Details and compatible parents can be found on the Lucario egg moves page. Read on for tips on the best Nature, EV spreads, Movesets, Builds, and Held Items to use with Lucario, as well as Close Combat, Ice Punch and more! The user must rest on the next turn to regain its energy. Swagger--85 15--Gen VII TM87 The user enrages and confuses the target. $19.72 $ 19. Swagger--85: 15--Gen VII TM87: The user enrages and confuses the target. Lucario ist ein Pokémon mit den Typen und , welches seit der 4. Lucario information in Pixelmon Generations. Hi Jump Kick: 130: 10: 90%: If the user misses, it takes half the damage it would have inflicted in recoil. Lucario will not be dethroning the king of fighters (heh), Machamp, as that right goes to possibly Gallade or the bevy of Gen 5 fighting types that will hit the scene (Update: Even this won’t happen, as Machamp received a boost in the Stat Rework, and both Lucario and Gallade’s Move pool are hot garbage). Its poison damage worsens every turn. Lucario is the second non-legendary Pokémon to be in the central role in a Pokémon movie, the first being Unown and the third being Zoroark. Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Lucario in Generation VI Moves marked with a double dagger (‡) can only be bred from a Pokémon who learned the move in an earlier generation. Pokédex Blanco, Negro, Blanco 2 y Negro 2. Es ist die Weiterentwicklung von Riolu und kann seit Pokémon X und Y eine Mega-Entwicklung durchführen. Lucario is a bipedal, canine-like Pokémon, with fur that is predominantly blue and black. Login Required. Lucario first appeared in the generation 4 games and appearing in every game since except the Let's Go's. It has red eyes, a long snout and ears. Watch a replay of a Pokémon battle between Shelaka and Rocket Lucario ([Gen 8] Random Battle) 5--The user intensifies the sun for five turns, powering up Fire-type moves. **Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier), Gen. IV Unknown IV 184 V+ Leveling rate Medium Slow EV yield Total: 2 Lucario 0 HP 1 Atk 0 Def 1 Sp.Atk 0 Sp.Def 0 Speed Mega Lucario 0 HP 0 Atk 0 Def 0 Sp.Atk 0 … Lucarios are bipedal, canine-like Pokémon resembling a jackal with fur that is predominantly blue and black, save for it's chest which is a cream color, with blue fur on its thighs that resembles shorts. Some Lucario are said to be so good that they can sense the aura of creatures up to half a mile away. Lucario is the only non-legendary Pokémon to appear in the opening of the movie, The Rise of Darkrai. Only Trainers who have justice in their hearts can earn this Pokémon’s trust. Lucario GX - 122/131 - Full Art Ultra Rare - Forbidden Light. Oddly enough, toxel is the first baby pokemon since gen 4 Oddly enough, toxel is the first baby pokemon since gen 4 FC: 3583-4718-0257 9 - 'THE FINAL EGG' - (Minecraft GEN 6 Pokemon Mod) 5.0 - Duration: 37:26. dragonpsychicLevitateChoice ScarfChoice SpecsDragon Gem Life Orb Other Draco MeteorSurfTrickDragon PulseRecoverPsyshockRoostCalm Mind Hidden Power Fire Other, rockdarkSand StreamUnnerve Chople BerryLeftoversChoice ScarfChoice Band Other PursuitCrunchSuperpowerStealth RockIce BeamFire BlastEarthquakeStone EdgeOther, grasssteelIron BarbsLeftoversRocky Helmet Other SpikesPower WhipStealth RockKnock OffGyro BallLeech SeedProtectOther, groundflyingIntimidateChoice ScarfLeftoversChoice Band Fighting Gem Other EarthquakeU-turnHidden Power IceStealth RockSuperpowerStone EdgeExplosion Swords Dance Other, waterDrizzleWater Absorb Damp LeftoversChoice ScarfChoice Specs Other ScaldEncoreToxicProtectIce BeamHydro