Sounds like your Normal character font is set to ALL CAPS (this has nothing to do with the keyboard caps lock) Try this: 1. 2. STUCK IN CAPS SIMPLY, AS YOU CAN SEE ALL MY TEXT APPEARS AS CAPS DESPITE CAP LOCK BEING OFF. Click OK. Hope that helps. 3. But when I keep typing it stays in caps. It is usually the third key up from the bottom left corner, it will be indicated by the word Caps Lock or sometimes Cap Lk if you are using a smaller keyboard, like a 60% keyboard for example.. If this happens with all documents, click the Default button. 2. Now, right-click on the selected text and click on Font. In a firm motion, press the Caps Lock key again. I checked and rechecked and the Caps Lock is definitely off. Step 1: Type the text in Word and select them. Here's how to fix it. How to Fix Word Still Types in Capital Letters With Caps Lock OFF . You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. The Word feature that triggers this issue is named correct accidental usage of cAPs LOCK keyin AutoCorrect options. Try this: 1. If your Caps lock is stuck on, and you can’t turn it off by pressing the Caps key, you can change the Advanced Key Settings and turn it off. THIS EFFECTS MY ENTIRE SURFACE, NOT JUST ONE PROGRAM. In a remote desktop session to a Windows Server 2008 R2-based computer, if we do the same steps, the Caps Lock key on the client's physical keyboard also turns to off status, which is synced with the remote desktop session. Method 1: How to Fix Caps Lock Stuck Issue in Windows PC by Checking the Caps Lock . If you’ve held down the Num Lock key for five seconds, Windows will ask you about something called “Toggle Keys”, which beeps a tone whenever you press Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, or Num Lock. Sounds like you may have ALL CAPS or SMALL CAPS set for that font. I've tried restarting my computer, turning on and off sticky keys, toggle keys and whatnot. Turning off Caps Lock on a functional computer is as simple as pressing the "Caps Lock" key again, but if your Caps Lock key is stuck, you'll need to fix the key. Right-click in the selection and select Font. Here’s how to do it: If you’re using Windows 10 If you’re using Windows 7. What is caps lock? Method 1 of 3: Select all the text affected. With the cursor on some bad text, click on the Format->Font menu item. The shift key isn't stuck (I've tested that already) and the caps lock button isn't on. This thread is locked. I can change it after by selecting the text and using the "Change case" option in the Format menu. But the weirdest thing is, is that it's only on Wordpad and nowhere else I type! why does my Microsoft Word document get stuck in caps lock even when caps lock is not on? When I type it stays in caps. CTRL/A selects the entire document. 4. This should help, but in order to test open up an email message and begin typing hopefully all your words will come out coherently without the need for more capital letters. Caps lock is a very important key found on every single keyboard. 5. If the All Caps check box is checked, this is the problem. Make sure both All Caps and Small Caps are unchecked. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. Step 1: If it’s typing only in Capitals, check if the Caps lock is turned ON or OFF.If it’s ON, press once to switch it OFF and it should be working fine now.. Okay, let me explain the situation. Step 2: In the next window (Font), find the All Caps option under Effects.Uncheck the box next to All Caps.Press OK to save the changes and exit. Steps. You can also disable Caps Lock entirely if you don't plan on using Caps Lock on your computer. If you are still facing the issue, try Method 2. If you’re using Windows 10: Press the Windows logo key. Whenever I am on Wordpad, the keys act like it is permanently on caps lock.
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