Once you have approval to go ahead with the procurement, you should finalise your specification before you begin the procurement process. Concurrent Jurisdiction of Circuit and Chancery Courts. They will use the specification … We Serve Business and Government to Improve the Lives of Tennesseans. To What Records Is the Public Entitled Access? A specification is a precise description of a commodity's physical characteristics, quality, or desired outcome. Complete information about the workflows performed by the system 5. Hence, a procurement management plan can be deemed as an organizational tool that allows project teams to be well-guided in all the steps that they will undergo in relation to procurement. (also called functional/outcome/output specification). Strategic sourcing may be defined as: No matter what procurement process you use, always write a specification describing what you want to buy. Escalation procedure . 2 | SPECIFICATION WRITING GUIDE CONTENTS CONTENTS Introduction to G&T 3 Purpose of the Knowledge Paper 4 What is a Specification? This document forms part of a series of guidelines on sustainable procurement for use by UN agencies. The customer must know exactly what they want in advance. A specification is like a statement of needs and this can be written in different ways. Private Sector Purchasing, Purchasing in County Education Departments. Specification Writing 2 What is a Specification? Combination Specification—This type of specification includes elements of both design and performance specifications. The vehicle used for the demonstration for example does not have to be in operating conditions (i.e. Data handling logic should be entered into the system 3. Contact Us  Environmental Services Map Procurement staff should not write the specification because the user knows their needs best. A procurement management plan ensures that there is an available procurement strategy that can be applied in all the areas and phases of the procurement process. Of course, the perceived need is not always as complex as in the example above. 7 1 Williamson County, Texas, Purchasing Manual Policies , (Revised 2001), 52. In a procurement context, a Specification can be defined as a ‘statement of needs’. Specifications must comply with the broad legal obligations for public procurement, ethical sourcing and contracting under UK and EU law. The following are some of the most common forms:             1Williamson County, Texas, Purchasing Manual Policies, (Revised 2001), 52. In procurement, specifications are written for commodities that are to be procured and are directed at suppliers who need to be able to produce or deliver the specified commodity in order to be considered for … The template below must be adapted and tailored to suit each individual requirement. Details. For example Purchase Specification for a major development may include a detailed acceptance process and procedure that must be followed. A specification details the requirements of the procurement. Suppliers need it spelt out to them in an easy to understand manner. The length of your specification will vary depending on … School procurement: example contracts Model documents for schools developing a contract with a supplier of goods or services. www.ctas.tennessee.edu. Successful procurement relies on you preparing your documents. Published 2 February 2016 From: Department for Education. of products. 1.Work with stakeholders to define the requirement. Procurement; Information on CPD customer service standards; This template will help you structure a supplies or services specification. Coupa Procurement is an enterprise procure-to-pay solution that aims to increase employee adoption by applying a consumer e-commerce shopping experience to procurement management processes. Figure 3.1 The procurement specification . They are used by suppliers to prepare bids to supply the items or services requested. Procurement Strategy Example Learn how to develop a specification, evaluation criteria, evaluation model, tender schedule and contract for your procurement. Note : this is written to specifically help those putting together specifications for equipment, however the general ideas contained in this document can be translated into specifications for other areas including software and services A good technical specification should incorporate the following: 1. a brief description of the science to be performed 2. 2 Bryan Kalms, Developing Specifications for Purchasing , Queensland Government, Department of Public Works, July 2003, 4. 226 Anne Dallas Dudley Boulevard, Suite 400 A specification is like a statement of needs and this can be written in different ways. They will use the specification as the basis for explaining how they will meet your requirements. Field Services Map If something is not specified it is unlikely to be provided — The consequence is that all requirements should be stated in the specification before awarding the order. The procurement requirements list is used to capture and track the procurement requirements that become identified during project planning. § 8-22-110, Relationship to County Legislative Body and Other Officials-Sheriff, Accessibility, Enforcement and Compliance, County Buildings, Property and Space Allocations, County Buildings, Hours, and Office Space, Purchase, Sale and Lease of County Property, School Board Mandatory Duties and Discretionary Powers, School Resource Officers and Security Officers, Reference Materials on County Departments of Education, Solid Waste Management, Collection and Disposal, Public Ownership of Solid Waste Facilities, Flow Control and Regional Approval Options, Landfill Approval by County - "Jackson Law", Public Water Supplies and Wastewater Treatment, Authority to Comply and Regulatory Powers, Special Rules for County Commissioners who are County Employees, Other Statutory Conflict of Interest Provisions, The County Purchasing Law of 1957-Conflict of Interest, County Financial Management System of 1981-Conflict of Interest, Additional Purchasing Conflicts of Interest, Felonies in Office-Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits, Misconduct Involving Public Officials and Employees, Suspension, Removal and Discharge from Office, Purchasing Property Sold Through Court or Sheriff's Sale, Misrepresentation of Information to Auditor, Destruction of and Tampering with Governmental Records, Private Use of County Road Equipment and Materials