The same can be said for OTF knives. You see, whereas folding blades (as their name suggests) fold in half, OTF knives don’t fold at all. Blade: CTS-204P The fast and smooth opening ensures a more quick response to … The OTF knife is great for anyone that has a busy hand and needs to open and close a knife with one … Let’s be real (and we’ve said it before)… The Smith & Wesson OTF Assist Finger Actuator may be the apex of great knives with terrible names. Handle: G10 Yet they are one of our oldest tools. Do not be scared of the quality you may be getting based on the price tag. As such, there are quite a few sub-categories well-suited to a number of uses, styles, and even levels of convenience. Furthermore, the high-end Elmax drop point blade has a unique black-and-silver finish that gives it an almost sci-fi appearance. Single Action OTF. This distinction refers to the mechanism inside the knife … Best OTF Knives: Summary BENCHMADE INFIDEL. Simply called OTF knives, these are really cool gadgets to have around – for fun, protection, and functionality altogether. When looking for a knife, most of the options are typical switchblades or folding knives that require you to extend the blade out to its fullest extent before it can cut. Need a good, budget-friendly OTF knife? Best OTF Knives 1. The last thing you want is for your OTF knife to fail and/or break when you need it most. Shipping was faster than promised and I'm one happy man. One of the most popular OTF knives around — and, therefore, an industry staple — Microtech’s Ultratech is a pretty superb blend of affordability and quality in a category where much of the competition starts at sometimes hundreds of dollars more. The OTF knife is great for anyone that has a busy hand and needs to open and close a knife with one single hand. See more about this OTF by clicking below. It’s also worth noting that the “Combat” designation means this is the largest of the Troodon family, measuring up at a whopping 9.5″ in total. Smooth crisp action with zero blade wobble. #Manual OR automatic. Out-the-front knives, or OTF knives, rocket open with the slide of a button. If you need a trustworthy knife for outdoor situations If you need a trustworthy knife for outdoor situations, you should consider an OTF knife. Know that we know a few of the best otf knives available today, let's take a look at what makes them great. Shop OTF Knives. Its razor-sharp blade can be … This best double-action knife-Contrary to Benchmade’s Infidel and Pagan string OTF, the Precipice utilizes a back-mounted slider button to trigger the double action OTF mechanism. Let’s tell you about the tips of buying the good OTF knife. The Benchmade Fixed Infidel is an amazing Tactical Fixed knife that is constructed to perform and deliver the best. 1.Schrade SCHOUT THE FRONT3CB Viper- Best Out The Front Knife For The Money. This knife features a black spearheaded stainless steel blade, that is smooth to operate. As it is a folding knife you can fold it when needed and it is a compact knife. The blade is made from a 440 s… Titan Camo D/A OTF Automatic Knife Satin Dagger Serrated This is more personal preference than anything else, but some OTF knives have the deployment mechanism on the front of the handle, whereas others have a slider on the spine or side of the handle. The following models are all fantastic OTF knives for sale that experts and knife enthusiast often mention when it comes to the best OTF knife. When your happy with your knife, simply add it to cart and checkout. Updated by Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 11/03/2020. This particular one is equipped with an ultra-high-end CTS-204P steel blade with full serrations and a two-tone black-and-silver finish, a spine-mounted double-action slider, a durable textured anodized aluminum handle, and a hefty glass-breaker tip on the butt. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a great knife!! The double action is strong and smooth. It’s made of superior and … There are so many other features that are seen to categorize an otf knife as the best otf knife. A new addition to Benchmade’s already-impressive catalog of everyday carry knives, the 3400 Autocrat family of automatic knives is the brand’s first OTF knife to feature composite handles — opting for G10 as opposed to the more-traditional aluminum. Microtech knives hold their value extremely well on the secondary market, so there’s little risk in picking one up. The Microtech Ultratech is, to many people, the out-the-front knife. Could it possibly stack up against Microtech? One of the best parts about this knife is the responsive grip that it provides. Best OTF Knife. We go