Get NMC Exteriors's latest articles straight to your inbox. When you complete a job with us between August- December 2020, we will donate on your behalf to an incredible cause. TruDefinition is Owens Corning’s color design platform specially formulated to capture bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades. Owens Corning ProEdge 33-lin ft Hip and Ridge Roof Shingles. TOLEDO, Ohio — Owens Corning has introduced Black Sable as the 2019 Shingle Color of the Year. When it comes to the protecting our homes, the answer is clear: asphalt shingles. The right shingle compliments your style and offers a sense of cohesive sophistication to a house. #ComingSoon. Press alt + / to open this menu. We're excited to meet you and execute your home improvement visions as your dependable partner! NMC specializes in Insurance Restoration, NMC has streamlined our internal departments to handle damage documentation seamlessly, NMC has a mastery of Xactimate, the software championed by insurance adjusters, NMC has strong relationships with all major insurance agencies, Over 10,000 projects completed with an average of 800 projects per year, Daily Site Clean-ups with frequent QA inspections. Our Shingle Color of the Year, Black Sable, adds drama to a wide range of home designs, for an exceptional range of looks and effects—just a few of which are detailed here. For many years, they have been naming the shingle colors per annum, and many roofing companies trust their opinion. 7ÍÓµj ”FÕ�0°cÁSW•OCx_¹Ó¦ä�»•¡?zğ¤{Û퇣şÇƒï†Û«+^‡ìİ1Î|À�[æÖëhY*Vt¬Ì4Ğßé»d Û»ga rÃFWfE!Y0:x£. Why Minnesotan's Consistently Choose NMC for Professional Roofing Services: Black Sable, from Owens Corning's Duration Designer Series has beautiful curb appeal and high performance durability. One shingle. Black Sable is a timeless color that using granules of classic black with gray, umber brown and a hint of sable. Dark and mysterious, Black Sable is the definition of fierce sophistication and dangerous beauty.". If your house is white, gray, yellow, or blue, opt for gray or black shingles to create a stately contrast. ô�ÊN«w­ÑUÊ°QeÚ`|…ïÚš—ŒÚúó¯ñáz\¬¶P h§k]�õ¡À&¬s¡|8KTŸ³\¢ÆÀ��:&a�8”‹ *�­ The sable (Martes zibellina) is a species of marten, a small omnivorous mammal primarily inhabiting the forest environments of Russia, from the Ural Mountains throughout Siberia, and northern Mongolia.Its habitat also borders eastern Kazakhstan, China, North Korea and Hokkaidō, Japan. “Black Sable provides a modern take on a classic color, making a sophisticated and timeless statement,” said Sue Burkett, Owens Corning Roofing Strategic Marketing Manager. Black Sable, Owens Corning's Shingle Choice of the Year 2019 is described as, "a timeless color that masters richness and depth using granules of classic black with gray, umber brown and a hint of sable. Item #113047. Many styles. These dramatic shingles possess elegance with spectacular contrasting colors, plus important protective features: SureNail Technology, TruDefinition Color Platform, StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance Protection, 130 MPH Wind Resistance and a Limited Lifetime Warranty; Please see actual Owens Corning warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements. nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie. NMC has been installing 'Black Sable' on many rooftops this 2019 season. Jump to. McCoy's Part #: 08015790. Dark and mysterious, Black Sable is the definition of fierce sophistication and dangerous beauty." Durable and formulated to provide contrast and dimension, they deliver a combination of color and depth that complements any roof. Posted on February 12, 2019 by ferrisadmin. List of the Pros of Black Roof Shingles.
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