Our exterior Stone Cladding, Stone Wall Cladding ranges have been carefully designed to be installed outdoors, on the buildings walls, fences or in the garden.Stacked Stone panels are often used to add warmth and traditional stone … 'ALL in ONE' thermally insulated Stone WALL cladding and siding SOLUTIONS'. This type of stone is extremely dense and far more resistant to weathering than other limestones. Jerusalem Stone: One of the oldest stones used in building construction, Jerusalem stone is made from a pale form of limestone and dolomite. Model #LAG-2436-WH. ECO Smart STONE for LIMESTONE Wall Cladding, SANDSTONE Veneer, STONE Panels, Stone WALLING, Wall STONE, STONE Cladding VENEER, WALLING stone,LIGHTWEIGHT Stone . Veneer Stone Cladding Explore More Now. Exterior Stone Refacing, also called Stone Cladding is a product of modern technology. VIDEOS. Super LIGHTWEIGHT stone cladding at just 20 to 25Kgs a square metre for easy handling. Natural stone exterior cladding protects your structure from a variety of elements that are known to commonly damage building structures. VIDEOS. This building represents a fantastic model for a collaborative combination of materials. Stone siding for the home exterior is a popular option among homeowners who want a distinct look for their homes. Fully insulated siding you can enjoy the beauty of natural stone … Exterior Stone Country 615. Sitting at the end of the Bronx, the 24,000 square feet stone façade and precast is located in both the exterior and interior of the building and was installed using ECO Cladding's attachment systems. Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Eddy Sun's board "STONE CLADDING", followed by 357 people on Pinterest. Exterior Stone Country 610. The Temple University Science Education and Research Center, designed by USA Architects, The SUNY Maritime College building flaunts one of the most advanced natural stone rainscreen, Maynard High School showcases an impressive stone Rainscreen façade using an ECO Cladding, Tompkins Financial Corporation Headquarters - Ithaca, NY, Cornell University Health Center - Ithaca, NY, Center for Missouri Studies - Columbia MO, Temple U Science Education Center – Philadelphia, PA. Each individual panel is made of natural stone materials including quartzite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone or slate joined to a cement base reinforced with a light metal or fibre glass mesh at the base." Established in 1998 as distributors of stone cladding and brick cladding… The design reflects Missouri’s geological characteristics. The most common element that affects your buildings is water. Exterior Stone Black Slate. Natural Textures . We offer sandstone, bluestone, slate and quartzite wall cladding. ECO Cladding systems are ideal for retrofit and renovation projects, given their ability to address c.i. Using cutting edge production and fabrication technologies, each stone is sourced from a traditional quarry, then crafted into a series of panels. ABOUT US. It is processed natural stone used for stone facing the exterior of homes. At Fernhill Stone, we are passionate about delivering true to nature, stone cladding and brick facing that is manufactured to the highest quality and design. Stone cladding … Our Stone Feature Wall, Stone Wall decor and brick veneer products are great to create both: internal stone cladding, stone fireplace and external stone cladding. Homeowners and commercial building owners favor stone cladding for multiple advantages. We've picked some lovely pictures above, but it's not all roses though. Maynard High School showcases an impressive stone Rainscreen façade using an ECO Cladding rainscreen clip system designed in conjunction with Tappe Associates of Boston. As a result, Jerusalem stone is very common as an exterior cladding … Browse a range of exterior cladding options from the leading brands on ArchiPro. External wall caldding helps give the impression that the building is made up entirely of stone. Anchor systems can be engineered to ensure the appropriate pullout strengths once stone thickness are determined. Maynard High School showcases an impressive, ECO Cladding’s versatile systems are ideal for the complexities of retrofit and renovation projects, Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects, Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects, the project. It’s also a highly durable material and versatile with many stone types, formats and finishes available. Subframing system designed to address fire safety, engineering and thermal performance. An adjustable Hci.14 system was utilized to focus on the thermal performance of the exterior envelope, meeting the design team’s requirements. HOME. These textural natural stone mosaic wall tiles can be used to clad a retaining wall, terrace, raised planters or even decorate the walls of your home perfect to flow your interior design to your exterior and help you create an exterior space you'll want to spend time in. Stone and Wood Cladding for Outside Walls | Stone Cladding Suppliers We have elegant stone cladding for outside walls to make beautiful Interior and exterior of your property. Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects, Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects, the project was the largest of three pilot studies for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)s ZNE initiatives. Stone cladding. TECHNICAL. The center incorporates materials from different areas in Missouri including a dimensional limestone facade which is attached with ECO Cladding's Alpha Vci.41 concealed subframing system. The engineered Vci.44 System was designed to handle the weight of the large stone slabs while providing the installation crew over 1.5” of on-site adjustability in order to accommodate for elevation tolerances and the various wall systems and facade materials. If you have a … Showing 1–12 of 27 results. The unweathered basalt stone that our stone cladding tile products are manufactured from exhibit pristine grey to black colouring that has been untouched by the elements for millions of years and is peerless in terms of beauty in the natural stone world. PRODUCTS. The Alpha Vci System serves as the Vertical C.I. Our quality thin stone veneer is easy to install & last a lifetime. HOME. Our stone veneer is ideal for use in the following building types: SIPs Timber frame ICF Conventional block built BLOG. The 110,000sf office building brings 300 employees from multiple locations together under one roof. ABOUT US. More 'ALL in ONE' thermally insulated Stone WALL cladding … The design team sought to blend the traditional aesthetic of historic bank buildings with the modern structures of Ithaca’s downtown. Insulated Lightweight Cladding Stone Veneer - For green building - energy savings and efficiency. The natural stone rainscreen exterior envelope helped to contribute to this goal. Traditional Handset Cladding: Traditional handset cla… Designed specifically for fiber cement, ceramic, stone, and fiber concrete rainscreen applications. Sandstone or Limestone To achieve a safe and reliable fixing system for stone cladding, it is essential to fully consider the implications of the weight and properties of natural stone, early on in the design work. Cladding stones come in many shapes styles colours and can vary in thickness from a very slim veneer to a full size Stone cladding panels l 50mm in thickness. Derived from the earth, natural stone is favoured for its organic nature, tonal variations and imperfections. When Tudor design mentioned, it immediately brings to mind life in 16th century England. Item #1413920. Wood cladding. Stone cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design. ECO Cladding’s Vci.25 subframing system was utilized for the stone … A.Visual appeal: exterior stone cladding upgrades the visual aesthetic of your home. . Cladding … Request A Quote 855.237.3370 | info@ecocladding.com. DynaPanel Stone is a real stone veneer that delivers a lightweight, natural stone solution for exterior facades, interior designs or simple feature areas. Exterior Stone Alzano. The following is a guide … ECO Cladding can then work to develop the appropriate attachment system for the project. Natural stone cladding is the use of a thin layer of stone that’s commonly applied to the exterior of a building or structure to achieve a textured appearance. Featured in Green Building & Design Magazine, Lowell now has the honor of being the first new construction, state courthouse in the country to achieve LEED® Platinumcertification. ECO Cladding’s Vci.25 subframing system was utilized for the stone rainscreen facade, as an engineered c.i. Stone Veneer: When stone and brick siding won’t fit the budget, stone veneer and brick veneer offer a stunning accent next to other siding to create a picturesque mixed-material exterior. The prominence of the site at the south end of Ho Plaza, one of the main entrances to campus, required a thoughtful and respectful solution in its massing and materiality approach. Manufactured Modern stack Ezi-Fit M25 stone cladding separated by a vertical garden - DIY installed. CONTACT. Also name as Z clad stone, which is real natural stone cladding panels. ECO Cladding is pleased to have worked closely with the design team at Ballinger Architects, Designed by Chiang O'Brien Architects, the Cornell University Health Service Facility required, The State Historical Society of Missouri has a new home in the newly completed Center for Missouri. The natural stone rainscreen exterior envelope helped to contribute to this goal. VIEW PRODUCT VIEW PRODUCT. Exterior stone cladding installation guide Natural Stone is a premium product and we strongly recommend that installation is carried out by an experienced professional.
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