Squad Mortar Calculator (Squad Finder) Brendan Lesniak Tools. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Make sure you understand your orientation in relation to the mortars and their target so you can properly give the proper adjustments. map files are stored in another repository: https://github.com/Endebert/squadmc-maps Just getting fobs/habs in the right spots and having fallback fobs ready to go early in the game can mean the difference between winning and losing. It runs on a Unity engine. This will give squad members the ability to quickly set down their mortar and target locations, and quickly get and azimuth, range, and required mils to the target. Enter the mortar's coords as this example: Enter the target's coords as this example: Calculator will give you the angle and the mils to range the target, also the distance in case you need it. Then instruct your mortar gunner(s) to set their mils to whatever it says, and make sure they read it back to you correctly. Jul 13, 2017 @ 6:20pm Mortar calculator There are apps and sites that help you calculate the direction and milliradians. It's essentially pr mortar meta except for the need to keep your other members occupied and get logistics yourself. http://squadcalc.com/, You open the link and start it (press 1 and then enter, as it says). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Learning to use them as a squad leader is a complex task - since there's no squad lock on max members yet, it's a delicate balance of allocating 1-2 men to mortars/FO and using the rest of the members in your squad wisely. This calculator estimates the amount of mortar required to build a single-leaf (half brick) wall using stretcher bond. De beschrijving van Squad Mortar Calc (Unofficial) Quickly and accurately calculate azimuth and elevation settings for your mortar emplacements for any given target in range. Its easy,precise and fast. It's always easier to manage 1 mortar guy than 2, and you can allocate that other guy to being an infantryman . The description of Squad Mortar Calc (Unofficial) Quickly and accurately calculate azimuth and elevation settings for your mortar emplacements for any given target in range. edited 2 years ago. Place an observe marker on the map centered on the location for the fire mission and direct your mortar team to "standby for fire mission, orient on observe marker, standby for mils.". PostScriptum: update mortar velocities (by ansarto) Features. Version: 1.0.2. Community made mortar calculator for the video game Squad. Hit enter after you've typed in your mortar location (ensure this is as exact as possible). Price: Free. For example, you would put your mortar position in as C5K5K5K1 - this would indicate you are in the lower left corner of Charlie 5, Keypad 5, Subkey pad 5. Select Brick Size mm (Length, Width, Height) Select Mortar Type. Let your other members know that you won't be able to get many RP's down throughout the match and they'll be dependent on FOBs for spawns. You have to be willing to just say screw it, and just send your full squad into the objective when you need it. So I suggest using a vehicle on the fringes of the map to get to a good observation point. TL;DR: Take control of all logistics assets and make sure you build fobs/support built fobs, use the calculator link at the top and if you can read the map well enough, you can practically fire rounds straight on top of people's heads. The description of Mortar Calculator for Squad. Then press the “+” symbol in the calculator. Mortars are deployables limited to two mortars per FOB. Due to no squad lock, you're probably going to end up with a full 9 man squad - not much you can do about that for now. So I'd dedicate the first 5-10 minutes of the round ensuring your team has the proper FOBs emplace to give all the random lone wolves you WILL have on your team the opportunity to get into the fight as quickly as possible. You then need to enter the exact location of your mortars. Setting the mortars correctly on target is very difficult to do by trial and error. Other SLs can spot for you. From there confirm with the person requesting the fire mission what is there and what the target is. These squads are great because they can get players who would otherwise be lone wolves on an important task that contributes directly to victory. When ever I run a mortar squad I end up kicking people. This Calculator/Estimator will provide the quantities of bricks, blocks and mortar (sand & cement) required for a given area for metric bricks (single & double skins) as well as 100mm, 140mm & 215mm blockwork. It is not more accurate than the marker and distance on compass. Why isn't there an ingame 'mortar calculator'? Very good guide, will be applying these methods. It can be used for lime mortar and ordinary portland cement mortars. This program can go down I believe an infinite number of keypads, think of it like an 8 or 10 digit grid coordinate. Where they actually go the distance you input. You'll need 1-2 guys for driving logistics trucks, as you will chew through ammo quickly in addition to having to supply other squad's fobs. Link to post Share on other sites. Gonna try out that calculator. Quickly and accurately calculate azimuth and elevation settings for your mortar emplacements for any given target in range. You might