Cook until bottom of fillets appear charred. If you’re over the age of 15 and are not a woman of childbearing age, eating redfish is considered safe to eat up to four times a week.For children under the age of 15 it’s recommended that they don’t eat more than two portions of redfish in a week. All you need is a fish grilling basket like the one here. Ice keeps them fresh and tasty. That is my favorite way to eat them. Even so, drum is underrated when it comes to its reputation as a table fish. Yes they are good to eat, the guide you had was a moron at best. Women of childbearing age and pregnant women are advised not to eat fish that are high in mercury, so red drum could be a good alternative, as long as you stick to within the recommended maximum of two portions a week. Do you like to eat? We called them Gasper Goo. I was ready to throw it back & he stopped me, he talked me into keeping it saying they were very good. Source(s): eating red drum redfish: Enjoying fresh caught fish that’s sourced via hook and line is a great way to have seafood and protect the environment from over harvest. Smoker? Source(s): OHBOW76 , Oct 18, 2005 Insert the knife in between the pectoral fins. I usually grab a hacksaw to get through that first bone near the head. Fish You Should Never Eat 1. If you put them in a wire fish basket or on a stringer, they quickly die and the flesh begins to spoil. The freshwater drum, one of the most wide-ranging species in North America, can be good to eat if prepared properly. Boo! I have taken smaller a smaller Bull Red and cubed it and cooked it in gumbo and the meat tasted a lot like crab meat. Jack Crevalle 9. Generally redfish, or red drum, is safe to eat as long as it is cooked thoroughly. 20% service gratuity for parties 6 or more. Just fry or bake your fish untill it is good and done.You can't see em or taste em after the fish is cooked. Help me keep this dream alive. It is also found in the Gulf Of Mexico and in northern Mexican waters. Certainly one of the most popular (and delicious) saltwater fish to eat at restaurants, sadly the grouper is pretty high in mercury levels. Redfish are a very popular  with anglers across the Southeast. Reds are found in coastal waters from the Gulf of Mexico, along Florida and north to New England. Their predatory nature means they can be caught with typical bait and lure choices. I’ll provide that recipe below. They will have a mild flavor with a semi flaky texture. Often called a "spaghetti worm," it is really a parasitic tapeworm of sharks and is using the drum as an intermediate host. Do you like to eat? When preparing redfish, filleting is the most popular option. Black drum, especially larger ones, often have had infestations of a larval tapeworm in their flesh. Blackened redfish in Louisiana style became all the rage. At the net, I admired a 17-inch, copper-colored red drum before turning it back. Red drum are noted for being willing to take a variety of lures and baits and for being strong fighters. Turn the knife 90 degrees so that it is now parallel to the cutting surface. They are related to the black drum and can often be found in similar locations. Tilapia. To gut the fish: 1. Black drum, especially larger ones, often have had infestations of a larval tapeworm in their flesh. And before this fall I had always thrown them back because they are usuallly small & by the looks of them I didn't think you could eat them. Life cycle: Females reach sexual maturity at age 3 and spawn at dusk in coastal waters near passes, inlets and bays, from late summer to early fall. Let us know about it. Are they good eating? But after you catch one you may find yourself wondering, what it tastes like and is redfish actually good to eat?To answer some of your questions, we thought we’d put together a short guide, so that the next time you happen to land a redfish you’ll know whether or not you can cook it up for a tasty dinner. Do you have a particularly good recipe for redfish? However, due to the fish's light flavor, you can add herbs, garlic, lemon juice and other seasonings to your taste. See the best ways to cook grouper here. Hope this helps you out. Continue cutting across the meat until you cut the whole fillet off the skin. However, it can be a bit laborsome to clean several of them. Redfish are a dark red or orangish color near the top of their body. ltppowell. In this article, we’ll start with what exactly red drum are, where you can catch them, and what kind of tackle you should use. Some redfish have more than one black spot. This will prevent smoke from accumulating indoors. An Ocracoke fa­vorite is a gold or silver Hopkins at 1½ or 2 ounces. The flesh of large black drum tends to be coarse. Since then redfish have become a common and sought after game fish throughout the southeast. 6. 2. Chimp Dancer. try going 2 hours before high tide and when u … ltppowell. The short answer is yes – red drum fish taste great and are good for eating if prepared correctly. Drum are attracted to light and may come to a light source thinking it has found an insect or minnow. While I do use affiliate links, I want to keep this site ad free. In short, Yes, Redfish are good to eat. Turn on the fan, open windows or consider doing this outside on a grill. I've never eaten a "black drum", which is the other saltwater drum, but their flesh is ill-reputed. If I ever do, I'll be wondering whether to keep one for the table. If you answered yes to each of those questions, you have come to the right place. You’re done. Drum fillets are firm yet delicately flavored, comparable in taste and texture to redfish or swordfish. Rinse and pat dry the red drum fillets. Anglers from Texas to Massachusetts to chase this plentiful inshore gamefish. 5 years ago. Dead mullets, peeled shrimps or any other baitfish will work perfectly. Huge bull reds can be good for getting meat for gravies and grilling. Make sure to inspect the fillet for any bones that may remain. Think of the iridescent sides and black spots on a spotted seatrout; the colorful sides and spotted, blue-edged tail of a red drum; and the azure markings on a blue marlin going after a bait.
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