AirPods Ispra Series Case … This likely won’t be an issue as the AirPods Pro are at least as durable as the AirPods 1 & 2, and those can survive falling off a ladder and going through a wash cycle. This is somewhat inconvenient but the plus side is that there is no seam connecting the top piece (those usually break). Video related to catalyst airpods pro case. An included metal carabiner makes this case even more worth your while. The AirPods Pro improve on previous generations of Apple earbuds in many ways but, at the end of the day, they still have the same glossy plastic finish that attracts scratches like a magnet. The i-Blason Cosmo case is a stylish AirPods 3 accessory that adds both distinction and extra drop protection to your earbuds’ charging case. Most all of them are the same low price, though, making this a simple option for anyone trying to protect their AirPods Pro on a budget. Grab the grippy edge and secure a carabiner for convenient portability… Enjoy 10% off for the ... AirPods Pro Lumen Series Case Black Crystal (Clear/Black) A$54.95. The Proof Labs case is thin enough to allow wireless power transferal and it has pinholes where the LEDs on the Airpods Pro are. The KillBR 3D Bulldog case is one of the coolest AirPods Pro accessories around, especially if you love French bulldogs. This case isn’t quite as bulky as the original Motorola Instinct 200 but it is still a little larger than your average case. It also keeps your Airpods case hygienic as real soap would thanks to the antimicrobial Micropel material that is blended in. If that sentence made you cringe, though, you can always strap your charge case to your wrist with the Battle Pods’ included wrist strap, which can tightly buckle to a bag for maximum security. It doesn’t add much grip to your case but it offers some basic drop protection and the option to connect the included metal carabiner. This silicone case is thin enough to allow wireless charging, but consequently but it is so thin that it also won’t absorb much impact damage from a drop. This single-piece case is made from genuine leather which adds both durability and distinction to your Airpods Pro charge case. This case has a handy port cover to keep dust from building up in the charging case’s Lightning port and a clear pinhole to show the external charging LED. Slide your AirPods Pro case into the Lumen Series case for unbeatable OtterBox protection with a bit of flair. The V-Moro Canvas case is a stylish way to distinguish your AirPod Pros from the rest of the pack. The Dosobli Airpods Pro Case is a fairly standard cover option that uses your basic recipe of 2mm of silicone on all sides. AirPods case from Otterbox for every style and activity. Another stylish touch on this case is the fact that it has an “invisible” charge light window and setup button cover, so you can use these two functions without interfering with the case’s style. VideoVideo related to catalyst airpods pro case2020-02-25T16:12:15-05:00. If you want to add some class to the design of your Airpods Pro, then the Maxjoy Leather Airpods Pro Case Cover is just the accessory for you. When you factor in the cheap price, it is a sure pick. IP67 waterproof design. This clever Joyleop Xbox Controller Case is a great AirPods Pro accessory for the gamer who simply can’t put down their controller. Incase AirPods Pro Case with Woolenex - Previous Gallery Image; Incase AirPods Pro Case with Woolenex - Next Gallery Image; Only at Apple. The front charging LED is visible through this case but it does not have a keyring loop, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to be able to attach your case to a bag or belt loop. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best AirPods Pro cases ranging from rugged bumper frames to stylish character covers. Your AirPods Pro case will be safe from scratches and scuffs as well as damage from drops. It is still capable of surviving drop after drop, especially when you reduce the overall chance of dropping by using the included carabiner. But don’t let that fool you. Grab the grippy edge and secure a carabiner for convenient portability. This case works with wired and wireless charging without issue and is fairly slim aside from its protruding horn and ears. The OtterBox Ispra Series cases are available now in Black Hole, Moon Crystal Grey, Spacesuit Blue, and Infinity Pink for about US$30 ea. FREE SHIPPING on All Orders (*details) Support Support Center; Warranty; Order Status ... Add to Cart - AirPods Pro Lumen Series Case in BLACK CRYSTAL. This case (and cases like it) is ideal if you want to keep your Airpods Pro charge case looking brand new because it has more TPU padding than the average Airpods Pro case. In my humble opinion, the ESR Hybrid Frame Case offers just the right amount of visual distinction without dominating the clean design of the AirPods Pro. It adds style and drop protection to your earbuds though you will have to remove it to charge wirelessly. But what happens when you lose your charge case? Fragrance fiends rejoice, as you can now protect your AirPods Pro charge case with the Elinglife Perfume Bottle case, whose Coco Chanel-inspired design looks just as luxurious as