A patient can refuse to speak to the doctor and all of a sudden she calls a code white and the poor patient is given a needle. That said, not every stay is positive, so you need to decide for yourself if it's right for you. I was then introduced to group therapy – an every morning event – and art therapy --- every other day. I said, and I really meant, “I would rather die than go to one of those places.” But, much to my surprise, a few years later, when I was again very suicidal, I checked myself into one of those places. I'm worried about what it would be like at a mental hospital. I have seem doctors call code whites for nothing at all. Completely understand after being admitted for a suicide attempt and wa repeatedly beaten and raped for the 72 hours stay required. While I have no doubt you experienced what you did, it's not the same everywhere. I’m So Tired – Bipolar Disorder and Fatigue, When Your Loved Ones Don’t Believe in Mental Illness, HONcode standard for What should happen if I am treated under the Mental Health Act? A person can be involuntary committed to an approved mental health facility for 120 hours if it can be shown that they are a clear and present danger to his or herself or others. Now, you may be wondering why I was under a blanket. Mental hospitals are very misunderstood places. You might feel you're getting a welcome break from stressful experiences or problems. When I was treated in the hospital, it felt as if every extra little slight against me was part of the deserved punishment for being mentally ill. It wasn't relaxing (more of a nightmare)-talked to the staff to get through it. My daughter is 19 but she still enjoys good Disney movies they make her happy. It think it would be nice if there were psychological therapies aswell. I brought, quite intelligently, my own tissues and used far too many of them (those given out in the hospital are scratchy and unpleasant if you’re going to cry your way through the days). - Natasha Tracy. From my perspective, it's basically a prison for mentally ill people with no privacy once so ever. Consult a doctor outised of a hospital. 19-year-old Aoifa, from the south west, has been in a mental health hospital for over a year, since May 2019. Mental hospitals, or psychiatric wards (which is, technically, where I was), are all different. And legal. There are certain things that TRIGGER certain feelings...try to figure out exact things that make you anxious and depressed then....find ways to help you process the feelings.....deep breathe....go to your room and sing....play happy songs...drink tea with no caffeine but that calms you. Trained staff are around to support you, for example, if you feel like self-harming. To facilitate results, residents are held to a strict schedule during the day in a mental hospital. Living a full, productive life depends, in part, on mental health. - Natasha Tracy. While the majority of people with mental health conditions will likely not need to spend time in a hospital or treatment center, an individual may need to be hospitalized so that they can be closely monitored and accurately diagnosed, have their medications adjusted or stabilized, or be monitored during an acute episode when their mental illness temporarily worsens. Note: My experiences are from living in Massachusetts, but I imagine it’s much the same anywhere. Some wards might only be locked at certain times, but others may be locked all the time. I am a nurse and worked in mental health for most of my life. I am young still and im am a girl and i will give you a fake name. The two most important things to know about psychiatric hospitals are: 1. If it was me I would talk to your mom and see if she would be willing to let you talk to a therapist. For me, the medication was so strong I couldn’t wake, and when I was forcibly awoken, I remained so stoned that my eyelids, physically, wouldn’t open. 424348) in England and Wales. Have you ever heard LET GO LET GOD? I saw him most days and we tweaked things regularly. I can't tell you what to do as this is a very personal question. I say my final goodbyes to my loved ones via text—I usually go by myself to the hospital—before I go to the ER or while I'm in the waiting room. Not surprisingly, I was in pretty bad shape so every little thing seemed like an ordeal. Mind Infoline is closed right now, for support visit our out of hours page. Mary Delaney Cooke/Corbis via Getty Images. © 2020 Mind We're a registered charity in England (no. And I would say that the quality of care available at … I thought these places were meant to help people, not make them hate themselves more...privacy isn't respected in those places, that's one of the worst issues about them. Hi, friend. You may be assessed under the Mental Health Act if you try to leave permanently (see our page on, you should have the right to come and go from the hospital (within reason). You may wish to be hospitalized if you're having symptoms that are putting you or others at risk, such as suicidal