Submitted papers must be formatted according to the camera-ready style for ECAI 2020, and submitted electronically in PDF format through Easychair; Papers are allowed a maximum seven (7) pages, excluded references. Unsupervised Adversarial Learning of Anomaly Detection in the Wild. Yan-Jie Zhou, Xiao-Liang Xie, Gui-Bin Bian and Zeng-Guang Hou, Luca Erculiani, Fausto Giunchiglia and Andrea Passerini. Black-box Adversarial Attacks Against Deep Learning Based Malware Binaries Detection with GANs. Anonymizing Data for Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning. Neighborhood-based Pooling for Population-level Label Distribution Learning. Yang Liu, Jiaying Peng, Liang Chen and Zibin Zheng. What Makes the History of China Different from Japan? Idriss Mghabbar and Pirashanth Ratnamogan. Evaluating Multimodal Representations on Visual Semantic Textual Similarity. Authors of papers that have been rejected from AAAI 2020, ECAI 2020, AAMAS 2020, ICCV 2020, or ICAPS 2020 are permitted to resubmit substantially improved versions to IJCAI-PRICAI 2020. Learning to Predict Charges for Legal Judgment via Self-Attentive Capsule Network. Applying the Closed World Assumption to SUMO-based FOL Ontologies for Effective Commonsense Reasoning. Stefan Lüdtke, Marcel Gehrke, Tanya Braun, Ralf Möller and Thomas Kirste. Bowen Yu, Zhenyu Zhang, Xiaobo Shu, Tingwen Liu, Yubin Wang, Bin Wang and Sujian Li. Verification of Neural Networks: Enhancing Scalability through Pruning. Adversarial Learning for Overlapping Community Detection and Network Embedding. A Region Selection Model to Identify Unknown Unknowns in Image Datasets. Gabriel Eilertsen, Daniel Jönsson, Timo Ropinski, Jonas Unger and Anders Ynnerman. Xiao Dong, Huaxiang Zhang and Gianluca Demartini. June 1, 2020. Jianguo Jiang, Yue Lu, Min Yu, Gang Li, Yantao Jia, Jiafeng Guo, Chao Liu and Weiqing Huang. These cookies do not store any personal information. Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano, Sophie Pinchinat, Francois Schwarzentruber and Silvia Stranieri. Of these, 361 full-papers and 36 highlight papers were accepted (an acceptance rate of 25% for full-papers and 45% for highlight papers). The proceedings of the 9th European Starting AI Researchers’ Symposium (STAIRS) are published Open Access in CEUR Workshop Proceedings vol. Franz Baader, Bartosz Bednarczyk and Sebastian Rudolph. Minimality of Combined Qualitative Constraint Networks. Layer-wise Adaptive Gradient Sparsification for Distributed Deep Learning with Convergence Guarantees. ICRA 2020 has been re-envisioned as a virtual conference, for the safety of our community and to grant an inclusive experience for a period of three months. Normative Reasoning with Expressive Logic Combinations. Causal query in observational data with hidden variables. Link Prediction by Analyzing Common Neighbors Based Subgraphs using Convolutional Neural Network. Towards Meta-reasoning for Ontologies: A Roadmap. The Quality of Content Publishing in the Digital Era. The Impact of Linguistic Knowledge in Different Strategies to Learn Cross-Lingual Distributional Models. Zhihao Ye, Gongyao Jiang, Ye Liu, Zhiyong Li and Jin Yuan. Yong Xu, Jiahui Chen, Chao Huang, Bo Zhang, Hao Xing, Peng Dai and Liefeng Bo. Alfonso Landin, Daniel Valcarce, Javier Parapar and Alvaro Barreiro. Lifted Marginal Filtering for Asymmetric Models by Clustering-based Merging. Accepted Papers. The Program Committee of the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020) invites the submission of papers for the technical programme of the 2020 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020). 