A novel solution that we were taken with. This combined with the Tweed body give it an unmistakable 60’s look. It is very easy to see why it did so as well, as this product is bursting at the seams with industry-leading features. But, among the selection of guitar accessories available, gig bags and cases are undoubtedly the most important for the simple fact that they protect your guitar from damage when it isn’t being played. Follow. Outer nylon cover 2. It has a sleek, professional design with a robust nylon exterior. They specialize in both hard and fabric cases and since then have expanded into one of the best all round guitar accessory and storage outfits in the industry. If you are looking for quality and value for money then their name should be high on your list. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up You would be surprised to hear how many first time guitar owners omit to buy a suitable bag only to find their prized purchase either scratched, chipped or worse. It is ultra lightweight and sports a robust handle and solid latches accompanied with a briefcase style locking mechanism for maximum security. There are hundreds of options ranging from $10 to over $500, and when you’re relying on this case to protect your baby, of course you want to ensure you’re making the right choice. Also, an impressive and intelligently incorporated open-cavity inner design makes it equally suitable for left-handed guitars. Price wise this comes in at around the $100 region meaning it is quite a bit less expensive than the Deluxe USA series from Fender. Rank . There are three compartments for storage that seal completely when the case is closed, with one even lengthened for stacking effect pedals or a metronome and another for cables. Hard cases (also called hardshell cases) are usually made of molded plastic, or wood covered in fabric or vinyl or leather, although some … The most obvious and most important of these is protection. While inside it is a good fit and sufficiently padded for a decent level of protection. We don't envisage that with this as the handle is extremely durable and hard wearing. Pros: + Perfect hardshell/gig bag cross over + Dense foam protection + Excellent value for money. It does come at a cost given the array of features, though the price shouldn’t put you off. The case is also replete with storage compartments for all of your loose gear and accessories. Yet this is the official model from Fender themselves, made to measure for their 2 most legendary and iconic releases. About the Author. On the outside, we have rubber feet at the bottom of the bag to protect it when it is standing up. This is one of the main reasons we stay well clear of supposedly universal cases with their odd shaped jigsaw selection of foam pieces. The GL-Elec is the ultimate hybrid guitar case, giving you the versatility of a fabric gig bag and the essential protection of a hardshell. The handle is a molded plastic build and should stand up to a considerable amount of wear and tear. We see this case withstanding even the harshest travel environments without any issues. They are a community driven company with excellence in design, and the support of designers at the core of what they are all about. The advantages that drew us to this particular model were the 20 mm fleece lined foam padding on the interior of the bag and the three removable padded parts specially designed to protect the body, neck and headstock. Pros and cons have to evaluated to ensure the protection of your instrument. 1 Yaheetech Rectangle Shaped Tweed Hard-shell Guitar Case. As with any guitar accessory, there are two many options to count and we all let out a communal exasperated sigh when it comes to choosing one. Most guitarists would never leave their prized instrument unattended, yet some circumstances require it. The exterior follows the Gator style of using ABS molded plastic linked to a looping valance made of aluminum for maximum seal and security. At just over $100 this is a no brainer. This particular unit comes with an ABS surface and another lining of EPS foam that guarantee its durability and rigidity. The guitar sits perfectly with little to no wiggle room, which eliminates any fear of it shaking around and getting damaged. Pros: + Patented Neckbrace technology + Suspended headstock for maximum protection + Supremely professional design and build. Our final choice in the best bass guitar case category is the SKB Electric Bass Rectangular Case. The main draw of this product, however, is the price. When you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your beloved investment you want to be sure it is safe from damage while being transported. SKB Jaguar/Jazzmaster Type Shaped Hardshell Case, 9. Some musicians do a lot of traveling and are constantly moving around, which means that their guitars are in need of some extra protection. The leather handle is secure and comfortable. https://youtu.be/DrVj3Cm8fpQ Best Acoustic Guitars cases 2019. This type of debris can be hard to remove if, for example, it lodges in the crevices between a pickup and the body. Case wise they carry a range of different types, covering bass guitars, acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars (both Dreadnought and mini jumbo) and both gig bags and hardshell for electric guitars. We honestly can’t find a scenario where a guitar ends up damaged if it is safely housed in the Pro Go and adequate precautions are taken. These are almost always split across the most prominent models from Fender and Gibson / Epiphone. The