They have been on Esty since 2012 and have 41,000+ 5 star ratings! Several features that impacted sales in 2019: 2 prominent members of the home sewing “influencers” made the bias patterns, which affected sales. Kate remains a bestseller, but the Christy Slip Dress topped it in 2019: At the full retail price, this represents $3,215 ($2,381 in 2018). Our innovative Pattern Design Software offers a unique Other digital content Consider selling a digital file of one of the following on Etsy: Clip art WordPress themes and plug-ins Stock photography Fonts and vector images Educational materials Sewing and knitting patterns (read how) Most of my readers are very similar to myself and love creative projects without high up-front investment in materials. We decided to add step-by-step instructions at the same time when we extend the grading of our existing pattern. Yet another digital content selling platform with tons of features. What kinds of digital printables sell the best on Etsy? Year 3 Income report + an important announcement. I hope that you found the reflections shared here interesting and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below! You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.Link to read me page with more information. They currently sell their doll clothing patterns at Pixie Faire. Things to keep in mind when defining your niche: 1. There could be several reasons for that. You’ll have to think carefully about the niche you target and your product descriptions , offer premium value with your products, and know how to build your brand in order to compete. I asked for some quote by professionals for the illustrations but it seems that it would amount to something around $800 per pattern, which not realistic with our current business model. 2. You can package and sell your patterns in a few ways, you can sell them as background that people can download and use for their website or products, you can also sell your patterns as textures. Digital Patterns by Patons; Digital Patterns by Patons. While we used to rarely discussed $$ in the sewing world, there was a great Love to Sew episode on it. Sewing Tidbits is the sewing blog written since 2013 by Delphine, the co-founder of Just Patterns. We were never able to dedicate time consistently over the years. Digital downloads can be sold for a certain price, exchanged for barter, given away for a donation, or free of charge. You can read the first part with the income report if you haven’t already. 300$ for the CAD software (0$ in 2018 since there was no new pattern development), 250$ of fees for the friend that had done our technical illustrations. But I have found that selling PDF Patterns has been well worth the effort. In the first month of trying out digital There are many reasons behind that decision, but one of them is the challenge of the legal structure with people residing in different countries and with entirely different tax statuses. Personally, my two most significant achievements for 2019 was starting the sizing extension of the patterns, with the Stephanie Skirt in 2019 and Kate in 2020, and the merge of the website with my blog and a brand new e-shop. We’ve put together a giant list of 101 digital products you can sell, divided it … As a result, I create As soon as we launched in 2017, I started hearing that our price point was too low by several business owners of the community as well as customers. I’m also pleased that we were able to share some of the money made with the friends that helped us in the very beginning with pictures and technical sketches. The second change in distribution was the closure of the Upcraft Club as a pdf pattern distributor. Selling Knitting and Crochet Patterns using PayLoadz The PayLoadz System provides an instant method to sell knitting and crochet patterns online. I also loved the honesty of the Youtube video of the Last Stitch. Today’s post goes beyond the numbers, it looks at lessons learned and changes being made to implement them. As usual, let me know in the comments if you have any questions. It was harder to get the visibility and the combination with very specific styles, the absence of detailed instructions most likely pushed some potential customers away. Now, let’s jump into the numbers: In 2019, we had a significant shift in our distribution channel: we starting hosting an e-shop on this website, which effectively moved the bulk of our sales from Etsy to the shop here. I only wish etsy had a way for the customer to download the pattern right away, rather than waiting for me to email it. In addition, sales increased organically but never took off in a way that could compensate the low prices. Just Patterns was initially launched by two people with full-time jobs and hectic lives. This is the most difficult lesson for me and the one I resisted the most. The set-up of the new website and the need to pay the monthly license of our CAD software when I do pattern development (or improve the grading) means that the costs went significantly up. Selling digital products is one the cheapest business’ you can start. Since I started selling digital downloads on Etsy I have made 100s of dollars a month! ($392.77). Today’s post goes beyond the numbers, it looks at lessons learned and changes being made to implement them. If you are new to this blog, you can read past years income reports and lessons learned I and II. You will be able to sell your patterns to other designers and business $360 for Adobe suite (Illustrator, Lightroom, etc. ) In terms of sales, I think our growth is still remarkable, considering that we did update one pattern but yet did not release any new style. Let's go over 17 profitable digital products you can start selling today. You can read the first part with the income report if you haven’t already. Hoping to instil in you the joy of … A few month ago, one of our customers mentioned in the survey that she had bought the Linda Wrap Dress but she had not started sewing it since it would require “to be in the right mindset to figure out how to do the steps without detailed instructions”. They are not paper patterns that you would receive in the mail. Those designers will tend to hire a patternmaker/grader. I am back today with one of the most popular features