the rest of your outfit. It actually fits the AirPods Pro charge case so well that you need an included tool to remove it from the case. Your AirPods Pro case will be safe from scratches and scuffs, as well as damage from drops. The answer is yes, kind of. Catalyst AirPods Pro Case. It is designed to look like a high-end perfume bottle and its included keyring also has a pom puffball to make it look even more premium. The Caseology Vault case might look plain but it offers a lot of utility between its grippy texture and its included metal carabiner. It is clear with black accents where the case is reinforced for drop protection. AirPods Ispra Series Case AirPods Pro Ispra Series Case EXO EDGE Case for Apple Watch Series 6/SE/4/5 44mm EXO EDGE Case for Apple Watch Series 6/SE/4/5 40mm EXO EDGE pour Apple Watch Series 3 42mm EXO EDGE Case for Apple Watch Series … It also comes with a metal carabiner and a storage case. It is a little harder to open because of this but this is a worthwhile tradeoff for those thrillseekers who have to bring their AirPods Pro with them everywhere, no matter how dangerous. According to this article from Apple Support, the earbuds and the case are IPX4 rated for water resistance. While younger readers might not instantly recognize the reference, this hilarious Beeper Case from ChillNChic is a great throwback for anyone who remembers the day of personal pagers. It even comes with an adhesive strip to keep the top piece from slipping off after heavy use. 8 Best AirPod Covers: Which Is Right for You? It is considerably slimmer than the Tough Armor case while still offering decent protection, making it a good hybrid option for someone who is rough on their stuff but still wants a slim case. If you want to be the very best AirPods Pro owner like no one ever was, then you would be wise to outfit your charge case with this protective Silicone Poké Ball case. The Miracase Liquid Silicone case ups the ante on other silicone AirPods Pro cases with the addition of an anti-fingerprint coating that helps keep this cover looking as classy as the case inside of it. The Big Ear Stitch case is sure to be a hit with Disney fans, especially those with a soft spot for Lilo and Stitch. Both the Catalyst Waterproof case and the Kmmin Waterproof Case are IP68-rated for water resistance, making them better suited to in wet climates. This heavy-duty case may be bulky but it offers comprehensive protection for your AirPods Pro thanks to its thick silicone coating. Wireless charge compatible. EverythingApplePro proves so in this YouTube video. This Kingxbar Floral Bling case comes in a number of cute styles, all of which add that extra touch of glam with official Swarovski crystal accents. That way you can have a case within a case within a case. It focuses its bulk around the edges so that it can still work with wireless charging. Unlike most of the other cases we’ve seen, this one has a rubber hinge connecting the lid and the main body. The only thing that would substantially improve this case design would be a carabiner loop. The Kingxbar TPU Gradient case is a stylish AirPods Pro cover that uses an anti-slip coating and a shockproof TPU frame to keep your charge case secure as you take it along everywhere. For convenient portability, grab the grippy edge and clip on a carabiner to take them with you … As its down-to-business name suggests, the Supcase Battle Pods Case is a serious defender case option for those with a history of breaking their nice stuff. The outer TPU layer is slim and lightweight enough to allow wireless charging without issue. If you are just looking for a simple silicone cover for your AirPods Pro charge case, then the Elago Hang Case offers about everything you could ask for. This two-piece case provides a grippy surface on the rear to keep the charge case in your hand and a stylish lanyard that looks a little classier than a silicone ring. If you want to add some unique flair to your AirPods Pro, then you have over a dozen designs in which you can order this cute marble case from Cagos. This keyring isn’t as useful as a full-on carabiner but it helps sell the look of this fashion-forward AirPods Pro case. AirPods Ispra Series Case AirPods Pro Ispra Series Case EXO EDGE Case for Apple Watch Series 6/SE/4/5 44mm EXO EDGE Case for Apple Watch Series 6/SE/4/5 40mm EXO EDGE pour Apple Watch Series 3 42mm EXO EDGE Case for Apple Watch Series … Your AirPods Pro case will be safe from scratches and scuffs, as well as damage from drops. The case is made with 4mm of silicone, which gives it decent shock resistance while still allowing wireless charging. Unfortunately, this is one of the few cases we came across that doesn’t work with wireless charging, so you have to be willing to slide it off whenever you want to use this feature of your AirPods. Though the aerodynamic design of the Atemto Double Layer Dot case is a big part of its charm, there is more than meets the eye with this case. The SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a variation on the heavy-duty protective case style originally seen from Spigen. The material is soft yet durable, providing 360-degree protection from scratches. Basically, you