ask yourself “what is the fourth number in the calculator. Than you need somebody on the mortar (who knows how to use it) and a second scout so you can set the relay … Mortars can fire the following ammunition: The current set of mortars in Squad have about 1230m effective range on a level surface, you will have to migrate your fire support battery to a closer FOB if you cannot reach your target. I would advise you to make sure the the Logy driver is a medic so he can heal himself when he gets shot. Squad Mortar Calc (Unofficial) Mitchell Hodzen Tools. Other guy fires the mortar. Gebruik de APKPure-app om Squad Mortar Calc (Unofficial) te upgraden; snel, gratis en spaar je internetdatabundel. Well yeah, ideally we wouldn't have to use an external calculator. I also forgot to mention finding enemy mortar positions and registering shots on those. Once you confirm a direct hit, write the azimuth/elevation down and use it as a target reference point for counter battery fires. Everyone. Calculating the correct mortar mix materials for your wall is important to ensure you build the wall correctly and keep costs economical. Squad. Add to Wishlist. So that's essentially 2-4 personnel firing mortars and driving trucks, yourself as a SL and forward observing. Mortars come with a 'magazine' of 3 rounds at the ready, reloading this magazine costs 90 ammo points from the FOB. Everyone. This will oftentimes involved yourself as SL going and physically placing the FOBs yourself with 2 guys in your logi. Mortars are deployables limited to two mortars per FOB. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/68v1oa/the_mortar_a_beginners_guide_to_death_from_above/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP3l9WW6czs, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=923247363. Squad is a teamwork oriented tactical shooter being made by the Canadian-based Offworld Industries. Often times you will need to adjust, and instruct your team to add range, decrease range, or shift left/right. The mortars themselves were quite accurate, usually hitting somewhere in the subgrid. My text/video guide will walk you through how to be a Mortar Squad Lead, and why running a true "support" squad may be possible now. Yeah you can do that and it will work for mortars. Having a dedicated mortar team with experienced players that understand what they're doing, good drivers that can stick to the route and avoid enemy ambushes to keep the supplies flowing, and good intelligence to feed to other squads from a few guys with optics/AT roaming around behind enemy lines can turn close games into clear wins. I didn't want to use those calculators at first as it felt like cheating but there's no other way to accuratly set the … See below table for the construction pointcosts based on the faction. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I mentioned already that I am using only 4 players including me in a mortar squad. switch between regular Milliradian and NATO Milliradian based on game ; 2.12.3 (2020-02-24) Bug Fixes. Generally you want to be as far from the action as possible to keep your mortar gunners relatively free from harassment. You have a Map and can set the Mortar position and the Target. Unclear instructions. Factions have different models for Mortars but their fire rate appears to be the same. Press enter again and the program will tell you EXACTLY what to set your mils to. Type the coordinates in the calculator and press the “+” symbol in the calculator. https://canigetarally.com/mortar-calculator/, https://squad.gamepedia.com/Mortar?oldid=20147, Last edited on 16 September 2020, at 03:29, Insurgent and Militia - M1937 82mm Mortar. Learning to use them as a squad leader is a complex task - since there's no squad lock on max members yet, it's a delicate balance of allocating 1-2 men to mortars/FO and using the rest of the members in your squad wisely. Add to Wishlist. This mortar calculator is the most accurate of it's type, allowing for precise calculations up to the meter. The effective range of your mortars are 1250m, which can vary slightly depending on elevation of mortar position and targets. Article By: Tom Ayre Last Update: May 2020. I do logi runs and place markers. And rather than hiting the nail with mortar calculator results, think about fire ratio, fire spread, suppresion and so on. The hardest part is finding people who actually really like driving logi - and will actually switch their kit to a rifleman to free up the slot. There's so many new players right now that have so much to learn, the logistics/fob system is just a big learning curve for many to the point when someone gets forced to SL, they never build fobs. have them put a marker on the map requesting a fire mission. Have them hold their spawns until a FOB/RP is active on a defense point. Share this post. This allows them to focus solely on combat and engaging the enemy while your squad takes care of the more technical aspects. Using an external calculator makes things ridiculous. Install. Type the coordinates in the calculator. Make sure you keep your other 3-5 squad members on task either attacking or defending, I generally prefer defending since nobody likes to do it. Mortars come with a 'magazine' of 3 rounds at the ready, reloading this magazine costs 90 ammo points from the FOB. The Mortar is one of the most meta-game changing things in Squad since the advent of vehicles. now before the miltryhards try to tell me it will make it too easy, players using mortars are all using one its just that they have to alt tab to do so, so why wouldn't the devs add one ingame at least for squad leaders?! Make sure all your squad members are active. If your skills in reading the map are perfect, you now have the ability to drop rounds nearly directly on top of your enemies heads on the first shot. