We have tried to elaborate and give insights on each of them within the constraints of the size of a regular blog post. NAAC has revised its ‘Accreditation Framework for 2020’ and made changes as follows, Total number of Key Indicators (KIs) is reduced to UG-31 & PG-32 from 34 (Previously). A student, who wishes to opt for the subject Geography in B.A., must have this subjects at the intermediate examination or equivalent level. More weightage (45%) was given to affiliated college on teaching – learning evaluation and research, consultancy and extension by University (20%). 5 great teachers to remember during this Teachers’ Day. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation . Because soon enough, our eBook “A handy guide on NAAC accreditation” will be published, with all the necessary information and deeper insights on each aspects of the NAAC accreditation. The quality and future of the institution depends on it. ... IIM K has given 12% weightage to Resume IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi have given 5% weightage to Extra Curricular Activities. It is heartening that National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has brought in new spirit into its process of assessment and accreditation. Trivia quiz which has been attempted 686 times by avid quiz takers. Criterion 6 Governance, Leadership and Management (100) Key Indicator - 6.1Institutional Vision and Leadership (10) Weightage 6.1.1 5 tune with the vision and mission of the Institution QlM. The maximum weightage while the A&A for this criterion given by the NAAC is: Criterion 7: Innovations and best practices What are the 7 accreditation criteria for NAAC accreditation? Environment consciousness of management, staff and students. Here are some important areas to focus on to improve this criterion. But before we get into all that, there is something else you should know: The period of validity of the accreditation: The accreditation status is valid for five years from the date … Several HEIs have gone through this process and a sizeable number has also undergone subsequent cycles of accreditation. NAAC rankings out; SRCC emerges as the best college of Delhi University. NAAC has assigned predetermined weightages to each of the key aspects under the seven criteria. Etc. With these scores combined, the University received an A+ grade. 4. Curriculum is in the core of education. Hence, Ranking … B. Classrooms, labs, technology, facilities for physical fitness and medical purposes, proper and sufficient reference materials are all vital for assuring higher educational quality of the institution. The NAAC has been carrying out the process of quality assessment and accreditation of HEIs over the past two decades. ... due to reductions in … Criterion 6 –Governance, Leadership and Management (100) Key Indicator - 6.1Institutional Vision and Leadership (10) Metric No. Figure 2 Ten Criteria’s for NBA accreditation with marks (arranged in ascending order) This criterion addresses the regular academic activities of the institution. In the TIER-I document, the criteria which are based on outcome parameters have been given more weightage, whereas in the TIER-II document, the weightage has been reduced, thereby, enhancing the weightage of the output-based criteria. Key Indicators. 4. When you score against your criteria, you can have an objective discussion around the criteria. ... Co-ordinator for NAAC Criteria 2(Teaching- Learning and Evaluation) Co-ordinator for IT Quiz , IT club Technozia 2015 – 2019 ... Felictated by Bangalore University Jyan Kiran Shikshak Sang … On the other hand, NAAC accreditation determines the quality of the institute in terms of education, infrastructure, research, teaching & learning etc. The teaching-learning processes, students results, desired outcomes etc comes under this criterion. A. This helps especially when everybody may be on different pages. The ‘Best practises’ includes anything that have contributed towards the institutional objectives and quality improvement. The instrument for assessment and accreditation has been designed with seven criteria as quality parameters into criterion-wise Key Aspects. Practises towards a common, better future. ... C. ‘Output’ Criteria and Weightage – 30 % Weightage This ranking aims to be the authentic guide for MBA applicants/prospective students in deciding which B-school to apply and admit. Our research invested in this area has helped us sum up on points to consider, which will help you make attain, the less attainable. When merged together the marks can be reduced to 20, at best. For example, in my experience, political competence varies by situation. The system facilitates better interaction between the students and teachers. This NAAC’s new format or Revise Accreditation Framework (RAF) is effective from Jan 2020 in which NAAC has made some changes from criteria 1 to criteria 7 in qualitative (Q1M) and quantitative QnM) matrices with weightage. Candidates applying for MBA courses at Arya must have a recognized Bachelor’s degree of any discipline of minimum 3 years duration, obtained passed at the qualifying examination or as prescribed by Technical Education Department, Government of India or University of Rajasthan. Four to Five hours were aside weekly for this purpose. A. As the first criteria deals with a “WHAT” in learning, this one assess the “HOW” the learning happens. This has been attempted as a continuance of the NAAC‟s concern for ensuring that its ... based on the Core Values and Criteria for assessment and Key Indicators. The major aspects considered for selection are the CAT scores, Written Ability Test(WAT)/Group Discussion(GD) and Personal Interview (PI), Past Academic Performance & Diversity factor. Internal quality assurance, faculty empowerment, financial resource management, strategy development, all comes down to this criterion. c) All metrics in Criteria 1, 2 & 7 are essential. The major factors to consider while improving this criterion are: Criterion 5: Student Support and Progression They can do this by using the guiding indicators and based on their observations and … 5. Define NAAC. The maximum weightage while the A&A for this criterion given by the NAAC is: These all proclaims the nature perspectives of the institution towards the outside world, and its moral values. Criterion 3: Research, Consultancy and Extension The 5 rating for political competence I gave across the board is actually interesting. 