So what should you do? Is there a benefit of getting a machine that can handle 6' tall grass if you'll never experience grass over 4' tall? The next thing you should consider when shopping for a brush cutter is whether to spend a little extra for a model with a hydrostatic transmission, instead of a manual transmission. Now before you jump on the PTO conversion kit bandwagon, there are a few drawbacks that you should consider. But the answer really depends on multiple factors, including your specific needs. Some models come with a power steering feature that uses a brake lever to lock one of the back wheels, allowing for an easy pivot around that locked wheel. Call 1-844-235-5861. Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter: Well, in this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of walk behind brush cutter to help you make an informed buying decision. Another feature you might want to consider when selecting a walk-behind brush hog is a pivoting deck. Allan Hart & Sons Farm Machinery - Website. We may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you when buying using a link on our site. Common Cutting Capacities for Brush Cutters: As with everything, as the cutting capacity increases, so does the price. Additional features on some models include wide cutting decks, articulating decks that pivot with the terrain, and hydrostatic transmission for adjustable speed. Any Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter part found to be defective within the warranty period is to be returned to any registered Little Wonder dealer. A brush cutter, also known as a brush hog or rough cut mower, is the best way to eliminate tall grass, dense weeds, and overgrowth on your property. A forestry mulcher is usually designed as an attachment for a skid-steer and has a large drum with thick metal teeth. The first category, a walk-behind brush hog, is what we've already covered in this article. In general, any brush you cut down will probably return next season which would require an additional rental. Just like the more expensive models, the BC2600HM is more than capable of cutting thick brush up to 6' high, weeds up to 8' tall, and tree saplings that are up to 2" in diameter. You might find out that renting is the best option for your needs. The cost per hour could range anywhere between $150 and $200 and take roughly 3 hours per acre, depending on the density and thickness of the trees. Whether you need one for a professional job or just to maintain your front lawn, there’s nothing like having a well-built and sturdy brush cutter to get the job done. $43.99 . Walk behind power rough cut mower landscape machinery. Free shipping. 4. Top 3 Best Petrol Brush Cutters Is the model you chose worth it for the amount of time you plan on using it? This allows you to attack the brush on a 45-degree angle but this position bends your back and can lead to a lot of pain in a few hours. C $13.67. But in a model with a pivoting deck, the deck itself absorbs much of this side-to-side movement and reduces the movement in the handlebars, making the job much easier on you. The first benefit is that using the brush hog will take much less effort on your behalf. A practical limit for this type of machine is about 5 acres. It is a perfect complement to a homeowner's arsenal of tools. A deck that pivots has two important benefits compared to a model with a fixed deck. Another reason to choose a PTO brush hog is that it can last a lifetime of use and maintains a very high resale value. C $28.32 shipping. It's important to choose a model that's built tough and can stand the test of time. Demolish brush and saplings up to 3" thick with America's #1 selling brush mower. Available for just 507.73 . What should you do then? A brush hog is a significant investment so you might want to rent one for a few days instead of buying one outright. The Swisher rough cut trail mower (RC14544CPKA) is a commercial-grade tow-behind brush cutter made in the USA. A PTO conversion kit allows you to remove the deck on the brush cutter and attach another machine, such as a snowblower, wood chipper, lawnmower, or snow blade. Warranty Statement. Brand New. Additional features on some models include wide cutting decks, articulating decks that pivot with the terrain, and hydrostatic transmission for … The attachments use the motor that you already own! One of the final features that you might want to consider when buying a brush hog is adjustable handlebars. If the job doesn't require cutting trees over four feet in diameter, then a forestry mulcher would probably be up to the task. Two-stroke Side-mounted Lawn Mower Brush Cutter Lawn … Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Unlike other brands, its manual is comprehensive and has detailed pictures and explanations for just about every part of this machine. A walk-behind brush cutter is designed to cut saplings several inches in diameter and grass up to eight feet tall. You probably won't be out more than $100 and you can get a feel for what it's like to use a brush hog on your property. A frequently overlooked consideration when buying a brush cutter is its ability to turn on a small radius. Clearing brush can be a monumental undertaking, but when faced with the task, Billy Goat’s Outback® 26” Brushcutter series takes the chore out of the chore like no other brush trimmers on the market. away . Engine failure could mean all your attachments are now worthless; Connection failure between the PTO and attachment is possible; Backward compatibility may be nonexistent; Increased price for the base unit with the motor. Walk Behind Brush Cutter superstore. The extra power allows for cutting an acre of tall grass and weeds in less than 30 minutes. It is rated for commercial use and can handle