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Squad > Game Owner Discussion > Topic Details. Make sure your team confirms these adjustments and you instruct them to fire at your command. Kick anyone who joins. The game does not draw any more lines down past the 3rd set of keypads, but you can draw them in your head well enough. Use Our Calculator To Calculate Cement / Sand Mortar Quantities For Your Wall. (All calculations are rounded up to the next highest whole bag). There's just too many people that do a mortar squad and have 5-9 people just sitting in the fob doing nothing but playing mine craft. The first thing you need to do is type in "1" and hit enter to start the program. 3rd person leaves. You can also use our block calculator to calculate other block sizes. I've had it several times where I have my mortar gunner fire a single round on one infantry hiding behind a wall and get a kill. Install. Mortar Calculator for the online tactical first-person shooter Squad. Tips: Using the WASD keys while aiming with the mortar will add/subtract 1 mil from your current angle or pivot slowly for more precise vectoring. Build your fob. fixed pins in target selection missing + state handling ; 2.12.2 (2020-01-18) Bug Fixes. Your post was inspiring, so I applied some real life Fire Direction Control methods to it, and then also made a "barney style" one for those who don't like to read. Looking to get more accurate with your mortars in Squad? switch between regular Milliradian and NATO Milliradian based on game ; 2.12.3 (2020-02-24) Bug Fixes. 9 minutes ago, Major Trouble said: Anybody know if the elevation of the target / mortar effects the range required? Let your other SL's know that your mortar team is available for fire missions - and that they should use the num pad keys to communicate directly with your squad to request it. The Mortar is one of the most meta-game changing things in Squad since the advent of vehicles. I've had multiple people accuse me of hacking already after going behind lines solo and registering in shots on mortar positions. Squad Mortar Calculator comes with 3 main features:-Calculate: Get calibration between any two points-Correct: Adjust your calibration if necessary-Barrage: Provides you with calibrations to random points in a specified area Show More Show Less. Type in game console, put it in the game directory? I can't wait to try this tonight. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Using APKPure App to upgrade Mortar Calculator for Squad, fast, free and save your internet data. But I often times find there aren't enough willing/able squad leaders on the team, so I take on the extra people just so there will be people actively engaged. Mortars can fire the following ammunition: 1. Using the calculator - https://trinket.io/python/fddcf68da5. Smokerounds provide a … To answer the Question: I also use Squadcalc. You can use this concrete calculator to help you determine the number of bags of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, or Fast-Setting Concrete you will need for the following projects. Example: B13-3-3-7. Calculator. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=923247363, Thanks, would appreciate if you linked my Youtube Channel in there. One guy can go do a logi run, while you and your other squad member from your truck can build a HAB/Ammobox/etc...While these first few minutes of FOB building are going on, it's just easier if you keep your remaining squad members that aren't engaged in support to help out the closest defense objective. 2.13 ... fix not using nato mils in squad ; 2.13.0 (2020-08-29) Bug Fixes. I'll say something like "decrease range by 25 meters, and shift fire right 2 degrees" as an example. HE rounds are also able to damage or destroy deployables. See below table for the   construction point costs based on the faction. As a mortar squad leader, you MUST be able to see all rounds coming in to your targets. Once they confirm the target setting, instruct them to fire a set of three mortar rounds. Brickwork + Mortar keyboard_arrow_right. Use a piece of paper and mark out 1250m on it using the map scale to make sure you'll be in range of the majority of the action before placing. Great guide. Most players use web-based mortar calculators to get exact settings for their targets. It's extra work, but it helps the team long run if you don't have a good core of squad leaders. A little late, but know that I will be using that calculator. It is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and highly successful Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality. I could kiss you on the mouth for this. My squad leader was crying and didn't want to place an attack marker and was like "if you don't know how to use the calculator get the f out blablabla" What is the point of the