0. How the institution facilitate the progression of students to higher level of education and/or towards employment is also an important factor while working on this criterion. You will also be able to demonstrate OBE competency, which is one of the highest-scoring requirements in the NAAC. 7. Student performance and learning outcomes. This criterion contributes a weightage of. The major field of focus for this criterion is on ensuring proper participation of students in academics, and students support for the side of the institution. ... Also Separate Manual is prepared for affiliated Institutes running UG and PG programs with weightage changes in criteria 3 & 5 while for university and autonomous have no changes. Chemistry, B.E./B.Tech. Certificate of weightage claimed. The key aspects of this criterion are: Institutional vision and leadership, Strategy development and deployment, Faculty empowerment strategies, Financial management and resource mobilization, of Seats: PG Diploma in Polyurethane Technology : Bachelor's degree with Chemistry as one of the subject, B.Sc. Whereas, St. Stephen ranking is less popular on the list. Etc. This criterion, as the name suggests, is about the academic research, extended consultancy services from the side of institution towards the industry and the field of study, and extension which is the outreach of institution towards the society, addressing various real-life problems, finding solutions, and other extra-curricular activities to improve the overall quality of the institution. 2. The quality and future of the institution depends on it. Introducing ICT in education comes under this criterion. Without NAAC accreditation, universities are not eligible for UGC grants, RUSA grants, financial aid etc. Weightage 6.1.1 Q l M The governance of the institution is reflective of an effective leadership in tune with the vision and mission of the Institution Upload the vision and mission statement of the institution and describe in not more than 500 words on the nature of governance, perspective plans and participation of the teachers in the decision making bodies. (F) Criteria 6. in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Plastic Rubber, Polymer Technology, M.Sc. At the end of every academic year, a comprehensive self-appraisal … ... differential weightages for different type of institution were introduced. Financial management and resource mobilization. (Hon.) NAAC Criteria I head in C&M since 2019. NAAC : Accreditation Process ... of validity period of NAAC accreditation from five years to seven years may be given to those institutions which have concurrently obtained highest grade* for two cycles and again obtains highest grade in the third cycle also. Provisions of penalty for institutes submitting "fraudulent" information are also likely to be introduced and the number of parameters may be reduced to make the assessment more … Various evaluation and assessment practices are also a point of interest for this one. Run through the NAAC manual for more details before proceeding. The teaching-learning processes, students results, desired outcomes etc comes under this criterion. shall have to pay an additional amount of Rs 200/- for each subject. 5.1.6 The institution has a transparent mechanism for timely redressal of student grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases 25-Jun-2019 With liberalization and globalization of economic These changes and the consequent shift in values have been taken into cognizance by NAAC while formulating the core values. The NAAC is emphasizing on ERP Software as one of the Criteria. This criterion is to assess factors like. NAAC keeps updating Manuals and quantitative and qualitative metrics are to be filled very specifically as per weightage of that particular metric. e. 11 digit computerized Caste certificate for SC/ST/OBC f. AADHAR card g. Colour photographs ... Music, and Psychology in B.A. Weightage 6.1.1. This criterion addresses the regular academic activities of the institution. NAAC should enhance the marks in each case. Following complaints of corruption, an 80 per cent weightage has been proposed for self-reported data analysed through software-based capturing and 20 per cent weightage to peer review teams. (ii) Fostering Global Competencies among Students The spiraling developments at the global level also warrant that the NAAC includes in its scope of assessment, skill development of students, on par with their counterparts elsewhere. NAAC Parameters/ Indicators. NAAC's evaluation criteria are seven in number and NBA has ten criteria. NAAC has identified a set of seven criteria to serve as the basis of its assessment procedures. ... EFMD’s EQUIS and AMBA, and National Accreditation i.e. ... (CGPA) ranging between 3.76 and 4.00 … Let’s slim-cut them all. No other International Accreditation agency was given any weightage. Highest weightage of 40% was assigned to this criterion. What are the 7 accreditation criteria for NAAC accreditation?? Let NAAC work on it. Shri Ram College of Commerce has received the highest score from the NAAC. means Noranda Aluminum Acquisition Corporation, a DelawareCorporation. 3. NAAC accreditation is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes, particularly state universities. However, a non-autonomous institution The NAAC has identified the following seven criteria to serve as the basis for assessment of Universities. Provisions of penalty for institutes submitting "fraudulent" information are also likely to be introduced and the number of parameters may be reduced to make the assessment more … Though a few changes have been made by accrediting bodies in the past to improve it, a situation of dichotomy and confusion still exists in a number of criteria. Each criteria is further divided into. Whereas, the NAAC Peer Team that visited the University gave a score of 3.53.
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