The Cantarell Field hosts a world class petroleum system. Geology of The Cantarell Oil Field Josh Wymer Taylor Campsey John Wiggins Chris Smith. Located 80km offshore in the Bay of Campeche – Gulf of Mexico, the Cantarell complex comprises four major fields: Akal (by far the largest), Nohoch, Chac and Kutz. At its peak in 2004, Cantarell was the world's second largest oil producing field at 2.1 million b/d. Project Details. The Cantarell field complex is the second largest producing oil field in Mexico and one of the largest in the world. CIUDAD DEL CARMEN & DOS BOCAS, MX 10 Acres of Available Project Area; 1000 ft of Deep-Water Dockside; 20,000 sq ft Fabrication Facility; Available Cranes and Equipment Handling; 36ft Water Depth; Deepest Cantarell Field Port; LOCATION BROCHURE. Cantarell and KMZ were responsible for 54% of Mexico’s total crude production in 2010. PEP also operates the Cantarell field, the most important oil field in Mexico and the sixth largest in the world. 2014), which resulted in, at that time, the largest marine blowout in history, leaking about 3.3 million barrels of crude oil over a 9-month period. "Ku-Maloob-Zaap is located off the coast of Tabasco and Campeche." The project encompassed the detail engineering design, procurement services, construction, hook-up and commissioning of the AKAL-B complex for PEP, located in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico. It was placed on nitrogen injection in 2000, and production peaked at 2.1 million barrels per day (330,000 m 3 /d) in 2003. General Information Location ~75 km Offshore Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Bay of Campeche Sureste Basin Campeche-Sigsbee Sub-Basin. ... Cantarell Field, Mexico, Discovered 1977, Supergiant Field Cerro Azul Field, Mexico, Discovered 1909, Giant Field Deepest Cantarell Field Port; LOCATION BROCHURE. Field History Discovered by local fisherman Rudesindo Cantarell in 1976, who noticed oil seepage on ocean surface Production began in 1979 Operated by Pemex - … In terms of cumulative production to date, it is by far the largest oil field in Mexico, and one of the largest in the world. Location: Cantarell Field, Gulf of Mexico Scope: Full mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering with Fabrication drawings •(16) 2500 HP Multi-Phase Pump Skids •Maloob B platform- (6) Units •ZAPP B platform- (5) Units The Cantarell field was the location of the Ixtoc 1 marine blowout in 1979–1980 (Soto et al. Cantarell Field or Cantarell Complex is an aging supergiant oil field in Mexico.It was discovered in 1976 by a fisherman, Rudesindo Cantarell. A detailed 3D seismic investigation coupled with key well data of the Cantarell Field located in the southern Gulf of Mexico was undertaken with the view to developing a seismic-structural framework in order to address the geological features observed in the Cantarell Field. Discovered in 1978, Cantarell consists of four blocks: Akal, Nohoch, Chac, and Kutz. LOCATION BROCHURE. Cantarell is Pemex's third largest offshore business unit. It is located 80 kilometres offshore in … Ku-Maloob-Zaap is located off the coast of Tabasco and Campeche, 105km (65 miles) north-east of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. Cantarell Field Pumping Station. Field Acronyms EUR_MMBOE = Estimated ultimate recovery in million barrels of oil equivalent Giant oil and gas fields = those with 500 million barrels (79,000,000 m3) of ultimately recoverable oil or gas equivalent. MOBILE, AL. The Ixtoc 1 blowout was in relatively shallow waters – 54 m water depth. Petroleum.
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