get the best of both worlds from this clear TPU cover. This Stitch-inspired case doesn’t fit as easily in the pocket because of the large ears on the side but it does help distinguish your AirPods Pro case from others. If you like the general design of the Doboli case reviewed above but want a rubber port cover, then this BRG case is a solid choice. Discover over 50 of the best AirPods Pro case designs, from rugged to sleek to chic. OtterBox is currently offering the Ispra Series for AirPods and AirPods Pro at $29.95, and the Lumen Series for Air Pods Pro at $34.95. Both the Inspra and Lumen Series cases do not interfere with wireless charging. If only this case came in a few more colors. OtterBox Lumen Series Case for AirPods Pro. If you are concerned about waterproofing your AirPods Pro charge case, then you should opt for one of the two waterproof case covers we reviewed on this list. These can break with too much abuse so keep that in mind when you open and close your charge case. The stitched seam makes this case a little bulkier than others in the pocket but you can use the included carabiner to clip it to your bag or belt loops if you are really concerned about its size. This design adds a little bulk to your phone but it makes up for it with extra silicone material to absorb impact. Free shipping on all orders Notify Me - AirPods Pro Lumen Series Case in BLACK CRYSTAL. It is a stylish pick that also offers some much-needed scratch protection for your charge case. And in the same way that this case adds just enough padding to keep the charge case’s wireless functions intact, this case also adds just enough color to tell your AirPods apart from others’. In comparison to other AirPods cases… Just be mindful that the top piece tends to slip off over time. A protective case is a must-have if you want to keep your earbuds’ charging case looking brand new. It is sleek, inexpensive, and it comes in dozens of different colors. That means a slimmer and safer charge case. †† We approximate your location from your internet IP address by matching it to a geographic region or from the location entered during your previous visit to Apple. It also provides both drop protection and added portability in the form of a heart-shaped carabiner clip. If you are up for changing things up a bit, this case also comes in sand stone and marine green colors. Another feature that we love about this case is that it comes with adhesive tape pre-installed so that you can enjoy the flexibility of its two-piece design without having to worry about the top piece sliding off. We thought so. A combination of PC and TPU materials allows this case to outperform most silicone cases in drop protection and the included carabiner gives you something extra to latch onto to keep from dropping your expensive earbuds in the first place. The Tensea Tough Armor case adds a healthy layer of TPU material to your stock AirPods Pro case for 360-drop protection when you are on the go. If you are totally paranoid about dropping your AirPods Pro case, then the massive Spigen Tough Armor case will earn you peace of mind. The Ispra and Lumen series are this company’s first for Apple’s truly-wireless earbuds. Despite the limited color selection and the cheesy fake carbon fiber accents, the Spigen Rugger Armor case is one of the best AirPods Pro case covers available. I have browsed a lot of AirPods Pro cases and still not found another case that quite matches the zen garden appeal of the Curve, never mind the grippy texture it offers. Though the AirPods Pro are IPX4-rated for water resistance, that may not be enough for those who live an extreme lifestyle. Note: Products sold through this website that do not bear the Apple brand name are serviced and supported exclusively by their manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions packaged with the products. The BRG case includes a carabiner for clipping to bags or clothing but the rubber carabiner loop doesn’t seem as durable as other options. If you are looking for an AirPods Pro Case that offers the most protection with the minimal bulk, the KeyBudz AirPods Pro Case is my personal favorite choice. But even if your charge case is fully water-resistant, the AirPods themselves won't be, so you should probably still keep your AirPods Pro away from anything that could get it wet. The waterproof seal on the  Lightning port is much easier to access. ), which consist of a clear case … Add to Cart - Symmetry Series Folio for iPad (8th gen) and iPad (7th gen)(10.2") in STARRY NIGHT. Its two-piece design is easy to install but the top part tends to slip off without some kind of adhesive. You should replace that with a metal chain if you actually want to use it. The biggest downside of this design is that it only comes in four very similar colors, but we can look past that. … Its edges and corners are all reinforced with PC, ensuring it can take scratch after scratch without passing any harm on to your AirPods charge case. For that reason, you should only invest in this case if you plan to keep it clean inside and out. The Twelve South AirSnap Pro case may be pricey but it is one of the most high-quality leather AirPods Pro cases