of this blog, the yearly income report of Just Patterns! Makerist Makes Selling Digital Patterns Simple by Guest Contributor | Jan 25, 2019 Berlin-based Makerist would love to work with more American crafters. Indie pattern company designing and selling sewing patterns for women, babies and children in both printed and digital format. If you purchased the previous version of the skirt, you will be receiving the new pattern for free. Go here to learn more about selling patterns on PatternFish. Payments are made monthly provided you have at least $20 in sales. I initially hoped that the volume could offset the low prices, but I had not realized how much fees were being charged to digital products. The discussion on size inclusivity earlier this year on Instagram coincided with time off from my day job for me. This means that we will invest significantly more time in our existing and future patterns which drove the decision to increase our prices. Simplegoods has Selling digital goods—information, software, templates, recordings, art, and the like—is an obvious business opportunity. I also think that you remember better what you learned on your own rather than following a recipe. But this is without counting sales, commissions, transaction fees, etc. as_the_pages_turn 2017-06-20 13:59:01 UTC #11 I think they should concentrate on the resellers who are taking vintage patterns and reproducing them on the computer and reprinting them. That is awesome and let's us know that selling big on Etsy is possible! On the public side, I actively monitor reviews on Etsy, PatternReview and what people say on Instagram in posts that we are tagged in. If you’re selling your digital products on your own store you’re going to need a way to actually distribute your digital products to the customers who buy them. New Release 3. I realize that the absence of detailed instructions was intimidating. Graphicriver is site where people sell different kinds of digital files like fonts, icons, logos and also pattern designs. I will continue running Just Patterns on my own, and I will spare you the $ details of the split, but it implies significant changes to the line-up of the sewing patterns. Welcome back for the second part of my thoughts on our second year selling digital sewing patterns! Read this post to learn how to begin selling your designs and discover the industry standards for textile and surface pattern designs. Doll clothing patterns are not the only option though. Effective immediately, I will remove all the bias patterns from the shop. A little earlier this year, Eira and I jointly decided to split as business partners in Just Patterns. It is now available in the extended size range and with illustrated step-by-step instructions. I have a disclaimer; if you are planning to launch your own business, I think it would be essential to keep in mind that this pattern project is not necessarily the most representative of what you could achieve. I recommend choosing a niche that will set you apart from other Etsy shops and that you’re passionate about. We currently have several channels to get feedback on our patterns, some are public and some are not. Here are six places where you can sell patterns and illustrations: Creative Market Creative Market is my favorite place for buying and selling digital products. Before you open your Etsy shop, its essential to identify your niche. In fact, as soon as the patterns were discussed on Pattern Review, but since we couldn’t do any pattern development in 2018, we could not update the range. In effect, the amount received was $2,789.73 ($1,567.48 in 2018), which means that selling platforms and payment fees, commissions, and special sales amount to $425 or 13% of the full retail price sales (34% in 2018). On the one hand, I think that we launched when the indie pattern market was already crowded and maybe even fatigued. We will be using our new size range for all upcoming patterns and progressively update our past ones. We also knew that sewing patterns have been around for a very long time! I have been selling them exclusively as digital downloads on my website, and would like to expand my reach by selling them as digital downloads through Amazon. Sewing Tidbits is the sewing blog written since 2013 by Delphine, the co-founder of Just Patterns. You just need a computer to create them on. Digital art sold by Zee J. Yan All digital downloads are easy to distribute, replicate, and sell without the need of physical materials. E-books are growing in popularity month over month. The Stephanie Skirt is the first that got the full treatment. In 2015, more than 220 e-books flew off virtual shelves, and experts predict that e-books will eventually take over physical books in terms of sales. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.Link to read me page with more information. I truly believe that most sewists are more capable that what they give themselves credit for. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. It increased significantly in 2019 since I started using Squarespace. Selling your embroideries or embroidery patterns you’ve created online provides extra household income while you stretch your creative capacities and do what you already love to do! You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. If you get to the end of this post, I have critical changes to share with you on the future of this set-up! Selling Digital Sewing Patterns – Year 3 Income Report and an Important Announcement. If you aren’t passionate about your niche, you will most likely quit and and not put the required effort needed to build a thriving successful shop. I’m wanting to know if I can sell digital products on Amazon that I have been producing and selling on my website since 2011. This was a mistake we made from the very beginning. The PayLoadz digital delivery system has evolved into a powerful craft sales and delivery service. Selling your designs on Patternbank couldn’t be easier: click Join Now and when you receive a confirmation email, click on Become a Seller. Creating my digital products (sewing patterns) generates about half of my overall revenue. The biggest is the printing process. You can sell your patterns here and earn approximately 60 percent of your sale price. The