2020-05-17 Accepted papers at IJCAI'20 2020-03-13 H2020 project TAILOR to build a European network of excellence in AI accepted 2019-06 ... An article co-authored by CRIL's members distinguished at ECAI'2020. Claude Pasquier, Célia Da Costa Pereira and Andrea Tettamanzi, Eric Piette, Dennis J. N. J. Soemers, Matthew Stephenson, Chiara F. Sironi, Mark H. M. Winands and Cameron Browne. Dan Peng, Zizhan Zheng, Linhao Luo and Xiaofeng Zhang. Towards Inconsistency Measurement in Business Rule Bases. Rapidly Finding the Best Arm Using Variance. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Unsupervised Learning of Interpretable Dialog Models. Finite and Confident Teaching in Expectation: Sampling from Infinite Concept Classes. Accepted Papers. ERICA, WikiTalk and WikiListen: Towards listening robots that can join in conversations with topically relevant contributions. All papers in preprint format (links to the published version soon). Multi-Stage Transfer Learning with an Application to Selection Process. Bhagya Hettige, Yuan-Fang Li, Weiqing Wang, Suong Le and Wray Buntine. STAIRS 2020; Doctoral Consortium; Meeting with an EurAI fellow; Job Fair; Lab to Market; Women in AI; EU Challenges; Social Development of AI; CALLS. Performance of human and digital computers on random instances of the 0-1 knapsack problem. IMPORTANT DEADLINES. The cover letter should summarize the main reasons End Date for Submissions to the special sessions and workshops. Guillaume Claus, Hadrien Cambazard and Vincent Jost. Vincent Thomas, Gérémy Hutin and Olivier Buffet. Christabel Wayllace, Sarah Keren, Avigdor Gal, Erez Karpas, William Yeoh and Shlomo Zilberstein. In Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), 2020. Yuntao Du, Zhiwen Tan, Qian Chen, Yi Zhang and Chongjun Wang. Yao Lai, Guolou Ping, Yuexin Wu and Xiaojun Ye. Tracking AI: The Capability is (Not) Near. Polynomial Neural Networks and Taylor maps for Dynamical Systems Simulation and Learning. Boas Kluiving, Adriaan de Vries, Pepijn Vrijbergen, Arthur Boixel and Ulle Endriss. A New Framework of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Algorithms with an Unbounded External Archive. Yun-Jui Hsu, Yi-Ting Chang, Chih-Ya Shen, Hong-Han Shuai and Wei-Lun Tseng. Refinement of Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings. Junfeng Hu, Zhencheng Fan, Jun Liao and Li Liu, Gal Cohensius, Reshef Meir, Roni Stern and Nadav Oved. Semantics-Reinforced Networks for Question Generation. Behavior based Dynamic Summarization on Product Aspects via Reinforcement Neighbour Selection. You Shouldn’t Trust Me: Learning Models Which Conceal Unfairness From Multiple Explanation Methods. Ziyi Yang, Iman Soltani Bozchalooi and Eric Darve. Hantao Guo, Rui Yan, Yansong Feng and Zhanxing Zhu. For information about submission please go to the submissions page. A Knowledge-based System for the Dynamic Generation and Classification of Novel Contents in Multimedia Broadcasting. Avinash Kumar Singh, Neha Baranwal and Kai-Florian Richter. Meta-Embedding as Auxiliary Task Regularization. Efficient Allocations in Constant Time: Towards Scalable Solutions in the Era of Large Scale Intelligent Systems. NASS: Optimizing Secure Inference via Neural Architecture Search. Timothy Verstraeten, Pieter Libin and Ann Nowé. The Last Voting Rule Is Home: Complexity of Control by Partition of Candidates or Voters in Maximin Elections. Antonio Moretti, Zizhao Wang, Luhuan Wu, Iddo Drori and Itsik Pe’Er. In Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), 2020. Toward a Generic AutoML-Based Assistant for Contracts Negotiation.
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