Thank you mate, if anything at all this gives one some idea of costs and would help improve relation with builders / contractors. That’s approximately1,980 blocks. Multiply 18 by numbers of doors=18 x8=144 blocks Add 144+161=305 blocks, then remove from total blocks of … Make sure to account for the first row being half-buried. The example building consists of the main block and a service block … You save a society if not a world for this highlights. exellent!! Area=Length x Breadth, In this case since we are dealing with height, Calculate Length: Looking at figure 1,we take length of vertical walls first(from left to right), then horizontal walls(from top to bottom), Wall 1= 8000mm , Wall2=7755mm, Wall 3=3675mm, Wall 4=4100mm, Wall 5=3900mm, Wall 6=7950mm, Wall 7=3525mm, Wall 8=5975mm, Wall 9=5600mm, Wall 10=4425mm, Wall 11=4200mm, Rough wall area (Wall area including openings) =59105mmx3000mm= 177,315,000mm. Your information is helping lay men to have rudimentary knowledge about building so that they will not be cheated out completely. height of a door (2100/225=9)+width of a door (900mm/450mm=2). To estimate the total number of retaining wall blocks you’ll first need to calculate the number of rows and columns that are needed for the wall. You may want to add a certain percentage for breakages and off-cuts. How to calculate numbers of blocks from a building plan. How to Calculate the Amount of Materials Needed for Concrete Block Construction Projects. I am glad i looked this up, really educative, God would widen your knowledge more.Thank you, Its nice. How do you calculate the number of blocks to order? Calculating the number of blocks . U did a very wonderful job. I am going to use a plot of land measuring 100ft X 60ft as a subject matter and so i will beg your undivided attention as i … This is simply brilliant! This will be helpful not just to those in the building industry but to clients as well. Required number of boards (including waste factor) The number of screws and hidden fasteners needed Once you know how much material you’ll need, use our pricing calculator to get a feel for the cost of materials, depending on whether you plan to use a specific species of wood, composite, or other type of material (such as PVC flooring). Note: If the wall does not have any opening skip step 4, and just divide the surface area of wall by the surface area of one block. or If you don’t have an accurate plan, measure and mark the length of the wall onto the ground, place blocks along your marks — and count them. Good afternoon sir, plz. Total of blocks for each course: 59.1050.45 = 131blocks approximately we have a total of 8 doors, so we say 18 blocks x 8 doors = 144blocks. God will continue to guide u.s. sir,you are amazing pouring your beautiful mind out without a kobo. More grease to your efforts. (Length, Width, Height) Select a Brick Size 222 X 106 X 73 Common Stock brick 190 X 90 X 90 BS190 Brick 290 X 90 X 90 Jumbo 2 Brick 290 x 140 x 90 Maxi Brick 390 X 90 X 190 M90 Block 390 X 140 X 190 M140 Block 390 X 190 X 190 M190 Block. Building Rentable Area. Use our calculator to find out how many pavers you’ll need for your project. Show the students that by removing a tens rod, the total number is 10 less. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Properties / How To Calculate Numbers Of Blocks From A Building Plan (7453 Views) Calculating The Numbers Of Blocks You Need For Your Fence / Know The Exact No. Its amazing also that you will find out 85% of those who checked or posted a comment here are individuals house owners or prospective ones and not bricklayers/ building contractors themselves because its either most of them are not digital-information literate or are not willing to improve on their mistakes. We have to subtract areas for these to get the actual wall area: We have 6 doors with measuring 900mmx2100mm: 6x900mmx2100mm= 11,340,000mm*2, We have 8 windows measuring 1200mmx1200mm: 8x1200mmx1200mm= 11,520,000mm2, We have 1 window measuring 600mmx600mm: 1x600mmx600mm= 360,000mm2, We have 1 opening measuring 3300mmx2100mm: 1x3300mmx2100mm= 6,930,000mm2, Opening area: (11,340,000+11,520,000+360,000+6,930,000) mm2= 30,150,000mm2. I prefer method 1 plus 10% to make up for differences and breakages. I will share my mobile app for calculating quantity of all kinds of bricks and iron rods or cement for building per space soon, am working on it. Keeping estimated costs low will be beneficial when quoting on building works today. Note that this figure will be constant for the entire building, but could change over time if portions of the ground floor are converted from common areas to store areas. Its hard to understand why they cant learn from past quantity quotes or just follow a simple calculations like yours. This measurement determines the number of pavers and the amount of paver base and paver sand you need. Thanks. Estimate