number of patterns we sold increased by 28% compared to 2018 and income by 78%. Users can embed a checkout button on their website and track their selling data. These are digital PDF Sewing Patterns. In addition to payment processing fees (around 3% usually), Etsy charges a flat fee of 20cts per sale, and Paypal 30ct. Welcome back for the second part of my thoughts on our second year selling digital sewing patterns! Selling Digital Sewing Patterns – Year 3 Income Report and an Important Announcement September 1, 2020 Delphine (Sewing Tidbits) Selling Digital Sewing Patterns But before you sell digital goods on eBay, there are a few essential things you need to know. A play and learn site with resources for children and their teachers. Someone in But, when I approached resellers of patterns to diversify our channels in 2018, two of them where very interested by ended up refusing our patterns due to the lack of step-by-step instructions. Its price is now $10, although it’s on sale for limited time! Tips and ideas for how to make digital products that will be successful on Etsy. Specifically, they are digital decoration animations for Halloween and Christmas. And now for the big announcement. One couple began selling patterns for doll clothing through SendOwl and eventually began earning $600,000+ per year from their patterns! We will make a formal announcement in the coming days and share the pictures from our testers. A digital product is any product you can sell online or virtually. In the case of Just Patterns, the patternmaking/grading and sample sewing is what we really enjoy doing and can produce fast. So if you’ve decided to give digital product sales a go, but can’t think of a great niche product that’s perfect for you, then this list of digital products to sell is the only thing you need. Here are all my best tips and ideas for how to create printables to sell online that will help add other products to add passive income How to Communicate your rates like a Pro It’s important to spend time developing a pricing structure you feel comfortable with – one you can stand behind even when clients question your rates. Selling Digital Sewing Patterns - Year 2, Lessons Learned. I have to decided to write and illustrate instructions myself but it takes me a long time, so I will be coordinating this with the re-release of the patterns with the extended sizing. The Yasmeen skirt also got reviewed by Threads Magazine, and that brought sales for a slower selling pattern. Don’t think that you need to sell monograms or owl embroideries and appliques to be successful. Are you tackling a competitive niche but you don’t have s… Art Web offers options to sell paintings, illustrations, digital art, prints, designs and more (Image credit: Art Web) Go to site Art Web is an ecommerce site that specialises in selling art online to buyers around the world. We became aware of the issue quite early in the project. $323 for website set-up and maintenance ($84 in 2018). It was created after I spent soooo many hours researching the best ways to sell my own digital PDF products. I will do my best to answer them! I only wish etsy had a way for the customer to download the pattern right away, rather than waiting for … Selling PDFs the Easy Way – An instructional guide to selling PDF patterns, ebooks and more This is my eBook. It was the perfect push to prioritize working on the size range rather than releasing new patterns.. We completely regraded one of our best sellers, the Stephanie Skirt, we recruited new testers who were extremely helpful and it is now available in our shop! On a 3$ product, this represents quite a lot. They sell digital clipart, digital stamps, digital papers. They have been on Esty since 2012 and have 41,000+ 5 star ratings! Every indie pattern business is set up differently, depending on the skills of its founder(s) and I think it has implications on what is considered “costly”. It allows users to sell PDF files, design work, music, and more. Make sure to pick a niche that has a high-demand, not too broad, or too narrow. If you are crafty, then patterns might be your perfect digital product to sell. As far as 3p sellers selling CSS patterns…I think there are better ways to make money. 350$ for the model friend on the patterns cover pictures. With digital goods, consumers can probably find free alternatives to what you’re selling. Let me start by saying that there have been some changes in the community. As with Just Patterns, I have many exciting things to announce in the coming weeks (🥳 a new logo, a new pattern, size extension for Linda and Yasmeen), and I look forward to continuing to document this project and share my findings with you! On the private side, I get a lot of feedback from our Facebook pattern development group and I send a survey to all Etsy Customers 2 months after their purchase. 1.5% on Upcraft Club (7.5% in 2018) before they discontinued. We focused on releasing 5 patterns in our first year and did not test outside the size range that we were used to. Some designers come from a graphic design or a teaching background, which makes writing and illustrating instructions relatively quick and maybe even pleasurable. As many of us are trying to fit sewing in the middle of all our other responsibilities, there isn’t always enough time to figure things out! That sentence really stuck with me. The three top-recommended digital product distribution platforms are Easy Digital Downloads , SendOwl and Gumroad . I know that Eira has plans for these designs, so you can keep up with her work on her new website. I’m basing my lessons on all those sources. Our initial size chart is based on Continental Europe, but in 2018, almost half of our customers were in North America. From artwork to fonts, patterns and printables, there are so many different kinds of products you can sell. Because we already had our own sewing patterns, it was easy for us to try out selling them as downloadable PDFs. But I’m happy with the result, and the sales still cover the costs. How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy Add listings to your shop, reach new customers and get creative by selling downloadable art, patterns, templates and more on Etsy.
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