Prohibited, Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited, Duties of the Chief Administrative Officer, Duties of Popularly Elected Highway Commissions, Contracts with other Governmental Entities; No Private Use of Equipment, Opening, Changing and Closing County Roads, Alternative Procedure for Opening, Changing and Closing County Roads, Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Act, Sources of Revenue for the Highway Department, Relationship to Other County Officials-Highways, Interaction with State Offices and Departments, Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors, Tennessee Regional Megasite Authority Act of 2007, Joint Economic and Community Development Board, Consolidation of City and County Governments, Tennessee Clean Energy Future Act of 2009, Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act, Regulation of Adult-Oriented Entertainment and Massage, Appointment and Education of Election Officials, Statewide Organization of Political Parties, Campaign Financial Disclosure Act of 1980, Closing Out Accounts and Using Unexpended Funds, Cash Contributions and Aggregate Contribution Limits, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements, School Board and Highway Commission Districts, Limited Exception for Attorney-Client Discussions, State and Federal Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination, Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace, Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship, FAQ's about Medical Examinations under the ADA, Periodic Testing and Monitoring under the ADA, Defending Against Workplace Harassment Claims, Immediate and Appropriate Corrective Action, Employee’s Duty to Exercise Reasonable Care, State Drug Free Workplace Program (Workers’ Compensation), Governmental Employee Drug Testing - The Constitutional Issues, Elected Officials and Their Personal Staff, Executive, Administrative and Professional Exemptions, Determination of Applicable Workweek or Work Period, Show-up, Call-in, Roll Call or Reporting Time, Leave for Birth, Adoption and Foster Care, Amount and Timing of Leave under the FMLA, Intermittent Leave and Reduced Leave Schedules, Required Notices and Designation of Leave, Reports of Status and Intent to Return to Work, Protections for Employees Who Assert FMLA Rights, Interaction with Tennessee's Parental Leave Act, Non-discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policies, Adoption of Required Policies by County Officials, Adoption of Required Policies by County Mayor/County Legislative Body, Distribution of Required Information and Other Duties, Sample Policy - Bereavement/Funeral Leave, Sample Policy - In Line of Duty Injury Leave (for counties covered by Workers’ Compensation), Sample Policy - In Line of Duty Injury Leave (for counties not covered by Workers’ Compensation), Sample Policy - Administrative Leave with Pay, Sample Policy - Administrative Leave without Pay, Sample Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policies, Sample Policy - Equal Employment Opportunity, Sample Policy - Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedure, Sample Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing Policies, Providing Employee Information to Prospective Employers, FIT, FICA Withholding, and Miscellaneous Reporting Matters, Disposal of Unlawful Telecommunications Devices, Disposition of Conveyance Used in Robbery or Felony Theft, Disposition of Controlled Substances and Related Property, Execution of Class 3 Weapons Purchase Documents, Investigation of Drug Trademark Counterfeiting Cases, Notification to Next of Kin - Serious Accidents, Quarantine of Property Where Meth Was Manufactured, Registration of Sexual Offenders and Violent Sexual Offenders, Reports to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Reporting of Stolen and Recovered Motor Vehicles, Transportation of Persons with a Mental Illness, Assignment of Officers to Judicial District Drug Task Force, Authority to Authorize Deputies to Carry Handguns, Disposition of Stolen Property in Possession of Pawnbroker, Exchange of Officers With Other Law Enforcement Agencies, Investigations of Adult-Oriented Establishments, Seizure of Conveyance Used in Robbery or Felony Theft, Seizure of Controlled Substances and Related Property, How a Dispute Becomes a Lawsuit: The Complaint and Summons, Avoiding Difficulties, Dilemmas, and Disasters, Service of Process by an Employee of a Party Is Prohibited, Parties Who May Petition for an Order of Protection, Ex Parte Protective Orders and Standard Orders of Protection, Scope, Duration, and Enforceability of Protective Orders, The Duty to Arrest a Respondent Who Violates an Order of Protection, Ex Parte Orders and “Actual Knowledge”, Tennessee Code Quick Reference for Service of Civil Process, Litigation Tax for Jail and Workhouse Construction, Jailer Qualifications and Training Requirements, Emergency Detention of a Person with a Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disturbance, Delayed Commitment to the Department of Correction, Report by Sheriff to Department of Correction, Strip Searches (Visual Body Cavity Search), Collection of Biological Specimens for DNA Analysis, Monitoring of Inmates by Guards of the Opposite Sex, HIV Testing of Persons Convicted of Sexual Offenses-Release of Test Results, Information to At-Risk Employees Regarding Infectious Diseases, Reimbursement for State Inmate Medical Care, Applicability of the Blind Vendors Program, Jail or Workhouse Sentences of less than one year, Penalties for Violating Inmate Labor for Private Purposes, Correspondence From State and Federal Courts, Monitoring Inmate Telephone Conversations, Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), Access to Inmates by Alcohol and Drug Treatment Organizations, Board of Control - TN Corrections Institute, Tennessee Minimum Standards for Local Correctional Facilities, Standards Compliance-Tennessee Corrections Institute, Operation of Workhouse Under Control of County Mayor, Operation of Workhouse Under Control of Sheriff, Contracts with Department of Transportation, Punishment for Refusing to Work-Workhouse, Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited-Workhouse, Wages or Salary of Employed Prisoners - Cost for Boarding, Employment of Prisoners in Another County, Contracts with Other Governmental Agencies, Charging Inmates for Issued Items-Workhouse, Drug Law Enforcement and Drug Abuse Prevention, County Purchasing vs.
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