the number blocks you need for each course. Once the area is known it’s just a case of multiplying the total wall areas by 60 for the quantity of face bricks and 10 for the blocks. Required fields are marked *. How to calculate number of blocks for your building project in 2 simple steps. As we have know the total lenght to be 72.5 and the height of the building to be 4.2 from substructure and surface area of a block to be 0.10125, then building surface area can be 72.5*4.2=304.5.10125= 3007 then remove the surface area of the doors and windows which total 644 I.e 3007-644=2363.4blocks, Total lenght multiply by height divided by block surface area,remove doors and windows surface area. (length of the wall in inches) ÷ (length of a block) = blocks per course. Number of 20 mmØ extra bottom bars = 2 nos. ft. ÷ block sq. We can advise on a rough estimate prior to purchasing a plan but the BoQ may be done after plan purchase if required. Total number of blocks for each course multiply by the total number of courses. Getting a landscaping estimate will help you plan for the cost of materials and labor to build the retaining wall, which will … It serves a mere purpose of guiding prospective house owners. At least it will really help in giving a client the back up to the number of blocks used on the site. Infact i am very greatfull keep it up, because as a Building Student u have to know this. Building R/U ratio is the factor used to distribute building common areas to all tenants on a prorated basis. Thanks sir. blocks = wall sq. To conclude the example, building 2,100 square feet of wall from 0.89-square-foot blocks requires 2,360 blocks — … ... / Counting Blocks While Building Towers. Will work to develop this in my own way.i thank you. But now the height is 900mm. After testing, remove the blocks and prepare for the real event. Dis is a great idea, u are a true icon in building. ft. Regds. Number of blocks is total wall area divided by area of one block: Hence, number of blocks is:200,359,500/101,250= 1978.86 blocks. Thank you. This is to treat how to calculate the numbers of blocks required from a building plan given to you by your architect. God bless you real good for imparting knowledge on us. Check out our square footage calculator to determine the square footage of your block. Add 144+161=305 blocks,then remove from total blocks of 644 (for dpc) + 1932. exactly wot i need for my project. Then, you measure the length of one brick, the type being that which you are going to use to build your house. These are the two basic steps: Step 1: Calculate wall areas. But pls how many blocks and cement will take us from DPC to roofing stage. / Average Number Of Blocks For A 4 Bedroom Bungalow (1) it helps a lot to have people like you thank you very much. Select the block size and enter the length and width in this concrete block calculator to calculate the requirement of the total number of concrete blocks. A six storey building for a commercial complex has plan dimensions as shown in Figure 1. Thanks a lot for this fabulous information. thank you my man. blocks = wall sq. Well its was a nice job, but please try and make it more complicating xo dat dose of us who did as a professional course and are eating wit it wil not go hungry, dnt 4get dey are praising u but dey woud never open up derez 4 u to know, wisdom is required boss. Sit at a table with the floor plan, and figure the lengths of the block walls. Standard, UK, metric blocks are roughly 450 x 215 x 100mm (some are thicker but this will not effect the number of blocks required per square metre of wall), the mortar joints used are normally about 10mm both horizontally and vertically. Standard bricks measure 3.6 inches tall by 8 inches long. Remember we have some wall openings at the entrance, doors and windows. Thank you for your practical knowledge inculcate in me. How to calculate numbers of blocks from a building plan ... Now with these parameters let calculate the plan above which has a wall of 150mm or 6″ all. I love it, This saves you time and money. Need I say more? am very happy for this thank so much.more grace to your elbow. Anyway thaks to people like you. The formula for solving the required number of pieces of plywood for formworks of square columns is P = 2 ( a + b ) + 0.20. If you use good quality vibrated blocks you only need to add a little. To estimate how many blocks you’ll need per row, divide the total length of the wall by the length of the block. Total length of wall = 59.105m That would be very easy. so 9 x2 =18 blocks for each door. How to start a Construction Company without a Dime or from ground zero. Thanks for ur efforts. Now calculate for doors,Numbers of blocks for a door of 900mm is 18. height of a door(2100/225=9)+width of a door (900mm/450mm=2). Now lets talk about the subject matter: How To Calculate the Number of Blocks Needed for a fence Project. Man