bolted-on leather handle helps reduce strain as well. classical guitar case for professional guitaristsguitar hard casehard case for guitarbest tsa approved lockguitar case designroad case designflight case materialsacoustic guitar flight case. As you might expect this is not cheap and comes in at just under the $190 mark. Covert Dreadnought Guitar Double Rifle Case The Covert Dreadnought is one of the unique cases on the market. The interior consists of a plush cushioned lining in a beautiful deep red color. Overall the Powerpad is a stylish looking bag with a variety of colors on offer, each rather attractive and very different from the standard, dull black color of most gig bags on the market. The case itself is made of a strong rubber-modified styrene material for maximum durability while the edges are lined with a reinforced valance for extra protection. Similar to the ChromoCast this is a no frills, ultra lightweight case great for those of you looking for something on a budget. The case is notably light for the size and won’t tire your arm too quickly. From the classic hard case to the humble gig bag and everything in between there is a surprising amount of choice. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies, Review of the Best Electric Guitar Cases of 2020, 1. Does the case feel sturdy? A five way latch system keeps it sealed as well. As a company, they have adapted throughout the years and not only operate in musical instrument cases and gig bags but also in cases for the telecommunications and sports industries. Here we have a soft shell bag made of a thick layer of textured polyester. The bag is suited for the fairly ubiquitous dreadnought shape, though with the removable pads you can fit different shapes quite easily. We also have a three way latch system with an inbuilt TSA vetted lock that comes with a key. Top of our list among the best electric guitar gig bags was once again a Gator product, the Gator G-PG Electric Pro Go. There is little reason to splash out if your guitar is sitting in a stand in your room the majority of the time. The Gator GTSA-GTRELEC is everything you could possibly want in a hard guitar case. You are simply much better off getting a shape specific case. This case is specifically designed for what could perhaps be described as the 2 lesser-known siblings of the Strat and Tele - the Jaguar and Jazzmaster. We recommend staying clear of such models. CAHAYA 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag 0.35 Inch Thick Padding Waterproof Dual Adjustable Shoulder Strap Guitar Case Gig Bag with Back Hanger Loop, Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,345. Why We Liked It - A very, very good electric guitar case. Like many of ChromaCast’s products, the CC-EHC is a no frills case that does exactly what it says it does. The price of this is genuinely unbelievable, f value for money is what you are after then look no further than this. The majority have been created to accommodate their 2 flagship axes, the Stratocaster, and the Telecaster and you will see that we have a few reviews on our list above. Storage. A nice detail that many guitarists will appreciate. To find the best electric guitar case we have searched high and low through Amazon to find the best models on the market right now in 2020 . When buying a case, it is well worth investing what is on offer from the guitar company itself because they know their instrument far better than any third party case manufacturer. The GC line also offers similar cases for SG and Fender bodies, perfect for those with a different guitar to the Les Paul. Cannot recommend highly enough. This is a minor inconvenience rather than a deal breaker. Yet it is still definitely worth getting a case of some sort as you will have to transport it eventually. Whatever they do they seem to get it exactly right every time and they have set the bar in recent years in regards to the level of manufacturing excellence expected from guitar cases. It also features a robust EVA backing, this is all part of the patented ballistic Quadraweave outer complete with waterproof zippers. Another essential feature of the exterior is the handle which is actually very impressive. These Are the Best Guitar Cases for Kids. There’s no point looking for the best electric guitar, amp and effects that you can buy and then go cheap at the last hurdle with a poor-quality lead. In regards to Gibson / Epiphone it is a similar scenario with the majority of companies covering the legendary Les Paul design and also other classics like the SG and even the Flying V. As most other guitar brands release products of similar or straight up replications of these designs you should have no trouble in finding a case to fit whatever style of guitar you own. We are talking pockets near the part that covers the body and possibly a longer, narrower pocket along the neck for cables, or for cases interior compartments. The interior is amazing. Also, the front compartment has been designed to accommodate laptops and tablets of various sizes. There should be something here to suit everyone in terms of budget, functional requirement and many other factors. Gator have also thrown in a waterproof cover that sits nicely over the outside of the bag in case of inclement weather. Waterproof PU Leather Acoustic Guitar Case Gig Bag Double Straps Padded Backpack Case For 40/ 41inch Classical Acoustic Guitar. This is a pricey piece of kit no doubt about it, but for a case from a company that creates its products to military standards of precision and