Program mode is the thinking person's auto: the camera chooses the most important settings for you -- shutter speed and aperture -- and allows you to override all of the other defaults. Cinematic mode is a little less useful than most of the other Intelligent flight modes, but there are situations in which it can be useful. When the camera recognized the scene, the icon for the recognized scene appears on the screen. Intelligent Auto mode is indeed intelligent. In some situations, I might push my maximum limit to 12800. Related Articles. There are several specialty shooting modes available on your Olympus EM Series camera. Greg Harper, the LiHD Answerman, answers questions from the community. Even providing on-the-spot instruction doesn’t guarantee you’ll end up with a decent picture of yours truly. I’m switching the Mode dial to iA, handing over the camera and then smiling and saying “Cheese.”. With this mode on, the camera will be detecting the scene conditions and… Best Digital Camera Compact Movie mode to capture moving subjects in a video format. P (Program Auto): Allows you to adjust various shooting settings such as white balance or ISO value, etc.. Aperture value and shutter speed are automatically set by the camera. So, if that is the case, why even bother with Program Auto mode? I am not comfortable with noise above ISO 6400 on the 5D Mark IV, so I keep the maximum range limited to ISO 6400. The product will not recognize the scene when you shoot images with zoom functions other than optical zoom. The Intelligent Auto Mode will set many of the camera commands and settings for you automatically (see Table 4-1 on the next page). Scene Intelligent Auto: The 5D Mark III’s fully automatic shooting mode. Adjust the focus and shoot the image. Macro mode to focus on subjects close to the camera lens. The earliest auto-exposure cameras could only adjust the lens aperture, but with the advent of electronically controlled shutters in SLRs in the mid-1970s, automatically controlling the exposure via the shutter became a possibility. So I'll often shoot something in both iA and P modes, thus allowing me to bracket quickly without setting the camera to bracket. What is intelligent auto mode and how does it influence your camera’s exposure? MENU → (Camera Settings1)→ [Auto Mode] → [Intelligent Auto]. It doesn't necessarily mean that the Auto mode is any less effective. It also adjusts focus automatically by detecting whether the subject is … With the mode dial set to iA, go to the main menu, select the iA icon then choose Intelligent Auto Plus. When you buy your favorite brand camera, here’s what to ask for: Canon – Smart Auto; Casio – Premium Auto; Fujifilm – SR Auto (Scene Recognition Auto) Kodak – Smart Capture and "What is Scene Mode?" Press the MENU/SET button to enter in the main menu screen. Auto mode only impacts the quality of the image if you use the full-auto/green mode because that usually has the camera creating JPEG files and the camera may adjust ISO and also do some in-camera editing on image sharpness and color. Intelligent auto mode is the direct descendant of program auto-exposure mode, itself born from ordinary auto mode. Note. While in Intelligent Auto Mode, you can view and maintain the available menu command options. Program Auto mode gives you the ease of use offered by Intelligent Auto Mode, and adds the ability to change settings like ISO and white balance. (Superior Auto): Allows you to shoot with automatic scene recognition.This mode takes clear images of dark or backlit scenes. In any shooting situation, simply select the Intelligent Auto mode and the camera will automatically do everything necessary to provide optimum results. In Sony’s newest alpha cameras, there are two different “Intelligent Auto” modes, the green mode for single shot, and the yellow for slower exposures, which fires multiple shots and sandwiches them together for an optimum image.
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