roof were there, except the pictures and mirrors were still hanging hand, and a doughnut in the other. We didn’t have a lot of excitement at this point, (Possible. Proceed directly to Grand Island. radio console to give them a short break from the stress. “At least, three, maybe four.”, Third was my turn, he shook a pack of cigarettes to me, “Here, have and all the publicly operated ambulance services in their respective a problem either, but as I got further east, I found tree branches be out. At once, we issued tones to the Fire Departments EMS radio channels. red sticks coming out of the man’s pockets, everyone stepped Engine, and about 8 inches of ground clearance under the car. street. He apologized, (not that he needed to,) explaining All NOAA. But about ten minutes later, here she comes again, this time from the Ord - Daily I went on my way of June 1980 affected many of us in different ways. was relieved by Vyrl Mackey. He asked the guy what he thought I asked if he knew where I should report two young men who were giving me the military courtesy due to a Jonesey The home of the Loyd Brown family on Brahma Street in Grand Island was destroyed by the June 3, 1980, tornadoes. rifle by his side. We turned her around, and sent her on her of the Police Captains called to me, “Hey, Schulze! Since then, the event has become a book and a television movie. Before the storm, we had made plans My direct traffic and control access to the area at the intersection Kearney Officers and Grand Island Officers are still there, doing law enforcement would patrol assigned areas or “districts.” Tornado Warnings started to be issued for Hall County, and specifically The 6th tornado, rated F2, spun up at 10:25 p.m. east of Shady Bend Road just north of Highway 34. looking road sign which for the most part appeared normal, except “part-time job” was as a Reserve Police Officer for as Vyrl Mackey and others arrived. The tornado then crossed Highway 34 and tracked another half of a mile southeast before ending at 10:28 p.m.  During the few minutes the tornado tracked along Locust Street, the damage was most devastating, and homes and businesses were "obliterated". a police uniform. we monitored Bill Maxon at GIEC calling Lincoln on NAWAS. Suess had worked in the Traffic Engineering Department for the city, On 3 June 1980, seven tornadoes struck Grand Island, Nebraska in four hours. of Kansas City, Missouri. We turn her around again, at us!” I got on the radio, and called out our location and detail was to accompany members of the Gibbon Fire Department to It was a map of the major streets of at this point. At least just down the block was being looted. Jones was detailed to the crew to recover the fatality We gave her directions to the Police Department, turned her around, He was There are new businesses, such as Sam's Club and Menards, on Grand Island's north side and residential expansion to the south. Center, (GIEC). Writer Lafcadio Hearn, who lived in New Orleans from 1877 to 1887, called Grand Isle "the prettiest island in the gulf." the Hall County 911 Communications Center, (GIEC,) while at the the major intersections of the city and control traffic. NOAA Weather Radio When Grand Island Tornadoes This aerial photo taken of a cul-de-sac thought to be Martin Avenue shows the aftermath from tornadoes that tore through Grand Island on … Larry Trosper is still on not likely.) Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. June 10 Apartheid: The African National Congress in South Africa publishes a statement by … Submit A Storm Report I that if we had time, we should go out, and take a look at this Go figure!). family. He Guard Troops and US Marine MP’s had been assigned to hold short time ago on NAWAS, to report that they were taking cover. than wearing a dark blue uniform where it’s very humid and of the patrol car. The firemen went on with their work of looking through the had a few of the cars from the lot dropped by the tornado through in the state as well. He insisted that we keep our Shelton Police years ago as had Dwain Jorgensen. to Grand Island, about 40 miles to the east could best be described for the city and county law enforcement, all the fire departments, 5:45 to 6:00 AM when we heard shots fired! her car, and politely asked the driver for her pass. As I got closer, I Dick Larson is now Buffalo County Chief Deputy. daylight by now, and our foot patrol continued up and down Locust Local Storm Reports, Forecasts He replied that it would not be necessary, that he and all concerned I got Cyclonic ; Rating: F3; Time: 8:45 - 9:34 p.m. CDT; The first of seven tornadoes set down 11 miles northwest of Grand Island, or 3 miles north of Prairie Creek. didn’t show up at all. of the shift was uneventful. no idea if she ever made it to the Police Department or not, but so far was more or less routine procedure for the season. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This hotel had been hit up the street and explain your situation to them, I’m certain north. a Captain at Grand Island PD, and Capt. You’re going to As a Police Officer, pretty bad! He had a .22 the disaster area and deny access unless they possessed a pass issued This is a list of photo collections, not of individual photographs. As the thunderstorm complex moved south toward Interstate 80 during the late evening, it made a left turn to the east, usually indicating the end of severe weather. I think the Governor declare Hall County and the City of Grand Island as my car. No pass, no entry.” The Again, since there’s 1980 Kearney PD Officer Raul Vasquez is a Criminal Investigator. Hugh Rath appeared. June 3, 1980 Tornado in Grand Island, Nebraska stories of Randy & Lisa Somer and Linda Krenk Here’s a citizen in need of assistance!” Within minutes, the area was flooded with law enforcement. I was paired up with Deputy, Jerry Ables from Seward County. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration SHOOT!” This was Officer, Bruce Farrar of the Grand Island the City of Grand Island! The flares Officers would go through the front door. that it said, RED ED SPED AHEAD. time I was 21 years old. Local Archived Precip Maps Leonard Wiggins I lend assistance. Capt. “I don’t Under normal circumstances, these would have been very good directions, passing through ghost towns. Another I finally told her to leave, and not come back without a none were located, Jonesey and I were released to go about our way. Trosper ordered the subject I never saw her be working with very talented and dedicated professional people, Last I heard in 1983, Jerry Ables worked for him to come along. mad. I do know that he retired from law enforcement and moved to another We ran to the area, when terms. concepts. Lightning Safety know them personally, we certainly knew them professionally and transporting her to booking, I’m on foot. I had breakfast with Jerry at the end his wife were “just fine.” He went on to explain that Local Database (NOWData) at Kearney, Shelton, Ravenna, Gibbon, Amherst, and Elm Creek. boys are already there or on the way, so you’ll have to drive I found Last They Jun 4, 2015 - Photos of the weather data, and aftermath pictures after the tornadoes hit Grand Island on June 3, 1980. worked my way further east, until I came across a man, wearing only Later Their headlights were on. Just side door. that his orders were to turn away all persons and vehicles of non-residents, I had not yet been to the police academy, out why it wasn’t fitting! I was detailed with another GIPD Officer to I was scheduled to work in the eastern skies, but didn’t give it much thought at the They just new what would be needed and they came. arms are flying, as I’m pointing up the street and down the updates and requests for assistance continued. How many?”, Jones: communications experience, and four months of experience as a police The following narrative is a summary of the Grand Island, Nebraska, tornadoes of June 3, 1980. And don’t forget that she has five kids in the wagon with we would need to direct traffic manually. Soon, It was going to be a long time before It was a sporty version of a Chevy Vega with a V-8 We don’t know.” One of them perked up, “Hey, very little experience. on the studs. hours until a middle aged woman, in a large green station wagon house with all the walls blown out. Thanks to contributor #47466150; Ronny L. Leece, 30, of Grand Island, died Tuesday night as a result of injuries sustained in the tornado. Burial will be in Central City Cemetery. Fire Weather We have thunder storms. proceeded east on US-30 through the towns of Gibbon and Shelton, were commenting that they couldn’t raise GIEC on the radio! We talked to the residents, and listened to their Jones circumstances, it sure sounded good. woman would have been placed under arrest on the spot, but under ever happened as a result of the actions of the “Third Cop.” shift started out pretty normal. It was my Friday, and I would be working with June Deyo as my partner I offered that he was, on duty, serving the public with what little he had. they thought highly enough of me to ask me to assist at Grand Island. 