in-depth on many of the most popular models available today and what makes them so great. This knife is an eye catcher and a must have for any OTF enthusiasts or knife collectors. We have selected this product as being #9 in Best Otf Knife of 2020 View Product #10 . “First off, my wife said I shouldn't buy it because she knows I have the tendency to spend a lot of money at BHQ. Ultra-compact portable torches to add to your everyday carry loadout. OTF Knives (Out the Front) (259) OTF (Out-the-front) knives are switchblade automatic knives, often abbreviated as OTF knives are called telescoping or sliding knives. An OTF knife is an “out-the-front” knife (also called a telescoping or sliding knife), in which the pocket knife has a blade that opens and closes at one end of the handle.This differs from the majority of pocket knives available since most of them are either just a typical folding knife or a fixed blade knife with no mechanical operation. The Precipice blade is shorter than the Infidel and Pagan in 3.46″, a timeless spearpoint shape using one sharpened edge made from Crucible CPM-S30V stainless steel. With that in mind, we rounded up what we believe are the eight best OTF knives you can buy right now. For starters and like all Hogue offerings, it’s made entirely in the USA. The new OTF's from BURN should prove very interesting - he makes about the best side opening auto's on the planet so if his OTF's are to the same standard they'll be something special. This does not necessarily affect the overall value of an OTF knife, but it will make a difference in how it functions. Designed by Benchmade, the 3300 Infidel OTF Knife is a very interesting automatic knife, offering many outstanding features and excellent mechanisms for easy and safe use. (OTF stands for Out The Front.) Should be good for light duty use. One of our favorite everyday carry knifemaking brands, Benchmade is no stranger to the OTF style of cutting tool. Handle: Aluminum In fact, there’s likely an option out there for everyone. The Viper 3 OTF knife … The Kalashnikov OTF features a black, stonewash finished D2 steel Bowie blade and a generous thumb slide for that sweet, sweet double-action snap. This particular version comes equipped with a double-edge dagger CTS-204P steel blade mated to a 6061-T6 aluminum handle complete with a glass-breaker tip (perfect for emergency survival situations). The double edge d2 blade is sharp as a razor. That means learning whether you can carry automatic knives at all, if the length is a determining factor, and/or the legality of any other defining features. These knives are an offshoot of the best automatic switchblades (also made) are quick, simple, and frankly pretty cool. Featuring a patented ceramic ball slider system, these knives have raised the bar in terms of OTF action. Blade City carries the best otf knives on the market with amazing deals on top otf knife brands including Benchmade knives, viper tec knives, Boker & many more. Proud to be a returning customer!”. A significant difference compared to standard switchblades, which comes out to the side. If you’re looking for an OTF knife that is considered the best of the bunch, the OTF Double Action Safety Knife could be yours to own. OTF Knife Laws RazorTech mini keychain firecracker knife silver – this is the last but not least, a low-cost OTF knife, but best for your money! If not better. With an automatically deployed blade, this knife is ready to go in a matter of minutes. The best OTF knife should be a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for self-defense, hunting, … Their fast deployment makes them ideal for anyone who needs quick, one-handed access to their pocket knife. If you're still unsure of which OTF to drop your hard-earned cash money on, check out our Knife Banter video on Out the Front knives. Blade: Elmax The fit and finish is much better than its price tag would lead you to think. Next on our list of the best otf knife options, we have a popular model Schrade viper 3. Once you've got your knife situation dialed in, email me a picture and few words about your bushcrafting philosophy at Best OTF Knife – The Ultimate Self Defense Weapon Last Updated on April 11, 2020 Out-The-Front knives, or OTF as they are commonly called, form a narrow slice of the knives market; but that does not, in any way, mean that they serve any less purpose. OTF Double Action Safety Knife. It is of outstanding quality and … OTF Knives or out the front knives are spring-loaded knives that eject from the handle at the push of a button. The term “pocket knife,” especially in this day and age, is exceedingly expansive. The action in and out is