retreat from the Mojave Wasteland, he helped defend NCR citizens and refugees on their way to, When news reached Freeside that Legion forces were approaching New Vegas, Arcade did his best to help people escape with adequate supplies. Those brave or foolish to remain were killed or crucified by the merciless Legionaries. At first they were commended for their valor, but eventually, desperate for more of the chem, they turned on travelers in Outer Vegas. Samuel Cooke, an anti-NCR revolutionary, and his group want to wage a war on the NCR, while Philip Lemand his group wants to surrender to the NCR as they see Samuel Cooke as overzealous and will only lead them … Vivi Vivi Mega Poster; Supporter; 1,750 posts #9; Posted April 4, 2013. This ending is compatible with all 4 endgame quests and will override the others if both conditions are met. After the Courier ensured New Vegas remain free, the Followers found that Independent New Vegas was even more unstable and violent than before. Fighting as he wished he would've fought on the day of his wife's death, he brought down scores of Legionaries before being caught. Some of the computers still work, but the only files are diaries and garbage. The rangers, along with NCR's many troopers, shared the glory of victory. creatures Video segments 9, 10, 11 - These segments are based on player's end-game decision in the control room. He entered, The Courier, fair and even-handed in his/her dealings throughout the Wasteland, was honored by the, Though the Courier's agenda was debated by many, he/she was honored by NCR for his/her support of the military at. There is one first aid box behind the bar. The Brotherhood used the information recovered from ED-E to create a small army of, Defying Chief Hanlon's worst fears, NCR's rangers persevered and distinguished themselves during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Due to their temporary truce, the Brotherhood allowed the NCR to retreat from the Mojave Wasteland without incident. Bad Karma, Caesar's Legion Victory, do not allow Caesar to die in Et Tumor, Brute? ¹The narrator for this scene says "exhausted from a lifetime" instead of "exhausted after a lifetime.". Complete Volare!, complete the endgame quest. Video segments 8, 17, 18 - These segments are based on player's Karma. The hallway leads to the shared atrium where the sulfur cave entrance is found. Despite her best efforts to leave her past behind, she found herself compelled to make one final journey to Hidden Valley. With Jacobstown's leadership destroyed, the remaining. Not understanding the gravity of the Legion's imminent takeover of Primm, Sheriff Primm Slim valiantly attempts to resist Caesar's will. Why Can't We Be Friends?Suits You, Sarah [7] Both factions blamed this on the other, unaware that the true culprits were the overseers, at the direction of Vault-Tec. This section can only be accessed with a red sector key card, which will be given to the Courier when they offer to help Samuel Cooke (note that this will not affect Philip Lem or vice versa, it only opens up a new objective). Fire geckosNight stalkers Typical vault. Complete Come Fly With Me by improving the navigation of the rockets, complete the endgame quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion. With the help of the Gun Runners, the Boomers developed a healthy trading relationship with the NCR. Kill exactly three Fiend leaders, complete the endgame quest. Watch Queue Queue As a result, Powder Ganger raids on caravans became an unfortunate fact of life in the. Canon endings are marked with a darker background color. quests Many journal entries indicate … A group of escaped convicts that broke off from the Powder Gangers after the prison break have made headquarters in Vault 19. Yet deep down, she understood that it meant their end would surely be soon to follow. Complete I Could Make You Care by encouraging Veronica to stay with the Brotherhood, do not destroy the Hidden Valley bunker and complete. Without organized leadership, the remaining Boomers slowly drifted away, leaving, Do not complete Volare!, complete the endgame quest. Do not convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, complete the endgame quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion. After completing All or Nothing, slide #10 regarding Followers of the Apocalypse fate may not appear. Please keep in mind though for most of the faction endings will require at least one if not all three, other factions to be destroyed to secure your favored ending.
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