you are doing a great job here, never look or mind your critics they are cowards, keep it up. But I think there is a little mistake in the first calculation that changed the result of second calculation. thank you for a job well done, Your works has being providing great information that are accurate. Once again, many thanks. Because if the total girth is 72500mm/450=161blocks per coach, multiply by 12coaches=1932.then diduct the openings which is 305=1627blocks. Remember to add a quarter of an inch to the brick height and width to account for the space taken up by mortar to join the bricks. Convert the lengths to inches, divide by 16, and multiply by the number of block courses. How to calculate the quantity / number of blocks/bricks required to construct a wall. One does not need rocket science to understand every bit of what you have itemized here. Its very helpfull to some of us who are practicing as quantity surveyors. Thank you. Previous post EazyHomes Company | Sure Way On How To Estimate Numbers Of Blocks Required For Your Building Project From A Simple Plan Layout. Now calculate for doors,Numbers of blocks for a door of 900mm is 18. height of a door (2100/225=9)+width of a door (900mm/450mm=2). If you have the drawing for your house, you can calculate the total volume of Masonry works, on walls, cladding, steps (if any). but this can be achieved with professionals such as builder,arch ,est survyor, civil engr. From these 3 blocks are to be tested for block density, 8 blocks for compressive strength, 3 blocks for water absorption and 3 blocks for drying shrinkage and moisture … A six storey building for a commercial complex has plan dimensions as shown in Figure 1. much thx Just found out bou ds. God will amazingly reward you and many genuine people will come paying you for this services you give out free. Thanks. eg 3.8m3 to tones how ll i go abt it sir…. 1932 - 312 = 1620 blocks. Therefore the planar area of 1 block = (0.225 × 0.45) = 0.10125 m 2 Therefore one metre square of wall will contain; It is also referred as concrete masonry unit. God bless u. Pls enlighten us on celin and noggings. so 9 x2 =18 blocks for each door. For example, If you want to build 2 metres height wall with 10 metres wall length. In other words, values A and B can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided by each other, with optional rounding. Multiply 18 by numbers of doors=18 x8=144 blocks. What a gr8 job well done, i am thrilled about this calculation, most esp. You are great for posting this information. I was propelled to google so ur site appeared on d results and it’s really helpful. ... Divide the total surface area of the wall by the surface area of the representative block to get the total number of blocks in the wall. Knowledge is power and information a weapon when in the hands of the wise. Round up … But I dare to say that supervision can also go a long way in ensuring getting the right kind and quality of building services we require. Then, you measure the length of one brick, the type being that which you are going to use to build your house. General 1. Determine the area of the bricks to be used in the wall. pls can i call you on phone for private talk? Dear Mr.Daniel, Thanks for the compliment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now sum the number of blocks deductable for doors and windows + 168 + 144 = 312 Blocks. Is great having people like you in this our part of the world. Keep the flag flying. Hence this topic is written with illustrations to make it easy for you to do, man you a doing a wonderfull job but dont take out of the table for we engineers, but you a good keep it up, a chartered QS will calculate the same way. I really appreciate your calculations and don’t even bordered to pay attention to some people’s crazy comment you did this because you wanted many people success in life only GOD can pay you back all your effort of generocity,may GOD bless you,your family and your unborne generations thank you sooooo much. Have considered putting together a “fool’s” guide to self build, of course one would have professionals to certify each stage of the construction. How to Calculate the Roof Area Using the Building Square Footage & the Pitch of the Roof. Get the number of blocks in each layer/level/coach for the doors. Though, you’ve tried but want to remind building clients that they should avoid quack contractors, because they’ve no sound jobs to provide rather than waste products. When building a retaining wall, DIY landscapers need accurate estimates on the amount of stone blocks, cap stones, and gravel needed to complete the project. Of course you can’t get exactly, the numbers you need but the first method is close to it. ii)The width of thickness varies -150mm or 6″ and 225mm or 9″ which are most common. Realy amazing explainations here. Your email address will not be published. i have learned