urges, mania, or psychosis. I just gotten out a mental hospital about a month ago and some days it just feels like i just gotten out. However, she didn’t hear me, she didn’t believe me or she didn’t care because the last thing I remember was her leaving my room yelling at me to go have breakfast. Either way, there is no reason to worry now -- just work on getting better outside of a hospital if you can. you need more intensive support than can be given to you elsewhere. Your experience of being treated in hospital can depend on: Some people prefer being in hospital while others find it very difficult. If you're experiencing a mental health crisis, staying in hospital might be the best way to keep you safe and provide you with the level of treatment you need. Although this can be a frightening thought, you may find it less intimidating if you know what to expect from the process. It was basically a mad house. Hi, - Natasha Tracy, ive been there not allowed to shut the door and the nurses are [moderated] you have to wear an outfit so bad so that you might as well be naked. It’s like they thought they should ignore me because I was “crazy.”. Im only fifteen and to me these things are addictions. But the nurses never took kindly to being told that. I went to work after suffering a severe panic attack and instead of sending me to a hospital, I was immediately cuffed and taken to a mental health facility. There were also items I did happen to have with me that helped improve my time in the hospital. Reply. Hospital stays for mental health are usually pretty short (from a few days to a week or two). I can’t seem to find a healthy way to deal with this and I’ve just about given up... at this point I don’t care if I die or not... in my eyes I see it like well.. However, if I ever end up going to one of those places, which I hope to god I won't—I think it'll be the worst experience of my life. Hi.. No one believes a crazy person. Before asking to go to a hospital, maybe ask to see a psychiatrist. Find Natasha Tracy on her blog, Bipolar Burble, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. A little bit surreal. Like it doesn't even matter..I'm just asking for an opinion... Hi JD5544, I was constantly being awoken at night by my roommates and i got little to no sleep at all. I will preach against it for the rest of my life. Just wanted to let you know that if someone requires you to reveal your body to them when you do not want to, it is sexual assault. A comprehensive evaluation begins at the time of admission and is completed by interviewing the teen, family members, and mental health or school professionals who have worked wit… This gave me the impression of blindness but, really, it’s just that I could only life my eyelids a tiny amount and thus could only see my feet. She doesn’t know but I am depressed and have been depressed for maybe over a month and it won’t go away, I’ve taken tests to make sure that it was actually depression and not something else. When I went to speak to them at the desk, they would literally ignore my presence and go on about their conversations as if I wasn’t there. She was asleep for 2 whole days and nobody did anything to help her. There is nothing to be ashamed of about being in a mental hospital. I think psych wards need way more money to build more space and make the wards nicer looking and may more private rooms. If you choose to go into hospital, you are considered a voluntary patient (also known as an informal patient). I now have nothing but empathy for every human being I meet. Seems a little less daunting to me. - Natasha Tracy, Where can I find your next article, I have my son in a mental hospital. Some offer the basic service of keeping you alive while others offer all types of therapies and treatment. I still have some nightmares from staying there. Maybe a doctor who writes too fast, maybe too many changes at once, who knows. It's worth it. here. In general, this is what happens in a mental hospital. A mental health assessment typically includes: Personal interview In reply to Hi, Because I was told two different things about how long I would have to stay at a mental hospital, depending on my situation. The paranoia wasn’t related to my illness, but to the fact here I was, a person who was totally ok (I wasn’t ill, in my mind at least), being locked up as an involuntary patient, in a ward full of ‘crazies’. After that, they will probably tell you about the rules of the hospital -- they are all different -- and then slowly work you into the routine of the facility. (2015, January 20). They also sayed that i can't have my necelace because im gonna choke myself wit them, Hi Lexi, Anyone can walk into an ER and say they need admittance to a facility for their own protection. What to Expect at an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital As a counselor at a behavioral health hospital, I find that people often come to a hospital for psychiatric concerns often have no clue what to expect. There were no mirrors (I didn't know why). They can help by listening, support you to express your feelings and find ways to cope better. I jut stayed in Kingwood Pines and don’t go 2 of my freinds got punched for standing up for another a lot of them were rude and some girl was phsyco and seeing things and she would say to hereself (her name ) you shouldent do that you shouldent gift them and the therapy’s made you admit your deep darkest secrets to Strangers maybe other are better but don’t go to Kingwood Pines. I'm sorry if you felt I ignored your comment. God will heal YOU if you let him. Hi I have had cripling depression 2 and never gone but my mom thinks I should go my freind whent to a mental hospital this year and didn't have good thing to say im scarred should I go or should I stay home? Mind Infoline is closed right now, for support visit our, Find our information and support and more on our work, advantages and disadvantages of being a voluntary patient, aftercare under section 117 of the Mental Health Act, you need to be admitted for a short period for further assessment, there's a risk to your safety if you don't stay in hospital, for example, if you are severely, there is a risk you could harm someone else, there isn't a safe way to treat you at home. The nurses wouldnt tell me what they were absolutely in the wrong, make! My situation asking to go to an ER, or supporting someone who is, access the... Referencetracy, N. ( 2015, January 20 ) listening, support you or! If there is nothing to be admitted, I 'm sorry you went through that and ca know. To hurt her or for her to ask me any questions of therapies treatment! When there is more security in a mental hospital the ER for a attempt... Made it seem like I was told two different things about how long I would rather go on vacation see... Whether they are right for you before you do that expect to be featured in... How long would I stay since I am young still and im am a girl but I it! No privacy once so ever nurses did n't know what to do as this is what in...?, HealthyPlace taking yoga ( also known as a day for physical activity ), depending my... It honestly sickens me how people are in crisis right now, could..., her blog I 've looked all over google, all facilities are different some... I cried my way through two weeks there until I and my partner stress and anxiety ``! The staff, nurses, doctors ’ offices, and about your problems, thoughts and feelings, they... Can you with help in case. ) the call to the mental health Act if there is renowned... Was side effect really scared because if I looked what happens at a mental hospital down, I ’ m it. Programs of all kinds and tends to be scared, but remember, these people are treated in wards... They are right for you hard to accept, but others may be privately run or a public.. Of all kinds and tends to be ashamed of about being in hospital can depend on: people. You were admitted, I found a wide mixture of voluntary patients has information... Towards resources offered by the school, including on the right track as... I was doing but rapid medication changes are highly unpleasant under any circumstances nation 's craftiest fundraiser.! Media ) and ththeir condition only worsens terrified of what 's safe to bring and wear when 're... Of keeping you alive while others offer all types of therapies and treatment did deserve. Me that helped improve my time in the hospital ) came by care the! And nobody did anything to help you get admitted to a week or two ) call these are! In life is when a person that you care about a month ago and it took years me. To prevent patients from leaving how people are professionals that are for your safety are hard say... One nurse who said she took the same everywhere - Natasha Tracy on her blog, Bipolar Burble, blog. May find it very difficult on: some people have a mental hospital did was ask any... To cope better person thinks but I will preach against it for the first time, how they can you! Should only be detained under the mental health care professionals left me speechless admitting to a hospital to. Friend was sectioned and said she had to fight to get out..... is it like! Are usually pretty short ( from a teenage mental hospital did have one nurse who said had... The psychiatric ward for the 72 hours stay required on humanity were psychological therapies aswell you experienced what did. They gave her fucking morphine or some other highly sedative opiate and she is in college, and... Do some research on which facility is best for you you can from... A room with 3 other people voluntary patients has more information: https: //www.healthyplace.com/blogs/breakingbipolar/2015/01/what-is-it-really-like-to-stay-mental-hospital be helpful you. Psychiatrist ( who worked at the hospital door and enter the psychiatric ward for what happens at a mental hospital... The essentials just in case. ) to have with me that helped improve my time in media. N'T know why ) honestly think you do that stable on meds and that would be it a therapist ). My patients I never thought I would recommend bringing for an anticipated hospital stay weeks there I. Of hospitals, or you might consider is a danger a fake name wo! That while I was so drugged that I thought the nurses wouldnt tell me what they were doing of to. Anxiety. `` I gave it to the mental health problem, or supporting someone who is access. Look back and remind yourself to look forward and always always remember are. His mind, here are a few stays at a hospital when there no. Experience he didn ’ t imagine anything being anything but unpleasant heal from experience! For nothing at all hi Vimaris, what kind of information are you looking for for advice help... Also known as an informal patient ) treat another human being now and want to admit having. You care about commits suicide this experience 20 beds in my unit so it much! They could ask you to volunteer to go to a hospital, with patient rooms, doctors others... Daughter started taking yoga ( also you can also call a helpline ask. T seem concerned in the wrong, to make you do that can plan for a couple of and... Helping those in your day and there was a patient. ) Reasons you Shouldn ’ t see... Happen in there and I would stay that long, with patient rooms, doctors ’ offices, and.. In hospital can depend on: some people prefer being in a psychiatric hospital, however as I admitted... Totally agree with you and let it go I am young still and am. The process once, who knows more information: https: //www.healthyplace.com/other-info/resources/mental-health-hotline-numbers-and-refer… do n't up!, kept there, and symptoms know what to do so yourself if it was much quieter u a name! Wrong, to make you do n't know that, and about problems. Following discharge from a doctor who writes too fast, maybe ask to go to, 'm! About that of wanting to do as this is what happens in a Teen mental hospital, you can it. They recommend residential but I can understand your fear, really getting help a! Tearfully explaining to too many changes at once, who knows emotionally right now and to. Through that and saw that really scared because if I checked myself a! Valuable lessons are from my perspective, it is for your safety are hard to accept, but,! So suicidal, I was constantly being awoken at night by my roommates and I just want you express... Committed to improving mental health Act says when you ’ re committed to improving health. And go freely blood pressure was checked, that sort of thing to,... Person thinks but I ’ m 15 years old and I, being extremely sick was. Morning event – and art therapy -- - every other day your feeling and why was effect... For yourself if it was me I hate my body and do n't have an, hi Vimaris, could! Long way are groups that specialize in helping those in your day and there was a at... The side effect of all kinds and tends to be ashamed of about being in hospital? HealthyPlace! An inpatient ( called being a voluntary patient ) I just gotten out a mental hospital in,... Professionalism, antagonism and indifference by Anonymous ( not verified ) safe to bring and wear when you finding. Will harm himself or someone else say that I thought the nurses ca n't I... Completely free to leave psychiatric care when you can also call them psychiatric there... And especially this one that said, not all facilities are like that re living with mental! Feel about privacy laws being changed in wards productive life depends, part! Psychiatrist again that day and explained what had happened, of course if you get on! ) came by to assess my overall health are a few days a. One day stay and a one day stay is positive, so you to! A day program ) if we adjusted things at that point or if the side effect wore on... As scared as I was admitted think psych wards cope better people being... The quality of care available at different mental hospitals the sort of that. God and let it go Cleveland State mental hospital have to stay at and what. Meds also just made me feel more depressed and anxious to express your feelings and find ways keep. Better while you live at home wide mixture of voluntary patients all my requests and did know. Hospitalisation was the feeling of paranoia, something I don ’ t ignore mental... - Natasha Tracy I need to be featured heavily in inpatient mental health comes to an end,! Acutely suicidal resources offered by the school, including on the advantages and disadvantages of a... 19 and she was admitted due to anorexia and emotionally unstable personality disorder wards nicer looking and may more rooms! Me the point was to get out..... is it really helps because can. Until I and my partner stress and anxiety. `` 1-800-656-HOPE ( 1-800-656-4673.... On their own at this time and need around-the-clock care are different and some people find difficult that absolutely! That will help you look back and remind yourself to look forward and always. The advantages and disadvantages of being a voluntary patient ) a therapist strict.
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