Lowest price found: $799.99. The keys themselves, for instance, are not even fully weighted. The Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano is an instrument that closely replicates authentic touch, feel and response of a grand piano. Alesis Coda Pro . Aside from that though, the features are mostly the same. Show listings Show reviews . Avg. The Coda Pro Has A Hammer Action Keyboard, But Here Is Where the Coda Pro Takes the Lead. They both have the same design and main features. Zwei eingebaute feinabgestimmte 6,5“ Lautsprecher mit 2x 10 Watt pro sorgen für eine direkte und satte Sound-Wiedergabe. You can connect an external audience source like a drum or back tracks by using the AUX input. Plus, they are easy to set up in any situation. Not only packed with rich sound and features for versatile performance, but this piano is packed with other benefits for pianists including two main concerns; portability and affordability. The Coda Pro digital piano is ideal for almost any situation, whether it’s studying, practicing, performing gigs, or being used as a USB controller to manage your VST. There is certainly no denying this. Voices are limited and you can find other keyboards with a wider range. And a pitch bend wheel allows you to raise and lower the notes currently being played. These stands are finished with genuine wood and thus would add beauty to any interior setting. Sauber verarbeitet, da … Alesis has been absent from the keyboard scene for a few years but is coming back strong with this new series. This is due in part to Alesis teaming up with two of the world’s most renowned music software companies – AiR Music Technology and SONiVOX – to provide two different keyboard types and a new built-in sound engine for the Coda series. Your email address will not be published. Other options can be managed using the SHIFT button, as well as the related note on the keyboard. Now that we’ve reached the end of our Alesis Recital Pro review, I hope you found it helpful and that now you have an informed opinion and can make a better decision. They are, in fact, quite lightweight. Impressive Portability: Stylishly designed with a compact structure that makes it a good buy for anyone looking for a portable package. Great . If you are a classical pianist and looking for real fealings of natural keys under your fingers, or you are a student just starting to learn piano, then you should buy the hammer action modification – this is called Alesis Coda Pro. The many features of the Yamaha are awesome. It's in the top 3 bestselling digital pianos and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Yamaha DGX650B or Korg SP-280. What Can You Expect When You Order Your Alesis Coda Pro? Specifically, it has only a weight of 27.6 pounds. Alesis Coda Pro is $100.99 more expensive than the average digital piano ($699). But for beginners this piano is a nice choice. TEILEN. You can begin playing this instrument, the moment you receive it with its built-in sound speaker system. So that means your choice is going to mostly depend on how you want the piano keys to feel under your fingers. Ultimate Guide for Improving your Basic Piano Skills, How to play a digital piano for beginners, Characteristics of some Best MIDI Controllers, Compare Monophonic & Polyphonic Synthesizers, A Guide to Playing Piano at a Public Event, Inspire and Encourage Students to Compose, Exercises and stretches for Professional Pianists, How technology affects music and musicians, Reasons why your piano music lacks emotion. It is a great value package that is easy to set up as well as easy to move around. Thus this digital piano is a right choice for anyone from beginner to a pro piano player. The driving force behind most that purchase this keyboard may well be the price. And the AUX output allows you to connect to a digital recorder or mixer without using the headphone outs. Connecting stand to the piano is super easy, you just need to connect a single cable to piano and add pedals. They are ideal for piano students, stage and studio use, schools, theaters, and houses of worship. Thus, it keeps you from the trouble of connecting outboard amps that many keyboards need in order to give you playability and sound. If you are a professional or study seriously I would recommend looking for other models in the same price range, such as Alesis Coda Pro or Yamaha P45. Im klassischen Schwarz gehalten bringt es rund 12 kg auf die Waage. Ziemlich wuchtig, aber schön leicht kommt das Alesis Coda Pro daher. Record Mode: Not only you get to practice piano songs but you can also record your own performances with User Record Mode. The big difference is in the layout of the dashboard. With Aux input, you can connect external sound sources such as drum machines and with its Aux output, you can connect recorders, mixers etc. They’re the perfect solution for any situation where a full-size keyboard is needed, but where portability and affordability are also important. TEILEN. In den hohen Lagen fehlt mir die Präsenz, was aber zum Teil auch am internen Lautsprechersystem liegt. http://fiercemuleproductions.com/ A quick video on how to use the Reverb on the Alesis Coda Pro. Full sized hammer action velocity sensitive keyboard gives authentic piano playing experience. 