The stems become woody as they age. Blue daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is an evergreen member of the morning glory family characterized by downy leaves and funnel shaped, sky blue or lavender flowers that are up to an inch long. Blue Daze, or Evolvulus, is one plant that likes it hot! Evolvulus, or blue daze, is an evergreen subshrub that grows in a low, spreading mound, up to 2-3 ft (0.6-0.9 m) in diameter, but no more than 1 ft (0.3 m) tall. Blue daze … Their blooms have a short lifespan, but the plant continually produces more, which makes this a great hanging basket or landscape plant. Place it on the sand mixture and press it firmly into the surface. Leave the top 1/2 inch of the starter pots empty to allow room for the seeds to sprout. For best results with Evolvulus, use a constant feed program of 200 ppm N. Maintaining a pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is important to prevent iron deficiency. Plant Type:  Tropical Evergreen Subshrub What makes different from any other site out there? : PlantVine Evolvulus glomeratus, Blue Daze - Medium x 4-6 Inch Pot (1 Gallon ... Wildflower Mixture"Dazzling Blue" (99% Pure Seed - 9 Species) Seeds by Seed Needs ... $12.50. Bloom Season:  All season Evolvulus Blue Daze are native to South America. Sun or Part Shade / 3-5'H x 2-3'W / Perfect for accentuating entryways or in containers / USDA Zones ...Read more, Sun or Part Shade / 8-10'H x 4-6'W / Lustrous, colorful red, bronze, and burgundy foliage! Uses. It grows best within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 11, where it will reach a maximum height of 12 inches with a 2- to …. ... Let us connect you with a Ball Seed Sales Rep Call 800 879-BALL. Their leaves and stems are covered in tiny gray hairs that remind you of peach fuzz. Fragrance:  None "Blue Daze" is a warmth-loving plant. Sun / Light Needs:  Full Sun or Partial Shade Plant in full sun or partial … Its narrow leaves remain green in color throughout the season. However, the seeds must be started indoors before the last frost, whereas the cuttings grow best when started outdoors in summer. Allow 4-6 weeks after the last pinch for blooms to appear. Evolvulus Blue Daze are native to South America. The variety I have was identified as "Blue Daze", rather than "Blue … Blue Daze blooms profusely and almost continuously throughout the warm season. Sow one blue daze seed in each starter pot. Wait until soil temperatures warm to at least 60 F. Space the plants approximately 2 feet apart. Buttercups are one of the most cheerful flowers. Usage: Blue Daze will be most ideal as a groundcover (cover plant) or a bedding and border plant. Commonly called blue daze, Evolvulus glomeratus “Blue Daze” is a cultivar of evergreen subshrub grown for its showy, sky blue flowers and glossy, ovate leaves. Use them as a drench according to each label’s instructions. Maybe the word of Hawaiian was put in there to emphasize how it is blue … Evolvulus glomeratus Evolvulus 'Blue Daze' has been one of our favorite flowers for sun since the early days. Never use any informaiton from this site to diagnose or treat any medical problem. Salt Tolerance:  High! Blue Daze is a standout in beds and borders or as a ground cover. Blue daze propagates reliably from both seeds and softwood cuttings, which will produce a transplantable shrub within two to four months. Transplant the blue daze into a sunny bed with sandy, fast-draining soil after the last spring frost. It's especially attractive grown in masses near yellow or pink flowering plants. Water Needs:  Average Whiteflies, thrips, and aphids are the biggest pest problems for Evolvulus. Start blue daze seeds indoors eight to 10 weeks before the last spring frost so they are well established by planting time. This species is known as the Brazilian Dwarf Moring-Glory, as it comes from Brazil. These creeping plants have unusual blue flowers which make them stand out. Ocean Pearls has abundant lustrous white flowers stitched with golden bronze swaying on the … Lift the plastic freezer bag and mist the blue daze cutting twice a day to keep the leaves hydrated and fresh. Cover it with a 1/4-inch-thick layer of potting soil. Hates wet feet! Height:  6-12" By cutting out the middleman, we are able to deliver a superior quality, healthier plant to you, reduce waste and emissions, all while passing the costs savings to you. is an affiliate of ToGoGarden, Inc. Mist with an atomizer or a spray bottle capable of producing very fine mist. Our Grower to Garden Model.
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