22. In my group of friends, I am considered the ___ one. I have never tried [insert food or drink]. If the price is right then I’ll be happy and if it’s not then I’ll just move on. misc. The most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me is ___. I have never read a book in my entire life. And I don’t like ice creams as much as you do. My super thick hair. Other swappers have also suggested other topics. Thanks to Twitter as the hashtag #50RandomThingsAboutMe inspired me to create this list. …incorporate them into a speech you have to make. I hate politics, politicians and people who talk politics. No, not with, I haven’t done any public speaking in my entire life and now I feels like I must master it (, I have found my soulmate and it happened in a matter of just nine days. Thanks to my. My favorite cuisine is ___, especially ___. 35. 80. (On Day 22 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program, we travel to the future to give advice to the us today.) 25. 2. I once played ___ in my school production of ___. 5. So to get me back on my positive self I am going to list 100 things I love about me! …create a more relaxed, open atmosphere in a work meeting. I'm owned by a wonderful Master 2. avoid delicate subjects - like it or not, every historical period has its own taboos and as history proves it, people often wait for the right time to explore or discuss many of these. Oftentimes, we're nicer to strangers than we are to ourselves. 56. 48. The way my ass looks in jeans. So, no more straining your mind trying to think of something to say when people ask to know more about you. .... You can say that. Some call me nerd 9. Do you need some examples of interesting things you might drop into a conversation? 100 Things I Like About Myself – TAG! But seriously, I’ve listed (almost) all random things that I know about myself. I hate selfies (especially the ones that are taken in front of a mirror) unless it doesn’t look like a selfie or is not taken to post online. That’s why I rarely take photos of myself and I don’t have an active Instagram account… yet. And natural. My first thought when I wake up in the morning is normally ___. My fondest childhood family memory is ___. It’s a brainchild of Matrics Consulting (An Infirn Labs Private Limited Company) — a full-service digital marketing agency based in Kochi, Kerala, India. Yep. 100 things I love about Me Wednesday, February 10, 2010 So I have been super negative lately and it was because I got sick and was stuck at home for a little while, but I was reminded today how awesome I am and how powerful I am. 100 things about myself? 19. 100 Things To Love About Yourself (That Have Nothing To Do With What You Look Like) I wanted to touch on the importance of loving yourself and discovering ways to love yourself. 4. I hate WhatsApp groups and in fact I haven’t joined a single group yet. Learn more (and pick up your copy!) I am helpful 8. I dont know if i will get 100 in this sitting but I plan on completing the list, hopefully without repeats! But if you once again find yourself in a situation in which you must produce a fun fact — and you will — you might as well be prepared. The most stressful thing for me is ___. 46. The Pope’s Nightmare → 100 Things About Me. I still love backing up stuff by emailing myself. I’m 5’11”. The best advice I ever received was ___. I’m me…. I know I will be successful in the things I chose to pursue. 100-things about myself 1. 100 Things About Myself. …introduce yourself with a bang when starting a new job. You let yourself learn new things, which helps you grow and contribute to the world. The complete love, commitment, and responsibility I show in caring for my dog Lucca. Here it goes. Here you go! But seriously, I’ve listed (almost) all random things that I know about myself. Well I am good in giving relationship advice as well. essays. I hate writing or writing is not my thing. I have visited ___ countries in my life. Email Address . 3. In the morning, afternoon, evening, and every other time. zines. :). 89. 100 Things About Me: 1. Is there something you’re still holding on to? I also don't like reading out loud. 85. 55. What are the biggest things you’ve learned in life to date? I once accidentally set up my own blind date. I hate bullying and if you bully me or others then you’re simply giving me a chance to ignore you forever. 30 Things I LOVE About Myself. There are many things I … My upper and lower teeth don't touch in front so when I bite down, there's a gap about the width of my pinky. I started my first blog on Blogger.com (or BlogSpot.com) in 2004. I wish that someone wanted me 93. And I may not react when there’s a real reason to do so. And I’m still surprised I found the one. 11 Blogging Lessons. I have no idea what alcohol tastes like. This is the answer to question 1 in applying the law of the mirror to my life. I rarely say “Sorry” but I mean it when I say it. What do you think who knows you the best? 3. These may be used as memoir writing prompts if you're interested in telling the story of your life, or… I don’t know any way to be sure of myself 100. Some call me geek 10. These all facts were fun facts about me. …introduce yourself with a bang when starting a new job. I hate liars 6. Some call me nerd. I was the only member of my family born in Arizona 4. EMERALDEYES82 Posts: 533 5/16/11 11:41 P. This is hard for me, but I decided today to start LOVING myself, so here goes: 1.My green eyes, how they change shades with my … I’m curious about almost everything that I know/wanna know. Actually, my curiosity is something that’s insatiable. 85. 98. 91. I also lacked opportunity to practice my English, which was starting to suffer from negligence. Traveling is one of those things to do by yourself that'll teach you a lot about yourself For the skittish, traveling by yourself doesn’t have to mean jetting across the world. My family name means ___. Their names are ___. Scroll through below to take your pick. novel. What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago? I also love to organize my desktops or mobile home screens — like, Everything in my computer is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder…. 100 things I like about myself I was thinking yesterday, what are 100 good things about me? A list of over 100 random facts about me. But you know that good relationships have to start somewhere.. I’m a Leo but I know it doesn’t mean anything. Most people want to help travelers. Their names are ___. I can do a really good ___ accent. Here you go! That's when I started my video journal. If nothing else, you should write down yours in your own little private book. With this list, you’ll never run out of ideas for good fun facts about yourself. And I hope to publish #RandomFactsAboutMinterest some other day.
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