522 - RacetracksUsed for auto, horse, motorcycle, go-cart, or drag racing. 580 - Camps, Camping Facilities and Resorts. 330 - Vacant Land Located in Commercial Areas, 331 - Commercial Vacant Land with Minor Improvements, 340 - Vacant Land Located in Industrial Areas, 341 - Industrial Vacant Land with Minor Improvements. They will have extensive concrete foundations for industrial equipment and a high voltage electrical system. Note: The Tax Practitioner Institute classes are only scheduled at certain times of the year.Classes are normally scheduled by July each year. 873 - Gas Measuring and Regulation Station, 874 - Electric Power Generation Facility - Hydro, 875 - Electric Power Generation Facility - Fossil Fuel, 876 - Electric Power Generation Facility - Nuclear, 877 - Electric Power Generation Facility - Other Fuel, 880 - Electric and Gas Transmission and Distribution, 884 - Electric Distribution - Outside Plant Property, 885 - Gas Distribution - Outside Plant Property, 900 - WILD, FORESTED, CONSERVATION LANDS AND PUBLIC PARKS. An amusement facility that is not a fairground, amusement park, game farm, or a social organization should be coded "530" (division). 440 - Storage, warehouse and distribution facilities. 670 - CorrectionalUsed by any governmental jurisdiction for housing within the criminal justice system. Each class’s portion of property tax is called its ‘class share’. 352 - Shell Building - CommercialVacant land with a commercial building envelope. Exams will be given in the ORPTS regional offices. Rather than create duplicate codes for all property types where ownership can vary, with or without water frontage, waterfront/ownership codes have been developed to be used with existing property type codes. 553 - Private Golf Country ClubsIncludes those with other sports and dining facilities. 400 - Commercial - Property used for the sale of goods and/or services. (See code 270 for individual mobile homes.). 712 - High Tech. 455 - Dealerships - Sales and Service (other than auto with large sales operation)Boats (also refer to code 570), snowmobiles, garden equipment, etc. NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. 821 - Flood ControlLand used for the accumulation, storage or diversion of water for flood control purposes only. 614 - Special Schools and InstitutionsUsed for the physically or mentally impaired. 872 - Electric SubStationElectric Power Generation FacilitiesIncludes all land and facilities associated with electric generating stations, i.e. Equalization for coordinated assessment programs, Interest rate on late payment of property taxes, Interest rates on court-ordered property tax refunds, Legal memos, papers and miscellaneous laws, State Board of Real Property Tax Services. 215 - One Family Year-Round Residence with Accessory ApartmentA one family, year round residence with a secondary self contained dwelling unit. Sign up online or download and mail in your application. 184 - Livestock: deer, moose, llamas, buffalo, etc. Therefore, a parcel which includes a building used principally by a telephone company for accounting or customer billing should be coded in this category. 105 - Agricultural Vacant Land (Productive)Land used as part of an operating farm. In accordance with New York City Real Property Tax Law §1802, DOF classifies every parcel of property in New York City into one of four tax classes for real-estate tax purposes. 120 - Field CropsPotatoes, wheat, hay, dry beans, corn, oats, and other field crops. 692 - Roads, Streets, Highways and Parkways, Express or Otherwise (if listed) Including Adjoining Land. 453 - Large Retail OutletsThese facilities are usually complemented by a large supermarket and have ample parking (e.g., Ames, Wal-Mart, etc.). Does not include landfills and dumps (see code 852). 551 - Skiing CentersMay include sleeping and dining facilities; not ski facilities of resort complexes. 661 - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast GuardInstallations, Radar, etc. Does not include a small garage where space is being rented out (see code 439). 432 - Service and Gas StationsSell gasoline and/or provide minor repairs and services. 441 - Fuel Storage and Distribution FacilitiesFacility for fuel storage and distribution including gasoline, oil, liquid petroleum bottled gas, natural gas, and coal. Training The Educational Services unit at the Office of Real Property Tax Services administers the New York State Assessment Certification Program for: County Directors, Assessors, Real Property Appraisers, and Candidates for Assessor… H&R Block virtual tax classes are a safe and convenient way to learn everything you ever wanted to know about taxes from, well anywhere. 714 - Light Industrial Manufacturing and ProcessingThese structures may have been built for a specific manufacturing process. Each category is composed of divisions, indicated by the second digit, and subdivisions (where required), indicated by a third digit. Usually found when an operating farm is made up of a number of contiguous parcels. For class 2 properties with more than 10 units, and all class 4 properties… 480 - Multiple Use or Multi-purposeA building readily adaptable, with little physical change, for more than one use or purpose. These kinds of ownership, and land that includes water frontage, may exist in many classes of property, for instance residential, commercial, recreation, etc. For those using the New York State Real Property System (RPS), the waterfront/ownership field is located on the property description and location update screen. Tax … This following property classification code changes will be established beginning with the 2007 assessment roll. After that the appropriate Pipeline designation should be chosen from the 740 series. Real-world examples and case studies will enhance the theoretical and practical aspects of the class. 800-984-1040 (Monday through Friday) 10120 W. Broad St., Suite A, Glen Allen, VA 23060 The New York State Office of Real Property Services has developed a simple and uniform classification system to be used in assessment administration in New York State. 281 - Multiple ResidencesMore than one residential dwelling on one parcel of land. and Motion Picture Studios, 521 - Stadiums, Arenas, Armories, Field Houses. 438 - Parking LotA commercial open parking lot for motor vehicles. New for calendar year 2020 - Storefront Registry: You must register with the City if you own a property with ground-floor or second-floor commercial premises (storefronts). And with work from home on the rise, our virtual income tax … Your property tax rate is based on your tax class. The type of property you own determines your class and how property value is assessed. State law limits how much the assessed value of class 2A and 2B buildings in New York City can rise each year – no more than 8% from the year prior, or 30% over five years.
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