spectacular. Detail Reviews of Best OTF Knife in 2020: 1. For starters, though the bulk of the handle is crafted from black-anodized aluminum, it also has carbon fiber inlays for a little modern tactical touch. Total Length: 8.08″. By using this site, you accept our. Find the best budget OTF knife can be hard, though! Detail Reviews of Best OTF Knife in 2020: 1. If you are on a budget and want a solid, nicely made OTF then look no further. ... You work hard for your money and you deserve the best… California has some of the strictest laws in the country regarding the legality of carrying automatic knives. When the Guardian Tactical RECON-035 dropped, I was eager to see what this OTF was all about. You won’t be disappointed. Forty out of the 50 states have legalized OTF knives, which is a significantly higher number than a few years ago, due to the work of knife rights groups. Which OTF knife is supposed to be the best? Total Length: 9.5″. Total Length: 8.50″. Best Otf Knife featured in this video: 0:24 NO.1. The first is whether or not a given knife features a “double-action” mechanism — meaning the button or slider will both deploy the blade into the open position as well as retract the blade to the closed position when you’re done using it. Still in that information gathering phase? Blade: CPM-S30V First on... 2 Viper 3, OTF, Black Handle, … If you’re looking for an out-the-front knife that’s both sturdy and discreet, you can’t go wrong with the Microtech Exocet and its many color options. So you want an OTF knife, but you've also got a budget to keep. We carry the best OTF brands including Benchmade, Viper Tec, Smith & Wesson & many more. 4.Gerber Covert Knife-best otf double action knife under 100. This knife is more … A strong, deep carry pocket clip keeps the Kalashnikov OTF secure in your pocket. Here are a few features to look for in an OTF knife. Try the RECON-035 if you’re looking for a knife that performs, but also possesses that major fidget factor. And if they’re far less many … Contents. A curated selection of concrete and space gray everyday carry essentials. Pay close attention to the questions and answers since they contain some vital, need-to-know information. In fact, most of them are just banned altogether, especially when it comes to OTF knives. One such sub-category is OTF knives. We have selected this product as being #9 in Best Otf Knife … Need a good, budget-friendly OTF knife? Single Action OTF knives … AKC F-16 OTF Knife. This double-action OTF knife also comes with a reversible pocket clip that does double-duty as a money clip and is has a double-edge on its dagger blade. This legendary model, while expensive, is also offered in plenty of different variants — ranging in color, finish, and even materials. It also features a deep-carry Malice pocket clip that’s MOLLE compatible, so you can add this offering to your tactical loadout if you wish. When you step up to the plate and put down your hard-earned money for a Microtech knife, you know you’re going to get an OTF with perfect fit-and-finish, quality materials, and a distinctive design philosophy that others can only imitate. I didn't want to take the cheapest route and couldn't justify the more expensive. Also known as Out the Front knives, our selection provides the quickest possible one-handed access to your blade when you need it most, both in your everyday tasks and your next emergency. There is the expected blade play, but it is very minimal. As far as we’re concerned, that is not a risk worth taking, so stay informed before you try to purchase and carry an OTF knife. 6/10. Click below. Their fast deployment makes them ideal for anyone who needs quick, one-handed access to their pocket knife. For instance, while the blade of the Autocrat is also crafted from raw or black DLC-finished S30V steel, this one features a distinctly-different double-edged dagger shape — making it just a bit more tactical than practical. In case you haven’t already noticed, most OTF knives feature a fairly similar silhouette. I went through at least 3 or 4 before I found the one. When you buy a Schrade, you know you’re going to get a dependable and well-engineered knife, be it a fixed blade, side-opening automatic knife, or, of course, this Viper OTF. The viper pointknife allows you to easily retrct and deploy the blade when you need to thanks to super strong … It also features a double-action mechanism with a spine-mounted slider, a bit of handle jimping for better grip, and more. Happy hunting and may you find that one special knife of your dreams. Best of all, however, these knives are made entirely in the USA.
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