available. Alternatively, you can remove this and keep it in your pocket. Not only does the Case-Mate Soap Bubble Cover add a semi-clear iridescent sheen to your Airpods Pro but it also protects them from drops and scratches. Or call 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE. The silicone material isn’t thick enough to fully protect from drops but the AirPods Pro charge case really doesn’t need extra impact resistance. It sports a charming canvas weave on top and a high-density PC bumper frame underneath. The Lumen Series combines a sleek clear case with a black bumper to keep your AirPods Pro case protected from scratches and drops. Okay, it’s a little redundant but it’s a nice touch nonetheless. This two-piece case uses sturdy TPU to meet military-grade drop test standards and even provides adhesive strips to prevent the common issue of the top piece slipping off your case. The KeyBudz case has two separate layers of silicone and polycarbonate to provide both scratch and drop protection. Popular Apple Cases. OtterBox has long been a staple in protecting smartphones and tablets, but it’s now moved into protecting AirPods. The Spigen Rugged Armor AirPods Case shares many qualities with its larger counterpart, the Tough Armor case, albeit in a more reasonable form factor. The Maxjoy case cover also includes a strap to connect the Airpods and a hardshell carry case. The only glaring downside is that its included keyring is only attached by a weak string. If you want to keep your charge case looking brand new, then an AirPods Pro case cover is exactly what you need. Slide your AirPods Pro case into the Lumen Series case for unbeatable OtterBox protection with a bit of flair. There are a lot of cat-inspired case designs out there but I still like the Lupct Black Lucky Cat case best because it is easy to spot from a distance. This modern case from VRS Design is a stylish way to add some extra drop protection to your AirPods Pro without compromising their sleek, contemporary design. It keeps the front LED visible and works with wireless charging no problem. The BRG Airpods Pro Case Cover is a reliable way to protect your Airpods Pro charge case from scratches and bumps. The top cover is a separate piece from the bottom cover, which means that it can fall off if you open and close your case often. Why there are so many Minions AirPods cases on Amazon is entirely beyond my own understanding. OtterBox’s Lumen Series Case offers some serious protection for your AirPods’ charge case as it is one of the only cases we found that reinforces TPE material with zinc and aluminum alloy. The only downside is that it currently only comes in black. This silicone case is molded to look like one rocking some stylish sunglasses. I just wish that the included carabiner matched the color theme a little better. No matter which you pick, you get a two-piece case, so expect the top cover to slip every once in a while. OtterBox on Thursday launched protective covers for AirPods and AirPods Pro cases. It combines the retro design of the classic iPod shuffle with the build quality we’ve come to expect from Spigen. The Catalyst case meets military-grade drop test standards, so it is also useful for preventing cosmetic damage to your AirPods Pro charge case. 51 Best AirPods Pro Cases: Your Buyer’s Guide, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. It comes in three different marble-inspired designs and they all work great with wireless charging. shop. At … That’s why Filoto made this eye-catching Crystal Bling case, which is inlaid with glittery crystals on all sides. I wish it came with a real carabiner instead of a silicone keyring but it is still nice to have the option to tie it to something if you desire. Lumen Series is available for AirPods Pro (MSRP $34.95). So what is a minion? It uses a fairly standard soft silicone design but stands out for its large color selection and rubber port covers. It works fine with wireless and wired charging, making it some of the best bang for your buck in terms of added protection. The Xuyoz Silicone Camera case is an homage to Polaroid camera of the early 90s, making it a stylish choice for photographers with an appreciation for retro style. Grab the grippy edge and secure a carabiner for convenient portability… Charging is a breeze with wireless charging that powers through the case. More ways to shop: Find an Apple Store or other retailer near you. If you are looking for a cute Airpods case to distinguish your charging case from everyone else’s, then this Coralogo Character Case is a great fit. However, the product you're looking for is no longer available on Its included keyring isn’t as reliable as a metal carabiner but you can always swap this out per your preference. The bumper frame provides extra protection without interfering with wireless or wired charging. Surprisingly, this case works fine with wireless charging too. This case comes in quite a few color options, though they all have separate listings on Amazon, so they are tricky to sort through. This case comes at a budget price that competes with instant ramen as well, especially when you consider that it also protects your charge case from drops and