Why doe my pregnant belly get very soft sometimes? To get some relief from constipation, you need to follow these very simple steps: Most important is you should drink maximum water, that you can; and the best thing would be to have lukewarm or warm water if you are facing constipation . Take extra precautions to be safe from slipping. I thought I felt the baby twitching/fluttering a week ago from the inside but  am unsure if it was just gas. For instance, with my son, at 16 weeks my stomach was already hard, but with this pregnancy at 28 weeks my stomach is just now starting to get hard. hi i have the same problem.. & have had 2 miscarriages.. sometimes ii feel ma belly its hard & others its very soft & im thinkin whats going on.. but i am 4 & half months now & lost my other 2 at just 9 weeks. Stomach-tightening is … The baby's bones start out as soft cartilages, which then develop and ossify to become hard skeletal structures as the baby absorbs more and more calcium from the mother's body during the entire course of the pregnancy [2].As this happens, the mother may get a feeling of excessive hardness in her belly. i am 39 weeks pregnant and for the passed few weeks my stomach has gotten a lot softer. from my beelly button down my skin is like loose now and its not hard and i never feel the baby kick there. Usually it's very hard. I am 15 weeks atm and am quite big i think for so early. But now sometimes when I sit I notice it gets really soft. Pregnancy is often an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it is also a time filled with strange new physical symptoms or experiences. My stomach is smaller and softer than it was 2 weeks ago. Now today for the last 5-6 hours my stomach is constantly hard. Some people may find it hard to tell the difference between being bloated or pregnant as they can share similar symptoms. Every women and every pregnancy is different. so when i showed my boyfriend's family they all freaked out and made me rush over to the er and they scared the hell out of me. .but till the time they exist, they may cause you whole lot of troublel. I know this is stupid question but it actually makes me nervous when this happens. Just wondering is anyone else is experiencing the same..I am 17 weeks 1 day.  I cannot feel my uterus. Thus, giving out hard stools and bad feeling for all the day along with a hard, bloating stomach. I have slight, lets say looseness from my previous pregnancy so its soft and flabby below my belly button but hard up to my bra line. Why is this seeing as the babys down the bottom? Watch out for ice, snow and wet leaves, and newly waxed or mopped floors. Stomach Hardening During Pregnancy. It is still soft. 2. This was 32 weeks This is 33 weeks The top is soft, but I can feel her feet and knees." Anyone know why this is, or in the same boat? You're due the day after me and I think if C were to drop anytime soon DH would freak out! I have an appointment tomorrow. It usually just depends on how C is sitting. I have been having a lot of weird cervical pains the last few days (different than "lightening crotch" pains) and lots of BH contractions. Belly Signs To Show Your Pregnant With A Boy. Developing Foetal skeleton. My tummy goes back and forth between hard and soft and has this entire time. I am 36 weeks pregnant and I noticed sometimes my belly gets very soft. Wear sensible shoes—no slick soles or high heels—that fit properly.
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