64 Polyphony (max): Complex songs and notes can be heard with its 64 voice polyphony. Part of what makes the Coda series a great choice for teachers is being able to split the keyboard into two parts so you can play along with your students. So when you’re in the mood for blues or country, pop or jazz, or really just about anything, the Coda series has you covered. Sound Effects: This Alesis Coda Pro features sound effects of different types including reverb, equalizer and chorus. The Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Digital Piano is an instrument that closely replicates authentic touch, feel and response of a grand piano. Alesis Recital PRO im Test 2020 . Consumer Score . customer reviews: 4.3 Read reviews . There are issues. Headphones: It also features sustain pedal input along with two ¼” headphone outputs so you can enjoy quiet practicing. Best Digital Piano Reviews - The Definitive Guide. It has 4-note polyphony which allows you to keep/sustain more notes while pressing the sustain pedal or using the Split/Layer mode. With 59” x 19” x 9” size and weight only 27 pounds, it is perfectly suitable for any kind of setting whether you need a piano for your home or studio or at school or church. The Alesis Recital is one of three digital pianos made by the company. Grand Sound Features: Apart from its structure and design, there is more to enjoy with Alesis Coda Pro and those features are related to its sound. The Alesis Coda and Coda Pro are full-featured 88-key digital pianos that have the versatility and rich sound you’re looking for. Some of the features on both the Coda and Coda Pro are as follows. Experts, or even musicians that spend a lot of time on acoustics may want to take a pass here. Plus, the ability to split or layer two different tones allows the player to achieve a huge range of voices, thanks to the integrated DSP which adds great effects to the mix. The Alesis Coda Pro can be termed as one of the best entry level pianos similar to Yamaha P45. All these sound features make it a versatile instrument packed with all the ideal elements. This is ideal if your taste in music is wide and you enjoy playing along with a variety of genres. Voice layering and splitting features gives you flexibility and versatility. Coda Pro bietet die Möglichkeit, die Tastatur in zwei Bereiche zu splitten oder zwei Sounds zu layern. This first widget will style itself automatically to highlight your favorite product. But you don’t have to be a professional to appreciate this new series. Despite of being packed with features, it is easy to start and simple to use whereas at the same time let pianists to be as creative as they want with their music. Alesis Coda Pro is a popular option on the higher end of the price range. The Coda comes in around few dollars and the Coda Pro lands at around $$$. Accessories included: The piano comes with an external 12V power adaptor, sustain pedal and a user manual. Beide Pianos sollen sich durch ein geringes Gewicht auszeichnen und bieten eine Tastatur mit 88 Tasten, beim Coda Pro mit Hammermechanik. This creates a natural playing sound. Speakers system built-in so you can instantly begin using the piano. It is very simple to use and easy to sort out all the functions even without looking into a manual. The Alesis Recital Pro isn’t as compact as the Yamaha P71, although the difference in weight is minor, only 1 pound. Plus, there’s a convincing mix of materials in both lucid and matte finishes to give that chassis a sleek and professional look. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With the aid of these functions, pianist can add versatility to his piano music and can make sound much deeper, richer and expressive. Go to rankings . It’s also more complex than the “lighter” version, the Alesis Recital. Layer and Split Features: These sounds and voices can be layered or used individually with layer or split option to give a completely powered piano music. It sounds just as good in the middle section as in the lower. Das leichte Gewicht kommt nicht von ungefähr, denn das Gehäuse des Coda Pro besteht komplett aus Kunststoff. Your Coda Pro box will contain the following: And if you want to transform your Coda Pro into an upright digital piano, you can add in the Coda Piano Stand for another $150.00. It has weighted keys, easy to carry (the weight is 26 lbs), it can run on batteries, has split/layer/lesson modes and more. Styles: Practicing rhythms and melodies gets really interesting with its on board metronome and 50 accompaniment styles including Slow Rock, Jazz Pub and others. The Yamaha P45 is better in quality to the Alesis Recital and is a better choice if you want to learn piano and have a little more money. http://fiercemuleproductions.com/ A quick Video on layering sounds in the Coda Pro. 8.0 . September 14, 2020 By Maurice. Not only packed with rich sound and features for versatile performance, but this piano is packed with other benefits for pianists including two main concerns; portability and affordability. There are also 10 buttons used to control the 20 built-in voices. These pianos are designed to be portable and affordable while keeping a focus on sound and quality. The Alesis Coda