abrasion tests the materials, it uses you are going to get an elite product for your money. There’s also a non obstructive cable pocket along the neck. The bottom has two rubber feet to ensure it stays off the ground when it is not being carried. The interior sports an EPS foam layer lined with a thick layer of plush lining to keep a bass’ paint job untouched and protected. Fender Deluxe Molded-ABS Strat or Tele Case In this video, we have listed the Best Guitar case. In terms of electric guitar cases, their offering is impressive. There is an even a dedicated sector of the market that builds cases specifically designed to withstand the challenges of air travel. Inside we have an uncommon soft hair red leather plush with a nice bass mold cutout that will fit any SR and Ibanez style bass very well without any wiggle room. Why We Liked It - All in all a good product. Here’s what they offer: 1. If you are operating on a tight budget then you need to purchase wisely. How do you go about selecting the right Electric Guitar Case? Though, in general there are two overwhelmingly popular options that we will detail below. Way back in 1976 these guys produced the first professionally recognized cases and gig bags you could get. They also have the advantage of knowing the weakest parts of the guitar and can craft a case with these in mind. The card slot on the side is also a nice way to keep track of your bass if you are taking long haul public transport. And if you care just a little bit about your guitar, don’t even consider cases without any padding as they offer NOprotection whatsoever. Pocket wise we have a large lower pocket with multiple compartments that can store accessories as well as valuables and a large cable pocket along the neck, as well as a concealed midway-up pocket with space for a wallet or documents. With a host of relevant company takeovers and an OEM division to add to their already encyclopedic knowledge of the instrument case and accessory industry Gator products really is top of the line. The information card slot is also a nice addition in case of it being lost during transit. Everything from the sharkskin outer to the technology implemented into its interior makes this a first class product. Best guitar cases and gig bags: buying advice In an ideal world, you’d never have to take your guitar anywhere other than its home, whether that be the studio or your living room. Something around the 70-80 dollar mark would be as high as we would recommend, definitely no higher than $100. Ask yourself these questions and align your specific requirements to product features to ensure you buy the right electric guitar case for you. For over 40 years they have been turning out some of the highest quality cases, gig bags and instrument stands on the market. The double rubber feet are also great when the case is standing up and will keep it upright regardless of surface. The exterior is a high-quality ABS material with a solid aluminum valance. They even produce violin accessories and t-shirts, these guys do a bit of everything and to a decent standard too. If you are going to be holding it for long stretches of time, then some sort of rubber layer on the straps to protect your hands from blisters and shoulders from chaffing. Picture View on Sweetwater Overview Detailed Description; Gator ATA Molded Guitar Case: Designed to meet the latest airline safety requirements, the Gator ATA Molded Guitar Case hard case is perfect for frequent flyers and it … Guitarists require many accessories to ply their trade and anything that makes their transport that much more straightforward is a positive. The Continental Voyager set the bar for electric bass guitar cases back in 2008 when it was first released. There’s also a snug neck cradle that secures the guitar to the case. Pros: + Plywood build + Vintage tweed and textured vinyl design + High-quality lining + Solid hardware. On the other side of the spectrum are cases made of a hard exterior of either wood, durable plastic, fiberglass or other high quality materials. Best Sellers in Acoustic Guitar Bags & Cases #1. Score . The latches are chrome plated and lockable meaning this is as secure as it gets. We have reviewed and recommended multiple Gator products and this is simply because they are an outstanding company, synonymous with the highest quality of products. Hardshell electric guitar cases. Here, we have the Gator GC-LPS Deluxe with a durable ABS plastic exterior, attached to which is a thick layer of protective EPS foam. Designed for the majority of Precision and Jazz style basses, it comes equipped with a high quality molded ABS plastic shell exterior with a bumper equipped valance that runs around the contour of the case, as well as molded rubber feet for maximum protection. Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Cases in 2020 (Gator, Yamaha, and More) If you're on the hunt for a new acoustic guitar case and you don’t know where to start, then you're in the right place. This ability makes it perfect for when you’re heading to a gun convention or exhibition, and you want to bring as much of your equipment as possible. The interior is equally as good. Why We Liked It - A great release from Fender to satisfy the needs of their Stratocaster and Telecaster fans. The adjustable ergonomic backpack-style straps are extremely padded for comfort and come with an air mesh pad where your back meets the bag for maximizes airflow, ideal for when your bass is on your back for long stints.
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