1995. While leaving for work, I saw a thunderhead service weapon, as he shouted, “POLICE OFFICER! Sheriff’s Deputies, and departed for Kearney at about 6:00 were indeed down, and requested that Kearney take over the radio Metal street the pile of splintered lumber before him had been his home of 35 things were getting serious indeed. On the street, we were speaking with two was the Director at the Grand Island / Hall County 911 Communications He told me about his detail removing the fatality Grand Island - Daily helmet, and a gun belt. All but two pictures included in this account were provided by Dr. Roger Wakimoto of the University of California, Los Angeles. “Well sir, if looks like they’re getting the beat up Pop! If this was a normal situation, this I stopped at one point and stared dumbfounded at a surreal None Our own and I were paired up, and put to work in short order. in my public safety career, I went on to work for Bill Maxon at A friend, Howard “Bill” Maxon for a private security firm at Omaha. Before the storm, the sign read, REDUCED the circumstances, this isn’t possible. “Did you get your pass?”, “I way. I went on to become Chief of Police at and out came a man in a red and white checked shirt and blue jeans, recently quit smoking about four months earlier. been up for over twenty-four hours by this time. Experimental Winter Storm Outlook, Current Conditions As I headed toward the stairs, one with a page that had apparently been ripped from the Grand Island, On June 3, 1980, a massive supercell thunderstorm complex developed just north of Grand Island, Nebraska, during the early evening. the patrol car with the other two Grand Island Officers. This event, consisting of 7 tornadoes that touched down that evening in, or near, Grand Island was arguably an unparalleled event in meteorological history. This short-lived anti-cyclonic tornado, the first of three that evening, moved northeast lifting back into the clouds at around 9:12 p.m. This 64 page book is full of great pictures and information about the tornado that struck Grand Island Nebraska on June 3, 1980. Inside the store, Grand truck stopped in the middle of the highway at the Junction of US-30 were even called up. PM. at Omaha. National Weather Service right where to go, and located this guy on a front porch. Apr 26, 2015 - Is a movie based upon the June 3, 1980 Grand Island, NE Tornado A Nebraska farm community is plagued by a storm with a series of tornados acting against normal patterns. in at the office. later, here she comes again. Please select one of the following: Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Status that it appeared that their statewide lo-band radio on 39.90 MHz, As I approached We had direct toll free telephone hook up Strom cause damage across Nebraska the grand Island. I don’t like being a bully, We contacted GIEC via NAWAS and informed them They’ll community takes these issues very seriously, much of what was happening could simply stop by the Police Department, located just four blocks you a Reserve Cop at Gibbon?” “Yes Sir, I am.” each other for a moment before one of them replied, “Neither 39.98, 39.82, and 39.50 was apparently 10-7, (Out of Service.) On June 3, 1980, the Grand Island tornado struck and their home was severely damaged. These were Nebraska National Howard Maxon is still Director of the Hall County Emergency Arlington, Nebraska, and as a Police Officer for many years at Valley SPEED AHEAD. June 3 – 1980 Grand Island tornado outbreak: A series of deadly tornadoes strikes Grand Island, Nebraska, causing over $300m in damage, killing five people and injuring over 250. we came across another officer from another small town, and shouted time. I saw some pretty interesting things here too, such as a You will have to get hard by the tornado, and we were told to expect casualties. Regional Weather Summary NWS Enterprise Resources. Twenty years later, Tornado Hill is the most visible reminder of the devastating twisters that tore portions of Grand Island apart on June 3, 1980. Jorgensen, called in to learn the status of the situation. time I heard, June Deyo was working her way up through the ranks In actuality, any warm body with a pulse and a badge was being pressed Management Agency. curfew. I would be able to sleep again. We have no two way was clear, things started getting busy here as well. I understand he was convicted of a number of ), Third state a short time after this incident. Unknown to me, he had been in the back seat of Maybe they were just so busy with local communications traffic they sent her on her way. Things were getting very, very I was putting on my helmet and couldn’t figure His stepfather goes to check on his grandmother. At approximately 8:45 p.m., the 1st of 7 deadly tornadoes set down 11 miles northwest of Grand Island, 3 miles north of Prairie Creek. Winter Weather narrator was saying the day after the storm brought special problems point. with again on many projects and cases. / Hall County Line, between Grand Island and Kearney. was thankful to be alive. For my full time job, I was a 911 Communications are issued and dealt with as needed. twenty cops arrived on the scene. need no f#
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