Soph has also seen almost a 10X increase (archive link) in her video views since her upload ban was lifted. His 120 videos have received more than 18 million views at the time of this writing. BPS analyzes a current event, online events, and other related material from a right-wing point of view. Freedom is on borrowed time. A tale of success from the Sir Tim Berners-Lee archetype of an internet where free information exchange enshrined in its usage.… — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) June 13, 2019 Black Pigeon Speaks. Published Oct 27, 2016 60K views Women Love to Objectify Themselves: Here's Why. The day after Black Pigeon Speaks made a video warning that independent voices were being “silenced – relentlessly, pathologically and ruthlessly” by Silicon Valley, he is banned by YouTube for no reason. June 14, 2019 Tim Wilms Popular anti-SJW YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks (real name Felix Lace) has had their channel terminated for hate speech as part of its updated policy on “hateful and supremacist content” introduced last week. Follow. Posted by Gary at 12:05 AM. I love you, YouTube. Support Black Pigeon Directly; Support on Patreon; Support via Crypto; Log in; Category Videos. BPS’s worldview overlaps with older ideas from many diverse movements and ideologies such as white nation… This comes just two weeks after YouTube deleted the channel and then reinstated it a day later without any explanation. Leftist filth scum has allied itself with soulless multinational corporations to abolish freedom of speech. Discussion of sexual assault and various other horrible things in this video, be warned. Black Pigeon Speaks often called out censorship and SJWs in his videos but took great care to not violate any of YouTube’s rules. Limited: 61 Videos: 322 Views: 58,120,301 Subscribers: 532,288 Monitor: True Archive: Full ", Black Pigeon Speaks engages in Nazi apologia and pseudohistorical nationalist Western exceptionalism by JAQing off about why people aren't allowed to "question" the Holocaust. 4 years ago | 0 view. Is it finally time to move to BitChute and/or Minds? Black Pigeon WEBSITE. Published Oct 25, 2016 307K views UK: Rise of the POLICE STATE. Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube profile statistics page. YouTube Restores Black Pigeon Speaks Account THE BALLED OF BLACK PIGEON VS WITLESS FANATICS. Earleaic. Black Pigeon Speaks' Video Buy things for your puppy! 39K likes. - Slate article: PRIMAL MALE: Insurrection article: article referenced: Unwin: Sex and Culture: on Unwin: sources I missed are available on request. Sunday Show – Chat with Black Pigeon once a month via Discord with a small group. Speak Against Child @buse= HATE SPEECH says YouTube. Must See Video. Discussion of sexual assault and various other horrible things in this video, be warned.Contact: of Sources:Black Pigeon Speaks channel: Pigeon Speaks video: Japanese women who married the enemy - BBC News Mail article on Vichy France: bank data: Have Women Become Left-Wing? Browse more videos. Black Pigeon Speaks. Email This BlogThis! You're breaking my heart = Details. Black Pigeon Speaks is a writer and producer, known for South Africa 2019: Beginning of the End (2018), Black Pigeon Speaks (2016) and The Kick Vee Show (2018). They’re taking the piss at this point. Black Pigeon Speaks . Le pro-Trump Black Pigeon Speaks banni de Youtube : encore un patriote anti-islam privé de parole Publié le 14 juin 2019 - par Julien Martel - 1 commentaire. Everyone needs to switch over to to view free political speech. Black Pigeon Speaks' Video things for your puppy! Become a Patreon of The Amazing Atheist - Douchebag Bible | PERSONALIZED \u0026 SIGNED - Douchebag Bible | Digital Download - and Atheism Tees - Drunken Peasants Podcast - Facebook - - -!/amazingatheistReddit - -* * * All videos written and performed by TJ KirkAdditional writing \u0026 research by Scotty KirkMusic + Sound Effects by Audio Micro Music + Sound Effects by Jingle Punks PewDiePie is a phenomenon. Lace before embarking on … Get an add from BPS on any social network of your choice. To erase viewers of any doubt he is a Neo-Nazi, he gestures them toward an overtly Neo-Nazi figurehead at the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer, his example of someone shunned by society for "questioning" Holocaust. One of the hundreds of major YouTube voices of the right publishes a channel called “Black Pigeon Speaks” (BPS), a name chosen because he has taken injured black pigeons into his care.BPS’s YouTube channel has more than 180,000 subscribers as of April 2017, with each video usually reaching more than 100,000 views. Black Pigeon Speaks broke the news of the demonetization on Twitter and shared the email he’d received from YouTube. Black Pigeon Speaks. Discover channel profile, estimated earnings, video views, daily data tracking and more! Policy and Community Guidelines, Web, Viewer. The Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube channel had 489,000+ subscribers (archive link) when it was banned and focused on a range of topics including history, urbanism, and politics. In a now-deleted video called "Does the West HATE itself? Black Pigeon Speaks My channel has the dubious honour of being one of the first with videos in limited state, being subject to an academic smear paper at the Kennedy Business School at Harvard and also being de-platformed and restored, and now totally demonetized. Black Pigeon Speaks. Report. Pageant of Pigeons Show 2012 - LA Pigeon Club - Big Black Cock. Why am I even paying for YouTube Red subscription when they are demonetizing and messing with creators this badly? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Black Pigeon Speaks was taken down without any notification, warning or apparent recourse to keep the channel. After returning to YouTube, Black Pigeon Speaks has seen a rapid increase in his subscriber numbers, gaining (archive link) more than 20,000 subscribers in 48 hours and blasting past the half a million subscriber mark. ALL THE NEWS LURKING IN THE BOWELS OF THE INTERNET UNFIT FOR PUBLISHING 40K likes. Black Pigeon Speaks, a popular YouTube channel that focuses on history, urbanism, politics, and other topics, has been demonetized. Is the Modern Western World operating under the Ancient Oligarchic System? Black Pigeon Speaks created his channel on November 13, 2011. Playing next. ALL THE NEWS LURKING IN THE BOWELS OF THE INTERNET UNFIT FOR PUBLISHING He also believes that the summer of 1914 was really the height o… Black Pigeon Speaks, Writer: South Africa 2019: Beginning of the End. 14:23. Education Featured Philosophy. paper: Do Women Vote Differently Than Men? View the daily YouTube analytics of Black Pigeon Speaks and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts. He became more active within the YouTube political scene in 2016 and began gaining a following. “Consider well the seed that gave you birth: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.” – Odysseus, Dante’s… OzRepublic 1776 April 10, 2018.
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