a lot from this, plz i need a 4 bedroom bungalow (en-suite) plan. A simple 1 bedroom apartment is used in this case for clarity. How many 6inches block and 9inches block can i use to raise two flats each with 3 bedroom from german floor level? Please email me. Am a Qs undergraduate. How to calculate numbers of blocks from a building plan ... Now with these parameters let calculate the plan above which has a wall of 150mm or 6″ all. A single block wall requires 10 blocks per square metre. Find our very useful calculator below to assist you with the correct amount of building materials you will require for your new Project. This is a good are the first person to give analysis or details of what have been willing to know thanKs so much you are the best by God grace. Keep it up. >>>Total length of building walls = 24m + 15.45m + 5.85m + 4.35m = 49.65m. The number of the walls will determine how many blocks that will be needed to erect all the walls altogether. The standard height of every building … Thanks so much for this information, it’s indeed a refresher, Bigups Nigerplans, Whoa. Count them for yourself. / How To Calculate Number Of Blocks For Your Building Project In 2 Simple Steps. After you have found the square footage of both your wall and your block, determining the number of blocks you need is as simple as dividing the wall square footage by the block square footage. Kp d gud wrk. Hence cal the total length of the wall, multiply by 6 and divide by 10. Please can let know how many blocks to build 4 Bed rooms as in the link . This is how to calculate the number of blocks that will complete a building using a building plan. Fully expanded, the Calculate block shows … ... A two-story office building has ten circular concrete columns with a diameter of 50 centimeters and height of 6.00 meters. I pray God 4 his gr8t wisdom on u. Pls forward dis page 2 my e-mail box. God bless you real good for imparting knowledge on us. Lay out your blocks along the dried footing and see how many you'll need for the first layer. Weldone a very good submission you have and highly educating , the only observation though is the layer of block is “course” and not “coach” as you kept repeating believe it must be a typo . These include the dimensions of your building construction and the dimensions of the block that you are going to use, and the concrete block calculator will tell you the number of concrete blocks … How to calculate the number of blocks in a building using the area method, what is area of a window, what is the area of door, how to calculate the area of a building, how to calculate the area of a door how to calculate the number of blocks in one door, building, what is the number of blocks required to build in nigeria, blocks … I’ll write an excel prog to do this calculations for me for every plan. For instructions on building a wall with concrete blocks (sometimes called cinder blocks) and mortar, see Laying Block. Thanks, I have applied it and worked 97%. quality plans at affordable rates Concrete building blocks offer good sound and thermal insulation at lower costs than conventional clay building bricks. Example for the length of 72500mm equals to 238feet. @Ife you can call this man Q.S Olayode-08023127251. May GOD bless you. Thats great of you. Calculate the number of blocks and the amount of mortar needed for the wall. Your email address will not be published. Calculate Steel Quantity for Columns. Then, compute quantity of steel in the column using the following steps: Longitudinal steels. Man thanks a lot for this, i will be calling on you more times, this was nice of you .the 1st method was very clear and understanding and thats the method i kno . The number 0 got 0 blocks. Earlier mentioned above 4 layers from base to dpc level.4 layers from dpc to base of window,5 layers from base of window to top of window and 3 layers from base of window to top.This will add up to 16 layers. might check things out. Now with these parameters let calculate the plan above which has a wall of 150mm or 6″ all, Add the length and breadth of the blockwall for external and internal, Therefore (A)9,400mm +9,600mm(B)+9400(C)+9600(D)=38,000mm or 38m, (Follow the grid lines and check the corresponding dimensions on plan remember 150mm is the, (Grid 7)150+3600+150+150+3600+150=7,800mm or 7.8m, (Grid 6)1350+150+2250+150+825+675+150=5,550mm or 5.55m, (Grid 1b)800+2400+1300+900+100=5,500mm or 5.5m, (Grid 2)2600+900+100+150+100+900+500+150=5,400mm or 5.4m, (Grid 3)1800+150+650+900+250+900+1450=6,100mm or 6.1m, (Grid 3b-Kitchen)900+50+1200+50+150=2,350 or 2.35m, Therefore Total walls=38,000mm +34,500mm=72,500mm or 72.5m, Now for the first 4 coaches to dpc level the wall will run right through, i.e the spaces for, doors or windows are not left out (n/b- blocks are used in relatively strong and stable soil not.
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