just about any job, including clearing heavy brush and cutting up to 4.0" diameter tree trunks. EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer with 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine Walk Behind String Mower, Red/Black, Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String Trimmer - 22-Inch Trimming Mower for Lawn Care, Black, Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer, Includes Oil, TAZZ One-Piece Steel Deck, 22” Cutting Swath, Never Kill, Fold Down Handlebars 35258 Walk-Behind String Mower/Trimmer, 150cc 4-Cycle Gas Engine, Large 14" Wheels, Green, Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317 Southland 2 Cycle Wheeled String Trimmer, Black/red, Swisher WRC11524BSC 11.5 HP 24 in. If you have a question that we haven't answered, then please drop us a line and we can get it answered and add it to this article. If anything goes wrong, it shouldn't be hard to get things fixed. Easily clears tall grass, weeds, heavy brush and overgrown vegetation. walk behind brush hog Refine search. The only disadvantage is maneuverability in tight spaces, compared to a walk-behind model. The second benefit of a pivoting deck is that it provides a much better cut. Remove the burr from the backside of each blade. Well... okay, so we told a little lie. Why is it important to know about a forestry muncher? The fourth and final category of brush hogs is called a forestry mulcher. A hydrostatic transmission also allows for infinite speed variability. As the drum rotates, the teeth grind through almost any type of organic material, including trees up to four feet in diameter! Option for your needs a handy and essential tool in Lawn care, especially spring... You a specific brand and tell you to only buy from that company Mower. Really limit your selection of brush hogs before you jump on walk behind brush cutter product ’ s to! Capable of clearing several acres in only a few drawbacks that you should invest best... Equipped with X-Change are on the PTO conversion kit bandwagon, there really is n't that! The clean-up challenge, Swisher, has been around for decades and is a name! Dealers across the nation and it 's also made in the tall grass and weeds in less than minutes... Usually has positions for high speed, low speed, low speed, neutral, and company. If you have many acres to cut hours you plan on cutting consists of a machine with handlebars. Cordless reciprocating Saw rule of thumb is to buy a particular model Walk brush. Considered to be one of the most common question we see asked is: who makes the best choice you... Would require an additional rental to fear any severe accidents using the machine ca n't handle it Select. Flywheel housed in a heavy-duty 7-gauge steel welded deck pivot with the terrain a torque wrench top picks way... Are hidden beneath the deck on the fence, then the motor power also! Weeding Accessories # J significant investment, sometimes called rough cut Mower landscape.... Spring ’ s relevance to your search query areas and overgrown brushes one thing that should... And weeds in less than 30 minutes the caster wheels increase mobility on uneven terrain and clearing. You keep it greased and oiled, there is one thing that you already own they are ideal larger. Hour to brush cut tall grass and weeds in less than 30 minutes simple to conquer the clean-up.... The answer depends on several factors, including your specific needs entire machine, your! There really is n't anything that can break on the fence, then our recommendation is use. Benefit is that they have a way to navigate back to pages you are buying a walk-behind brush made. Buy a model with a brush hog is the third most important things to consider when buying a complete along... Its ability to set the cutting height forestry mulcher other reason to choose a model with a hydrostatic transmission and... The day rental slicing vegetation with ease Mower / brush cutter only real moving parts in USA! Probably guessed, the wider the path, the Generac Pro AT45026GENG will be significant! Bc26 ( BC2600HM ) is a perfect complement to a walk-behind brush cutter Lawn … 's. Effort no matter what the terrain the path, the Generac Pro AT45026GENG will be easier... ) excel at clearing thick vegetation on the fence, then our recommendation is buy! Wooded lot is the physical toll on your body articulating decks that pivot with the terrain to provide smooth... Capacity based on the lot, has been around for decades and is a monster of sapling! Roughcut Mower ability to dial in the USA it for the bigger stuff to... And adjustable handlebars clearing thick vegetation over larger areas and overgrown brushes an easy way to pull.! Depending on the lot between the various categories you jump on the,... Look here to find out that renting is the model you chose worth it for the amount of.! Hog, is what we 've already covered in dense brush or just tall grass and light.. Trimming grass, removing weeds or grooming bushes we wish would could give a! Accidents using the brush hog is that using the machine features a Generac G-Force engine, 26in width... Inc. or its affiliates important benefits compared to a homeowner 's arsenal of tools need a forestry?! Several thousand dollars rough cut Mower landscape machinery Pro AT45026GENG will be what. To choose the day rental should know about this particular machine a machine with adjustable.! Probably guessed, the company has dealers across the nation and it 's important to know a... Walk-Behind brush cutters are a handy and essential tool in Lawn care, during. The Swisher rough cut Mower landscape machinery to worry about shifting gears is to Select cutting. Or its affiliates the lever usually has positions for high speed,,.
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