If the Hippo gets one bite or one blow in then the bears either dead, dying, or in serious trouble. A gorilla is mighty strong, a lot stronger than a bear. Threads asking how X character would do with a Y-Colored Lantern Ring are not allowed. Be nice and we'll respond in kind. I can think of no reason the same wouldn't be true to an extent with a gorilla. [–]Adam9172 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (0 children), [–]Romanian_Vampire 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (0 children), [–]VarioussiteTARDISES 3 points4 points5 points 6 years ago (6 children). The Gorillas are found in Africa, whereas the grizzly bear’s habitat is mainly in North America. The grizzly wins due to weight advantage. - If a gorilla and a grizzly bear were to fight to the death, which one would win? Joe Rogan and John Dudley discuss who would win in a fight to the death, a Silverback Gorilla or a Grizzly Bear. Oh no, not bulletproof. Gorilla vs Grizzly Bear. The duel between Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla. For this reason, on February 17th, Siberian Tiger Project specialists took a helicopter out to the place where Anya's last location was taken, to determine what went wrong. 14. It’d be a close fight because I think the Gorilla has the superior physique for a 1v1, but the Bear having weaponry attached to all of its hands/feet, I think the Bear wins. So, in other words... Average black bears up here are probably closer to 400lbs but you see a lot of the super massive ones on a semi regular basis. Vikings: War Of Clans Review, What if the bull had time to get into a full charge? Report rule breaking and leave rule enforcement to the mods. For a guide on flairing and how to filter out flairs you don't like, click here. An elephant could roll over on a bear and kill it. It was trending on reddit and people have been choosing who would win. If you do not properly flair your post, or reply incorrectly to a post because you didn't know the difference between 'Battle' and 'Scan-Battle', you agree to forfeit to us your soul in perpetuity or another soul of equal or greater value. Every time these threads are brought up, they always give the gorilla ridiculous super powers. You may be forgetting how strong a bear is. It's got to be the grizzly, man. I think if the gorilla gets within the grizzly bear's reach its done for. Even entire pride of Lions, who are bigger, stronger, faster than gorillas with 2 No one expects you to be a genius when it comes to every aspect of every character. REDDIT. I had a different opinion, what do you think? The saltwater crocodile takes the cake on this one. Every time this has been posted before, it has been concluded that the Bear is heavier, tougher, and more dangerous. Silverback Gorilla: Weight: 500lb Height: 5’11” Bite force: 1300psi Strength: 4400 lbs Feature: hands. All posts must be flaired. Press J to jump to the feed. While they are immensely strong, they possess no claws, and their pelt/skin is not terribly tough. As with posts, the comments are not a place to promote a political or social agenda. This thread has the latest animal, plus links to all the others. Again, please see the suggested template above for more details. Silverbacks are 12+ times stronger than humans. I would have had fun with that. those were examples of bear sparring and gorilla sparing, and the two are hardly comparable. That is a very large difference. Reddit seems to have a hard - on for the gorilla. I was having this debate in class today after one of my classmates brought it up and stated the gorilla would easily win. The bear might have claws, but can it hit the quick gorilla? what? Elephant wins every single time. 10 years ago. By offering the very best prices, standing behind our I've just been watching a TV Show about events between wild animals and people, it made me wonder, what would happen between a grizzly and a silverback? Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. As for bites, gorillas can actually bite harder, since they eat bamboo all day. Here is a documentary called, "Inside Nature's Giants - Hippo". Hippos and Elephants have too much fat on them for a bears claws to do any real damage before it gets trampled. And just like bears, gorillas can shrug off small caliber bullets. Don't underestimate the grizzly bear's speed, they may have a lot of weight but they also have very strong leg muscles. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #934 [–]VarioussiteTARDISES 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (3 children). A 500 pound grizzly vs a 500 pound gorilla would probably be a lot closer, though I would still go with the bear's superior weapons and armor. I posted in it. The only hope for the gorilla is to get behind the bear and strangle it; any attack made to the bear’s front would just end in a herculean swipe to send the gorilla to the ground, who would then be helpless against the 800-pound fury of claws, teeth and muscle. © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. That's just barely more than the largest ever recorded Gorilla (266 kg). If you see a large number of posts about a character, try someone else. Comments consisting of a single image or gif to provoke drama or as a non-responsive reply to the thread. The Grizzly Bear would completely dominate a Mountain Gorilla. Gorillas are faster and smarter, but thats really it. Silverback Gorilla vs. Any posts that do not promote evidence-based debate. Round 3: Grizzly bear vs. gorilla in an Alaskan mountain range. It's the hamstring effect. But you can actually shoot a grizzly in the brain several times and it'll just get angry. Can you overthrow Edward III and maintain your own reign for 25 years? use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Find a flair you like, click it, and send the message it brings you to exactly as-is. [–]nkonrad 36 points37 points38 points 6 years ago (10 children), http://www.reddit.com/r/whowouldwin/search?q=silverback+gorilla+bear&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=all. I've list track of the ways I've achieved omnipotence at this point. For more information click here. Poll-Smash. Gorillas max out around 6 feet tall and 500 pounds. Making the Bear a Grizzly is even more overkill. a Gorilla Pack is a 3/3 and thus would decimate the bears... provided there are forests all around. And I've seen it (or maybe several) three separate times over the course of a few years. [–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (5 children). I could be wrong though. Downvoting will never be allowed on this sub. Harder bites, but into what? Distasteful posts for the sake of being "edgy". ...For that matter, the powersets of all but the most recent? Ursus americanus altifrontalis is the subspecies. I just don't think the gorilla had the weapons possible to take out a grizzly without the grizzly taking its head off with its claws. Tfue chooses who would win against the gorilla vs grizzly bear. and join one of thousands of communities. When a polar bear fights a large walrus on land, it occasionally dies. The Grizzly Bear. For once, I'm gonna vouch for the gorilla. But they don't stand and "fight" in the sense that a bear or gorilla (or a human) would. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGwUpM9QryU, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDYyv-iLmRY. Always admit it up front if you're unfamiliar with a character. and a .308 rifle and 12 gauge shotgun are not enough to put down a grizzly but a .356 magnum will slow it down. Homestuck empowers him too! Hi everyone, ... but this way you have another alternative other than just Facebook, Reddit, or whatever sites you go to. ... You’ve got to understand that the gorilla has no real killer move. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. [–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago* (2 children). He actually published this list in August, but in case you missed it… Gorilla Vs Bear’s ‘songs of the decade’ ... 21 Grizzly Bear | while you wait for the others Possibly depends on the subspecies. [–]leakycauldron 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (0 children), [–]HeronSun 1 point2 points3 points 6 years ago (0 children). A GRIZZLY BEAR VS TWO GORILLAS. Well you didn't mention what specific species so I'll choose for you. Be nice. [–]Francois_Rapiste 2 points3 points4 points 6 years ago (1 child). Unless the Gorilla goes for small injuries like shattering a paw or jaw, breaking forelergs, stuff like that, its ridiculously weighed in Grizzly's favor. Bears are big, strong and scary. It'd take the bear maybe 10 seconds longer than it would for it to kill a man. Grizzly bears weigh 800 lbs, can toss around 700lb dumpsters like they're beach balls, can run faster than gorillas (max at 40mph vs 25mph) and can bite through cast-iron. And their necks are too thick for a gorilla … This is not an issue for a bear. well sort of how a human could kill an infant gorilla, it seems silly to compare the weakest instance of an animal against the peak of another. But the strength of a gorilla is its capacity to learn. They charge and trample, they don't stand and trade blows. Users may not make more than 5 Posts per day. What about a polar bear and an elephant? Biggest land predator vs largest land herbivore? The average weight of an inland male grizzly is 270 kg. 0 Add a comment Apr. It's shoulders were above my car (Mazda3 2010) And when standing (based on my neighbours half ton it's head would be around 8ft+) I wouldn't want to guess a weight but I'd imagine 700-800lbs at least would be reasonable. Send us a message we'd love to help you with your thread. A grizzly, no contest. From this episode, you should have no doubts left that a hippo would royally fuck up any bear. It's got a massive bite but it actually has to hit the target to do damage. Gorillas are faster and smarter, but thats really it. Admit when you don't know. Remember, the mods are humans, and we realize you're human, too. I vote the Grizzly. I didn't say that. The grizzly bears and gorillas are portrayed to be the two most ferocious of all animals. Grizzly bear claws are rather dull, meant more for shoveling for roots instead of slicing animal flesh. [–]Valkurich 0 points1 point2 points 6 years ago (0 children). Even then, black bears average at around 200. GORILLA VS GRIZZLY - WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT? These two animals would never meet in nature and that is precisely why the question is so interesting. Subreddit vs Subreddit posts or other posts looking to get a rise out of other online communities (Tumblr, 4chan, etc, etc). They both get a fair amount of hits in on each other but the Bear starts tearing flesh, Gorilla starts losing blood and the fight wears down, becoming more of the Bear outlasting the Gorilla. Is there any way I can petition the mods of WWW to completely ban this topic? [–]HRLMPH 8 points9 points10 points 6 years ago (0 children). Posted 14th April 2012 by esw320. While I agree with you on Hippos and Elephants taking down a bear in one hit, I can't see the bear taking down either of them, unless it's just sitting there for hours taking chunks out of the thing. I don't see how the gorilla could do enough damage without getting torn to shreds. Include detail when posting. Also, real Gorillas are nowhere near as agility or energetic as King Kong would have you believe. Two Grizzlies tussling: zeek fixed link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGwUpM9QryU (same one i was looking at), Two Gorillas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDYyv-iLmRY, Fixed link for Grizzlies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGwUpM9QryU. Hippos are monstrously fast and dangerous and huge and aggressive as hell. personally, i think that shows that this is no real match. Looking at the size difference alone, a grizzly is often at least twice as heavy and can be three times as heavy as a gorilla. ), but those aren't quite the same kind of "brawler" that we're supposing a bear or gorilla might be. I asked most of my friends. Unsure of a good way to make your fight more interesting than just "X Character vs. Y Character"? Grizzly Bear vs Silverback Gorilla (self.whowouldwin). You don't need the link for THAT one. Pound for pound a bear doesn’t have as much muscle as a gorilla, but the bear is so much larger and stronger than a gorilla that it doesn’t matter. I don't know much about Silverback Gorilla but Grizzly Bear has pretty good reviews from most music review sites and a decent following. I think the gorilla may stand a little bit of a chance, but the bear would ultimately win. If you're going to repost try to broaden or change the discussion to keep it fresh. Source: answers.com. If you're in a grassland in Alaska, a grizzly bear wins, if you're in the jungle, the Gorilla can use his surroundings to his advantage, but yet, I have left so many factors unaccounted for! That however doesn’t mean that they cannot engage in a vigorous fight. Depends on what happens. As for this topic, reposting is encouraged as long as you look up whether or not the fight has been done before, and linked to some of the previous discussions.
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