mortar calculator? Send A Friend / Colleague This Link! Building Sand (pitsand) m³. The first thing you need to do to establish your firebase is pick an appropriate location. Size: 35.1 MB Genre: Utilities. Using the app I was able to relay mortar settings to my squad quickly, and was able to change targets very fast. After use squadmc mortar calculator many times i can say safely it is the best mortar calculator ever made, like it should be exactly the system the devs should add in the game sadly its not in the game, just wanted to let everyone know (mostly people that still use markers to get distance wich is useless over 100m) this one works very good and is easier to use than any other. You'll want to place mortars in a natural depression in the ground or a compound of some sort so they have as much cover and concealment as possible. You also see the Radius of the Mortar. Then hover over the enemy position or a mortar marker. The typical 80-pound bag of mortar will yield 12 blocks so you can calculate by dividing the square footage by 12. Online Calculator To Work Out Mortar Mix For Your Wall. Wall Dimensions (single row brick wall) Cement Type. Depending on how many personnel are in your squad, you still need to actively manage those personnel. Use the distance chart on the left Use a mortar calculator [squadmc.ende.pro] to determine miliradian and degrees to target, do not use the chart on the mortar; Mortars take 20 seconds to land once fired; Mortars have a minimum range of 50m and a maximum range of 1250m; Running a mortar squad requires a bit of work on everyone's part. Step Three: Estimate Mortar. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Without taking anything away from the person that wrote the linked calculator, I have been preferring this calculator instead. First off - I took the feedback you guys gave me on my last post https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/68v1oa/the_mortar_a_beginners_guide_to_death_from_above/ and did a very in-depth guide to what I've been experimenting with the last few days, and that's running a true support squad running mortars/logistics/fob creating, Link to Video Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP3l9WW6czs, Link for Mortar Calculator - https://trinket.io/python/fddcf68da5. While you can have up to 2 mortars per fob, 2 is honestly a bit overkill in most situations. I'd limit the building of sandbags around the position unless actually needed. AfriSam All Purpose Cement 42,5N (50kg) Enter Length (m) Enter Height (m) Number of Masonary Units (bricks/blocks) each. High explosive rounds deal large damage at detonation. ! Using APKPure App to upgrade Squad Mortar Calc (Unofficial), fast, free and save your internet data. The point of this application is provide the easiest and most accurate prediction for mortar users within the game of Squad. But this one I'm using is literally perfect if you input enough subkeypads accurately. SquadMC - The map-based mortar calculator for Squad Change Log ... fix not using nato mils in squad ; 2.13.0 (2020-08-29) Bug Fixes. Starting small is usually best. Using the Steam overlay and browser, you can even do this from within the game. I find mortars work best if it's not a seperate mortar squad, but one guy dedicated to a single mortar back at the FOB while the SL directs fire from the front. AfriSam All Purpose Cement 42,5N (50kg) bags. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. https://www.youtube.com/c/ZonkyTheDonkey. Now that you know how to fire a mortar, it's time to learn how to fire ACCURATELY. Since we had two mortars we were able to send 6 rounds at any given time, so anything inside of a targeted subgrid was either destroyed or scared shitless. As a Support SL I suggest #1 you take control of all available logistical trucks from the start of the round. Enter the coordinates of your mortar and your target, and this app will display the azimuth and elevation that will deliver your mortar rounds directly on top of your target. More Information . This is a mortar calculator for the game Squad on PC. What do I do with the python script? Thanks for contributing, this is awesome. And as a bonus operator get deep understand how to modify mortar fire to cover area of target. As long as you can see the rounds yourself and in a position to assess the battlefield, it's your call. As soon as you hear their mortars - tell the gunners to conduct a counter battery mission and you'll just farm tickets. Start the game with 3 people. Using APKPure App to upgrade Squad Mortar Calculator, fast, free and save your internet data.Squad Mortar Calculator, fast, free and save your internet data. I've got a few gunners I play with that just use it on their own so I don't have to and it makes things so much easier. Bricks, blocks and mortar (sand & cement) calculator. Online Mortar Calculator is slow and not neccesary to use. Hopefully they'll fix mortars to be like the ones in Project Reality. From there you are ready to quickly enter targeting information. Using mortars against fixed enemy positions such as FOBS, or hill top rally points are the obvious #1 priorities, but you'll sometimes need to call in danger close rounds on friendly forces who are on their last legs defending an enemy point.
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