Advantages of Quantitative Research. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Quantitative Analysis. Research is the most widely used tool to increase and brush-up the stock of knowledge about something and someone. As one of the advantages, the research problem is stated in set and specific terms to avoid any misinterpretation by the sampled population in answering any question concerning the topic under study (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 1992). Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each method, it becomes possible to formulate a more accurate, informed and complete choice. A brief comparison of distinct advantages and disadvantages of this research method is as under: Advantages and disadvantages of Quantitative research Advantages of Quantitative Research Disadvantages of Quantitative Research. Keywords: qualitative and quantitative research, advantages, disadvantages, testing and assessment 1. This essay will initially present the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research and briefly quantitative research. It is a unique data relationship that the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research are able to provide. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Can be used when large quantities of data need to be collected. It becomes possible to understand attitudes. In the field of marketing, business, sociology, psychology, science & technology, economics, etc. Qualitative Research. Read a research study and identify the design Recent approaches to research design include using both qualitative and quantitative research -- a mixed-methodology research design. Compares quantitative and qualitative data. The qualitative methodology intends to understand a complex reality and the meaning of actions in a given context. Quantitative research employs inductive reasoning, centring on hypothesis testing. Advantages and disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research The research is defined as a dynamic activity with the aim of building an increasing patrimony of knowledge. The age long war between the two paradigms of research have waged on for decades. While the necessity to sample a large population size can be a benefit of quantitative research, it can also be a negative factor. Both are important for gaining different kinds of knowledge. Qualitative research method makes use of exploratory research by understanding the opinions, reasons and motivations related to the study. Practical: Experiments are closed experiments whereas society is open experiment/ individuals are complex- unlike chemicals/ can't study the past/Money- employ people to carry it out; Ethical : informed constant- are vulnerable groups fully aware? Provides depth and detail. 757 Words 4 Pages. Data collection with quantitative research takes place rapidly. Mixed methods are especially useful in understanding contradictions between quantitative results and qualitative findings. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this approach. Fewer people studied usually. Quantitative has its advantages and disadvantages. 3/19 Advantages and disadvantages of quantitative data analysis Advantages of quantitative data analysis: allow for a broader study, involving a greater number of subjects, and enhancing the generalisation of the results ... O'NEILL, R. (2006) The advantages and disadvantages of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The scientific method is the modality with which the science investigates the reality, and is the most well-known way in the process of knowledge definition. Research is about gathering data so that it can inform meaningful decisions. When collecting and analyzing data, quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics, while qualitative research deals with words and meanings. Published on April 12, 2019 by Raimo Streefkerk. Qualitative research is more subjective, often including observation and interpretation of data via ethnography and personal interviews. Advantages of Quantitative Research Quantitative research design is an excellent way of finalizing results and proving or disproving a hypothesis.The structure has not changed for centuries, so is standard across many scientific fields and disciplines. Quantitative Research Pros List. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods of research. On one hand, you have the perspective of the data that is being collected. It will then go on to critique a qualitative research article yet due to the word count only several factors of this will be critiqued and the article is by Wills’ et al (2005). In Order To Accomplish This,… While each type of research has its disadvantages, some researchers feel that quantitative research is more reliable, while others feel that both methods need to be used to gain accurate findings. But, both the methods and approaches (qualitative and quantitative) have pros and cons.
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