Generally average but can be a bit tempermental. 3) You and your pack is out hunting, you haven't found anything for ages and your pack is exhausted, think, what should you do? For example, you might be too young to lead the pack or you don't have the drive to do something. What wolf pack rank are you? Well you're prepared to prove them wrong! Quiet and Timid. What Wolf Rank Are You? What would you do?, What would you do if your crush likes someone you hate?, If your friend died, what would you do?. Life is harsh, but who doesn't enjoy a little adventure. It is usually considered a shameful rank.You probably got this rank because you're a bit shy yet you're caring too. Or maybe you're the playful Pup? 1. You eat last and alone and are usually left behind to pup sit. You try to stay on the bright side of things and your smile can warm the whole pack on the coldest of days. You are not afraid to risk your life for others and put the ones you are close to before yourself. Are you the fierce, and prideful Alpha? If you were a wolf, would you howl at the moon? You're probably young yourself and look cute. You have no desire to be around others of your kind and prefer living life on the edge. Take a quiz to discover the hero mark that represents you best & show the world what you stand for. You're the one to change up the pack a bit. Perhaps you do this so your family and friends don't get hurt from any surprises. Take the quiz to find out! I hope you like it! You're just not like the other wolves. Either way, one day you most likely will become the Alpha, and this rank is very similar. Lower my head with respect, but retain a dignified body posture. You might be distrustful, but do try trusting someone, it won't hurt you! Sometimes you're a little immature, naive, and gullible, but that never stops you from doing your best. Each day, we go on the internet or look in the newspaper to see what our horoscope has in store for us. You will walk among pack even after your last breath. Click to find out!You can be one of eight ranks - Alpha, Beta, Hunter / Fighter, Scout / Lookout, Elder, Pup, Omega, and Lone Wolf.This is my first quiz. Investigate until you find out what caused it. 10 Questions - Developed by: Karashoo_Aine - Updated on: 2011-12-01 - Developed on: 2011-11-22 - 100,526 taken - User Rating: 3.4 of 5 - 23 votes - 44 people like it You are the Lone Wolf! parts: 29 lyn . Are you the fierce, and prideful Alpha? Your intelligence and creativity make you great for coming up with ideas and solutions. Elders were once either Hunters / Fighters, Scouts / Lookouts, Omegas, or retired Betas.You probably got this rank because you're very smart and mature. No need to guess, take up the quiz and find out! One of your problems is that you're not as bright as the Alpha, and sometimes you give too many chances, and that can endanger your pack. Everyone watches out for you and makes sure you are feed. Please answer this question. Please go to the "Ranks" page to learn more about these ranks! "Anime" covers an enormous range of human (and inhuman!) This 60 Second Quiz Will Guess Your Zodiac Sign. Answers are now posted here . You're also inhibited as you tend to jump at every sound. Plus, there are Pokemon! You got Elder!The elders of a pack are the wisest and most intelligent wolves out of everyone. But that never puts you down. Take our animal personality test to find out whether you're more monkey than mountain lion, or more sloth than shark... What animal am I most like? Oh No! For example, you are bit indecisive and prefer to let others make decisions for you. The Beta is usually the mate of the Alpha however in large packs, if there are already two Alphas, then the Beta and his mate both become Betas. Choose your mark. Blood makes you shrink back and you don't feel very brave. Your impatience and short temper make you great for dealing with enemies but can also leave you as not very understanding. Or are an anti-social lone Wolf? You like to spend time with your friends and with your laid back style, you don't care much about anything and just enjoy your life! You'd sacrifice yourself in exchange for the life of someone you love.You see the world optimistically. Betas tend to report back to the alpha and are loyal to those in a higher rank. Elders also don't have any jobs to do. They are ranked just below the Hunters / Fighters.You got this rank because of your caring and funny nature. They're loners (duh) that wander the forest alone and could be considered potential threats to other packs.You got lone wolf because you rely on yourself and trust no one.
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