Its versatility makes Detroit Truetrac the ideal traction solution for almost any type of vehicle. Moser offers many differentials for the 12 bolt. 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This is because the limited slip differential will transfer power to the wheel that grips, and also because the tires are spinning at a high rate of speed when traction is achieved. The Posi spreads the wheel power for wheel management. Thus, the differential keeps in under control. There are three types of differentials that a vehicle could have; open differentials, locking differentials, and limited slip differentials (LSD). The limited slip differential is one way to get that lost traction to the wheel that had the most grip. The Posi slip lowers the spinning noticeably. of preload many perform better than a differential with 1500 … Posi is limited slip. Posi-traction is just a GM trademark for limitid slip differentials and traction lok is fords. As a result, the power remains in both wheels. Overall, the new Dura Grips are superior to the admired and sought after original OEM GM positraction. General Motors has several names for its LSD, or Limited Slip Differential, unit. The redistribution of power compensates for the failure of traction. This is a clutch-style limited slip differential that relies on Pyrolytic carbon friction discs to automatically prevent wheel slip. A posi & limted slip are the same thing. While sending the power both wheels perform as forward and reverse function. ! Commonly referred to as Posi-traction, the exact same clutch-based LSD is … At lower speeds, once the cornering is done, the differential automatically locks again. Yukon has developed Dura Grip limited slip differentials for: Chrysler 9.25″ Dana 44. Auburn Pro Series. “Positraction” is the trade name General Motors gave its limited slip differential units in GM and Chevrolet vehicles in the late 1950s. We are at your service. Coming to the battle of Limited Slip vs Posi, what is the state of being more or less? Depending on the manufacturer, there are a lot of different trade names: Posi trac, sure grip or track loc but they all work the same. The tool works well in snow, sludge, showers, and frost. To say that one is better than the others is inaccurate, because each of these serve a specific purpose and your choice depends on how you use your vehicle. There is the Eaton Posi, Auburn, Detroit Locker, Truetrac and a few different spools. But when its hot it will chatter a bit going around corners. Or else, the restricted traction would spin more and cause tire wear fastest. traction lok=limited slip=posi-traction There are a couple different types of rear differentials, open and limited slip. We ensure our quality as we know that we do in better way than the other. All rights reserved. A locking differential will do just that: it locks the gears so that torque is provided to both drive wheels. The term Positraction describes the mechanism that provides drivers with more traction control of their cars than they get with an open differential. 35 vs 40 Tires: Which One is Competent to You? The axle shaft can spin at several speeds. The full name was "Posi-Trac." But we will go through all the aspects of both differentials to choose one. ram air dad Member : posted February 25, 2005 04:23 PM So have a look to find the differences. Once activated, both axles are 100 percent locked and both wheels will share the same revolutions, so there will be slipping on the inside tire. Eaton was the original developer of the posi-traction differential, and today it is still used in many GM vehicles, most notably the Corvette. tru-trac is a gear-style limited slip axle. Use with conventional GL-5 or synthetic gear oils. Ford used the name Traction Lock, Chrysler used the name Power Lock for their Spicer limited slip and Sure Grip for their Auburn limited slip. a trac loc and limited slip is the same creature,thats most likely what you have,if it is a true posi,it wont let one wheel travel faster around corners therefore making a chirping noise while turning Cars have always had limited slips in them, I don't care what they called them, they're all limited slip. I thought limited slip (aka "Traction Lock") uses clutches to … 01-15-2005, 11:29 PM. Yes, It's Tony behind the screen making the site awesome and helpful for every car owners and mechanics. Wasn't great with an open rear either, but you could at least keep in on the road. Here it is! 2.0 Radflo's, PRG Uppers, Sliders, Shackles, Add-a-leaf, Bilstein 5100's, Rear Tire Carrier, 285/75R16 Open Country's. The Posi differential is the machinery that allows increased control over traction while driving. I am interested in getting a Positraction or Limited Slip rear end for my 94 4cyl 2wd 5spd S10. Rather, choosing one of these differentials will be based on how and where you drive most often. Weathertech Tonneau Cover Vs BakFlip, Which One is Perfect! Trac-Loc Limited-Slip Posi: The Trac-Loc Limited Slip Differential is designed as a direct replacement for the hard to find expensive OEM unit, or for those enthusiasts desiring to convert to a limited slip. In the contest of Limited Slip Vs Posi, both differentials work better. Preload refers to the load on the clutch, not the torque required to slip the clutch. Husky WeatherBeater Vs X-Act Contour: Which One Is for You? A differential is to run the wheels pair while driving and permit it to spin at several speeds. Or are they one and the same? That’s my guess. The Moroso is super strong, its been in My Chevelle for 15 years or so and is raced a lot, And used to be street driven a lot too. The reason was the word posi was to gear head like and limited slip sounded more consumer friendly. Instead, a set of helical gears rely on torsion to provide the torque to the wheel with the most traction.
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