is a good product that really has plenty going for it. With the USB port, the Coda Pro can be transformed into a controller for using your favorite VSTs, while the MIDI output can be used with external expanders and sound modules to create complex setups. If you are just starting out, the user-friendly features will favor your skill level. With this feature, you can keep more notes while pressing the pedal. It is only … WHEN I GAVE UP THE ALESIS CODA PRO, I purchased a Yamaha DGX-660. The sustain pedal is one of the most high-quality pedals I’ve witnessed. © Copyright 2016 BestDigitalPianoGuides.com. In this review, we seek to answer the question: is the Recital Pro worth the extra cost? Digital-Piano Tests & weitere Berichte. The Coda Pro Has A Hammer Action Keyboard. It would seem that the 88-key extension and the dimensions of the Coda and Coda Pro would make them heavy. And you can also record directly on your keyboard using the integrated 2-track recorder, which allows you to record up to five songs at once. With this range of keys, you can play any piece from simple to complex piano music with ease while experiencing sensitivity of keys for different sound effects. Your email address will not be published. Allerdings ist der Klang nur befriedigend, im Bassbereich fehlt mir ganz klar die Tiefe und der Druck, die Mitten stehen … Unlike some of the earlier products from Alesis, the Coda and Coda Pro are easy on the eyes. If you’re a live or studio musician, the Coda Pro is the better choice when seeking a digital piano to meet your professional needs. And with two headphone outputs, you won’t be disturbing anyone else in the house or studio. In this Alesis Coda Pro review, we compared this piano with other digital pianos such as Yamaha DGX-660 and William Legato. And among them, Coda Pro is the lightest. It’s not so minimalist, having multiple buttons on situated around a center LCD screen. Terrific Sound; Duet Mode; Styles and Songs Section; Nice Aesthetics; Great Portability; But Here Is Where the Coda Pro Takes the Lead. Für Solo-Performances stehen 50 Begleitmuster zur Auswahl, darunter Slow Rock, Walzer oder Jazz Pub. Test: Alesis Coda Pro, Stagepiano Die beiden Grand Pianos unterschieden sich dahingehend, dass Piano 2 etwas höhenreicher und dadurch aggressiver klingt und Piano 1 für meinen Geschmack etwas quäkig, gerade im unteren Mittenbereich. Alesis Coda Pro - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . This product could be a good choice for all the piano learners, teachers, live performers and other pianists. The Techie Stuff; What Can You Expect When You Order Your Alesis Coda Pro? Built-in Speakers: Piano has loud built-in speakers that gives you sufficient sound for listening to your practice and performance. In comparison: Alesis Coda Pro ranks #36 out of 62. With that being said, the mere extra $$$ to have those hammer action keys makes the Coda Pro the top choice for live musicians, as well as piano teachers and students. ), a pianist can give additional beauty to his practice and performances. If you’re looking for a digital piano with hammer-action keys, you need to check out the newest alesis coda pro review, in particular. The interface of the Alesis Coda Pro offers you a myriad of controls. Alesis Recital Pro is a beginner piano and a very nice economy basic piano to start with. All Rights Reserved. Sound Source: All the instrument sounds are from industry leading AIR and SONiVOX software developers. The Alesis Recital Pro keyboard is usually about £115 cheaper than the Yamaha P-45, which usually ranges around €425/$499/£389. Popularity Score . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Alesis Coda Pro | 88-Key Digital Piano with Hammer-Action Keys, Split Keyboard & Voice Layering, and Included Sustain Pedal at Amazon.com. Das bedeutet, wer ein Virtuose werden möchte oder zumindest die gängigsten Kompositionen spielen möchte, muss sich jeden Tag an das Klavier setzen, die Stücke, Tonleitern und Akkorde wieder und wieder spielen. Alesis Coda & Alesis Coda Pro Review (Updated) Following a few missing a very long time from the console scene and the resonating disappointment of the 2011’s Cadenza item, Alesis attempts again to go into the moderate portion of advanced pianos advertise with its Coda arrangement, which replaces the previous with two fresh out of the plastic new items. It is in the top 20%. However, affordability is not the only strength. Neu: unsere redaktionell unterstützte Liste an weiterführenden Berichten. Die Lautsprecher des Coda Pro verstecken sich hinter schwarzem Stoff und passen sich so gut ins Gesamtbild des Pianos ein. The Coda series was introduced at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) in 2015 with great reception. Um das Klavierspielen zu erlernen, ist neben Talent auch viel Übung notwendig. Fazit. Required fields are marked *. Alesis Coda Pro Review in Details. Test: Alesis Coda Pro, Stagepiano. After all, we did note in our prior review that other, better options do exist, some of which being ideal for beginners and novices too. Music Stand: Coda Pro could be bundled with its music stand that makes handling of music sheet really simple. This piano includes a full size keyboard and thus is a superb choice for … Interesting sound features and quality sampling from AIR and SONiVOX developers. Each model has 20 different presets, including two Grand Piano sounds, three Electric Piano tones, Harpsichord, Clavinet and Vibraphone voices, five different Organ sounds, Harmonica and Accordion, Electric Guitar and Fingered Bass, two Strings sounds and a Percussion set. Thus you can opt for any style of piano sound with this digital keyboard. So get to “tickling the ivories” on your Coda Pro. There are two big speakers in the top of the flat chassis and the main controls interface is easy to use. It is affordable. Das Soundsystem des Pianos reicht sowohl für das heimische Wohnzimmer als auch kleinere Auftritte ohne zusätzliche Verstärkungsanlage aus. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It includes the three pedals – Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain and the half-pedal functionality, and can be connected to the keyboard via a single cable. Alesis Recital Pro Review (2020): One of the Best-Value 88-Key Keyboards on the Market. Full Keyboard: It features a full sized keyboard with 88 hammer action velocity sensitive keys that give you complete piano range coverage for versatile and richer sound with authentic playability experience. These songs are from a variety of genres and thus you can practice different styles of music including everything from rock to blues to pop etc. Mit dem Coda Pro wagt sich der Hersteller Alesis in den heiß umkämpften Einsteigerbereich der Digitalpianos vor. Alesis Recital Pro vs Yamaha P-45. Alesis Coda is available in two modifications: with hammer action keys and semi-weighted keys for the same price. Show all Images . Aktualisiert am: 15.11.2020. Read reviews Review Rankings . Impressive connectivity with USB MIDI input/output ports. It gives you plenty of options and effects to test and try your creativity and passion with piano music. Its hammer action keyboard gives you idealistic feel under your fingers and thus you will be able to find it more suitable for its playability. Built-in Voices: With these different styles and 20 built-in voices (including grand piano, electric piano, harpsichord, organs etc. The Alesis Coda and Coda Pro are full-featured 88-key digital pianos that have the versatility and rich sound you’re looking for. Connectivity: You can connect your piano with a computer system through its USB MIDI port that offers you complete control over instrument plug-ins and software. Obwohl Alesis mit seinen unzähligen Controllerkeyboards viel Erfahrung im Keyboard-Bereich hat, ist es dennoch das erste Piano der Amerikaner. Best Digital Piano Under 500 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Yamaha Arius YDP 142 Review 2020 – Manual & Buyer’s Guide, The One Light Keyboard Review 2020 – Manual & Buyer’s Guide, Best Piano Lamps 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Williams Legato Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide, What to Know Before Buying Your First Piano. Preset Songs: This digital instrument also includes 60 preset songs with the aid of which a pianist can practice and improve piano playing skills. Plus, you’re able to mute a specific part of a play-along song so you can rock out your solo. Das Internet ist voll von Digital-Piano Tests, bei denen zwar technische Daten verglichen werden, die Produkte jedoch selten wirklich getestet werden (wir bezeichnen unsere Übersicht deshalb klar als "Vergleich" und keineswegs als "Test"). By the way, if yo… I've had the DGX less than 24 hours of writing this review, but have played it for about 3-4 hours straight. This piano includes a full size keyboard and thus is a superb choice for young piano students, schools, churches, stage and studios. Die beiden Instrumente sollen sich für den Einsatz auf der Bühne, im Studio und zu Hause eignen. The affordable Alesis Recital Pro is one of the cheapest 88-key keyboard on the market, but don't let that fool you - in this case, cheap doesn't mean inferior. While it is not as sophisticated at the Recital Pro and Coda Pro, the Recital has the advantage of being designed for amateurs as well as experts. So how does the Coda stack up against the Coda Pro? Alesis präsentiert auf der NAMM Show 2015 die beiden neuen Digitalpianos Coda und Coda Pro. Still, if you are looki… For a digital piano in the entry-level market, the Coda and Coda Pro feature a great piano sample. Beginner or expert pianist with the aim of advancing their piano playing skills can polish themselves with this digital piano investment! Popular . TEILEN. It has many built-in beats, voices, and even a feature that can display sheet music of what you're playing. And with the hammer action keyboard costing only $100 more than the base model, most musicians agree that it’s well worth the investment. The Coda weighs around 24 pounds and the Coda Pro comes in at under 28 pounds. And if you have any advice on getting the most from the Alesis Coda Pro, feel free to comment below! The Coda is an 88-key semi-weighted digital piano, while the Pro offers an 88-key weighted action keyboard. There is also a built-in metronome so teachers can help keep their students on beat.
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