scratches. The Mulafnxal Pink Unicorn case is pretty much the cutest way to keep your AirPods Pro charge case safe from drops and scratches. Its compact design resists scratches and fingerprints without interfering with wireless charging. The top piece will slide off on occasion but this can be fixed with some basic adhesive. That means that it won’t be the best choice for protecting from repeated drops but the AirPod Pros are fairly durable on their own. But it is either that or rely on a slim piece of rubber to keep the top and bottom cover intact. The case opens and closes easily with the cover on and it works with wireless charging as well. I only wish it came in more than 3 colors. If you prefer the feel of a more premium material like aluminum, then this Kekilo Metal case is the perfect accessory for you. Grab the grippy edge and secure a carabiner for convenient portability. The added bulk of the Tough Armor’s air-cushioned corners might make the AirPods Pro charge case a little harder to fit into your pocket but you can’t complain too much when it still works with wireless charging. They do, however, get lost easily, which is why Apple created a Find My AirPods feature to track down errant earbuds. Apple’s Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Apple branded, even if packaged or sold with Apple products. It prevents scratches from building up on the surface of your charge case without interfering with its ability to wirelessly charge. For convenient portability, grab the grippy edge and clip on a carabiner to take them with you … What you see in the graphic is a portrayal of the case’s tri-layer design, which uses different materials to provide comprehensive protection for your Airpods Pro case. This silicone case offers some solid drop protection thanks to its soft rubbery inner sleeve and rigid bumper frame. It has a simple two-piece design, eliminating the need for a hinge on the cover. Plus, if your pockets are feeling too stretched out, you can always clip your AirPods to a gear loop using the included carabiner. But one thing is for sure: they absorb shock quite well and it feels much better see one of those hit the ground than my precious AirPods. The uColor Glitter Waterfall case is a unique way to protect your AirPods Pro charge case from both drops and scratches without inhibiting its core uses. It is refreshing to see well-known brands like Spigen delve into novelty case designs like this Classic Shuffle case. OtterBox Ispra Series AirPods Case Bottom line: The Ispra Series gives your AirPods Pro a nice, grippy base and a snug fit. This writer is still not entirely sure. Beneath that, you have a standard blend of silicone and PC, which helps prevent drops and scratches from marring your charge case. That way you have a case for your charge case’s case. Possibly the coolest aspect of this case is that its keychain holder is completely removable so you can have a totally smooth case if you decide not to use the included carabiner. The ESR AirPods case cover is a no-nonsense two-piece case that prevents scratches and scruffs from forming on the charging case of your expensive earbuds. It comes in a number of different character designs, including this bear one pictured, a lucky cat, and several Pokémon. –- Advertisement -– Additionally, OtterBox is offering the Lumen Series cases for AirPods Pro (US$35 ea. This case includes a metal carabiner to clip to a bag but you might want to replace the janky keyring that attaches it to the case itself. Most aren't designed to reduce impact damage so they really won't help much if you dropped your AirPods down a flight of stairs. Considering how durable the AirPod Pros are to begin with, I have no problem literally throwing mine across the room with this case on. That said, the AirPods Pro don't exactly need any extra drop protection, as they are surprisingly durable on their own. If you frequently find yourself around crashing storms or sudden snow flurries, you would benefit from the waterproof design of the Catalyst Premium case. The Lumen Series . It works with wireless charging and has a carabiner clip for added grip. As an added bonus, this case comes with two different-shaped carabiners to attach to its built-in loop. It even comes in 12 different color options. As durable as the Apple AirPods Pro and its charge case are, their polished white plastic is still vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. That said, this case has an included carabiner so you won’t have to worry about losing your charge case at the bottom of a bag. As redundant as that sounds, it is surprisingly convenient. Thanks to its compact design and included carabiner, you can pack this mini-controller along anywhere while protecting your charge case from drops and scratches at the same time. They provide the added utility of a carabiner clip but the included metal carabiner doesn’t fit as many loops as the one on the Spigen Tough Armor does. It offers basic protection against scratches and scrapes without interfering with wireless charging and it comes with a detachable carabiner for securing your 3rd-gen AirPods wherever you go.
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