PumpPsychicFocus BlastRefreshHidden Power Grass Other, dragongroundRough SkinChoice ScarfYache BerryLife OrbSalac Berry Rocky Helmet Focus Sash Dragon Gem Leftovers Other EarthquakeOutrageStealth RockSwords DanceDual ChopFire BlastDragon ClawDraco MeteorSubstituteStone EdgeRock Slide Dragon Tail Other, steelpsychicSerene GraceLeftoversShuca BerryChoice ScarfOther U-turnThunderStealth RockIron HeadIcy WindBody SlamCalm MindSubstituteWishWater PulseIce PunchHealing WishProtect Energy Ball Trick Other, groundsteelMold BreakerSand ForceLeftoversChoice ScarfAir Balloon Other EarthquakeRapid SpinIron HeadProtectRock SlideStealth RockToxicOther, steelflyingSturdyWeak Armor Keen Eye LeftoversCustap BerryShed ShellRocky HelmetOther SpikesRoostWhirlwindTauntBrave BirdStealth RockOther, waterghostWater AbsorbDamp Cursed Body LeftoversOther RecoverWill-O-WispTauntNight ShadeScaldOther, waterpoisonRain DishLiquid Ooze Clear Body Black SludgeOther ScaldRapid SpinProtectToxicToxic SpikesSubstituteOther, electricwaterLevitateLeftoversChoice Scarf Other Volt SwitchHydro PumpWill-O-WispPain SplitHidden Power Ice Other, electricsteelMagnet PullAnalytic Sturdy Air BalloonChople BerryChoice Scarf Choice Specs Leftovers Other Hidden Power FireThunderboltSunny DayMagnet RiseFlash CannonVolt SwitchSubstituteThunder Wave Other, waterfightingJustifiedChoice ScarfLeftoversChoice SpecsExpert Belt Payapa Berry Fighting Gem Other Secret SwordHydro PumpSurfScaldHidden Power IceIcy WindProtectToxicHidden Power GhostHidden Power GrassCalm MindSubstituteOther, dragonflyingMultiscaleInner Focus LeftoversChoice BandLum BerryYache BerryDragon GemOther Dragon DanceOutrageExtreme SpeedEarthquakeRoostDragon ClawSubstituteFire PunchSuperpowerHurricane Ice Punch Other, psychicMagic GuardSynchronize Inner Focus Focus SashOther PsychicFocus BlastHidden Power IceEncoreShadow BallThunder Wave Grass Knot Other, waterpsychicAnalyticNatural CureIlluminate LeftoversLife OrbChoice SpecsChoice Scarf Expert Belt Flame Orb Other Rapid SpinHydro PumpIce BeamScaldRecoverTrickPsyshockThunderThunderboltThunder WaveBlizzard Surf Other, electricflyingVolt AbsorbLeftoversYache Berry Life Orb Sitrus Berry Ice Gem Other Hidden Power IceThunderFocus BlastSubstituteAgilityThunderboltNasty PlotGrass Knot Other, bugsteelTechnicianLight Metal Swarm Choice BandLife OrbFlying GemLeftoversChoice Scarf Other Bullet PunchSuperpowerU-turnPursuitSwords DanceRoostAcrobaticsBug BiteOther, grassfightingPoison HealTechnicianEffect Spore Toxic OrbChoice BandLife Orb Focus Sash Other ProtectMach PunchBullet SeedLow SweepSeed BombFocus PunchSubstituteDrain PunchSwords DanceFacadeBulk UpSuperpowerStone EdgeRock Tomb Thunder Punch Other, icegroundThick FatOblivious Life OrbNever-Melt IceSalac BerryFocus Sash Choice Band Other EarthquakeIce ShardIcicle CrashStone EdgeSubstituteSuperpowerStealth RockOther, psychicMagic GuardOvercoat Regenerator LeftoversLife OrbFlame Orb Other RecoverCalm MindFocus BlastPsychicHidden Power IceThunderPsyshockTrick RoomShadow BallOther, firesteelFlash FireLeftoversAir BalloonChoice Scarf Other ProtectLava PlumeEarth PowerStealth RockToxicHidden Power IceMagma StormSunny DayWill-O-WispSubstituteRoar Taunt Fire Blast Other, groundflyingPoison HealHyper Cutter Toxic OrbFlying Gem Other EarthquakeProtectSwords DanceFacadeRoostTauntSubstituteToxicWing AttackAcrobaticsKnock Off Ice Fang Baton Pass Other, dragoniceTeravoltChoice BandLife Orb Choice Scarf Other Fusion BoltOutrageDragon ClawIce BeamEarth Power Facade Freeze Shock Other.
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