You can start using it now in Easil or download the font from Google Fonts. Fonts that are different but complementary typically work well together. Lato is a popular favourite in Easil and also can be found in Google Fonts. It’s useful for headings and shorter texts. Download the Lora font by Cyreal. It’s slightly connected but not a ‘true’ script font. And yes, it’s in Easil in our font selector, or free in Google Fonts. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in this post: Finding your perfect font match is not impossible. Keep it well away from Corporate documents and instead save it for funky cafe menu headings, social media graphics, and large format posters. Perfectly pairs with: Montserrat and Open Sans. Created by Kimberly Geswein, you can find it Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Easil (ready to use in our font selector) or in Google Fonts. A chunky, stencil-style lettering font; Black Ops One is suitable for headings and display, from James Grieshaber. With more than 1,000 fonts to choose from in Adobe Fonts, finding the perfect combination of typefaces to create winning designs can be a challenge. Created by Gesine Todt, you can find Leckerli One right now in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Packaging design for HERBi. Available in Easil and in Google Fonts. This vertical contrast design was created by Indian Type Foundry. Perfectly pairs with: Roboto and Open Sans. Looking for a playful font? Get it wrong and you have something that just isn’t easy to rest your eyes upon. Perfectly Pairs with: EB Garamond and Josefin Slab. Font Pairing Tools. Gravitas One is one of our favourite Easil fonts, so you can start using it now, or you can find it for free in Google Fonts, Great Vibes is a beautiful flowing, connecting handwritten script created by TypeSETi. I’ts easy to read from header to copy, and is available from Type Together. Especially if your project deserves a brush script font that has it’s roots in true penmanship. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Libre Baskerville and Ubuntu - best Serif and Sans serif font pairing. Created by Impallari Type it comes in Regular, Regular Italic and Bold. Khand is a compact yet dynamic mono-linear font in regular and bold. Perfect Font Pairing: Montserrat and Roboto. Fun fact:  It was actually inspired by the flowing script produced by a sign painter’s camel hair brush! Leckerli One is all about display fun! In this article, we will analyze the best Lora font pairing options. A font that is super versatile and achieves impact in both it’s regular and bold forms. Find it in Easil and Google Fonts. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or Google Fonts. Meaning & Fundamentals, 6 Essential Tips for Effective A/B Testing, Dark Patterns Are Changing How the Law Understands Technology. Create with this free font template in Easil. Having purely Serif fonts in your brand can get overwhelming and busy. For example, a family vacation t-shirt may have playful, bubbly fonts while a marathon t-shirt will be more serious with basic fonts. Created by LatinoType. However, Pieters warns against choosing fonts that are too light when designing for multiple screens. And a dose of inked-up grunge! (Generally, not in a good way). Perfect Font Pairing: Roboto and Raleway. Perfect Font Pairing: Josefin Slab and Open Sans Condensed. – perfect for display typography and intended for headline usage. “Just Me Again Down Here” is created by Kimberly Geswein. Arvo is a Slab Serif Typeface, ideally suited for headings and display, from Anton Koovit. Gochi Hand is designed as an interpretation of the handwriting of a teenage girl. Medula One is a futuristic and linear san serif font. FAQ Contact. Use it on anything from wedding invitations through to menus. Find it in, Yesteryear is a flat nib connecting script that just screams “vintage automobiles”. Talented font creator Wackaksara brings you Thillends, a hand lettered typefect with dramatic movement. Five beautiful font combinations. It’s bold, strong and dynamic and created by Astigmatic. It’s a classic webfont, suitable for copy through to Headlines. Sancreek is that font! Featuring a thick shadow, this outline font with inline works well for headings and display. Find it in Easil and free in Google Fonts. Available ready to go in Easil or via Google Fonts. Lots of things spring to mind when you see Limelight font. Chivo is available in regular and Black weights, suitable for display and copy, from Omnibus-Type. When it comes to visual content, the right font can make or break a design. Perfectly pairs with: Lato and Open Sans. Perfect Font Pairing: Roboto and Open Sans. Across all packaging labels and sprinkled throughout the UI, a small yet mighty serif font Yrsa carries the brand promise of “fresh & pure.” Had this been a wine company, Pieters says she would have chosen a fancy sophisticated script with ornate tails and descenders. From font designer Vicente Lamónaca, Economica was inspired by the need to save space for publishing text without loss of height. Poppins is a geometric sans serif typeface, available in Regular and Bold. Find it in Easil or  Google Fonts. Created by Kimberly Geswein, Covered By Your Grace is ready for you to use in Easil or available for free download in Google Fonts. Created by Google themselves, Noto is a Serif type that was designed to make the web more beautiful. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts, Vampira is a low contrast script font. You can copy and paste your own content in to see what it looks like with these font combinations. A selection of the best fonts that are available for free download. This rounded sans serif font is suitable for headings and display, from Impallari Type. Find it in Easil in our font selector, and in Google Fonts. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Oswald. You can copy and paste your own content in to see what it looks like with these font combinations. We believe that this data will help designers and developers recognize market trends. Are you feeling inspired by all the fonts and the font pairing suggestions and examples? Brilliantly sparkling and ready to catch eyes against dark tones or moody backgrounds, Codystar is all about city lights or starry nights. Where teams create the world’s best experiences at scale, powered by the leader in creative tools. Use this detailed, wide font to hold attention in headings and display, or where you need to showcase short prestigious sections of text. Use this guide instead! It is a strong sturdy font, combined with just a touch of refinement and a drop shadow effect. This is a Small Caps Serif font that was developed with literature in mind – if it’s words and writing you want to showcase, use this font. In the simplest form, a Font Pairing is when you pair fonts that look great together! Then you’ll love this font. Continuing on from Open Sans above, Open Sans Condensed is also created by Steve Matteson, Type Director of Ascender Corp – but a sans serif condensed version of the typeface. Perfectly pairs with:  Denk One and Monoton. Bree Serif. Kristi was designed by Birgit Pulk, a graphic designer from Estonia. Metal Mania comes to us from th.e inspiration of a Heavy Metal album cover. Yes, it can be found in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts, IM Fell Great Primer is a rustic blackletter serif font,  with a touch of Roman – and designed by Igino Marini. Both font families offers great variation though. pair with Londrina Shadow and Londrina Solid for effect (both also available in Easil). I usually choose a very fat bold sans-serif and a light serif.” To avoid making the serif too light, Pieters says, “Adobe XD is very handy for seeing a preview of your text block to see how readable it is on different screens.”. You also have decide whether they are used in Headings, Sub-headings, body font and so on.. all the way down through the hierarchy of text. A warm, solid slab serif brought to us by TypeTogether, Crete Round is perfect for Headlines, display, copy typesetting and #AllTheThings. Bree Serif is a relatively new font, originally released in 2008. Find it in Easil and Google Fonts. And remember that you need a font that is not currently loaded into Easil, you can upload your own brand fonts, or free fonts (as well as paid, licensed fonts) if you have the Plus plan or above in Easil. To stress-test her overall layout and design choices she uses Adobe XD to view all UI across screens and make global changes. Authentic, simple handwriting typeface from Kimberly Geswein – if you’re looking for a handwriting font, this is as close as it gets – imperfect and fun. It’s a Slab Serif and has extreme stem weight, big serifs and packs a punch for headings. Just like Montserrat, this version of the font (also a sans-serif typeface) is also about the old posters and signs of the traditional Montserrat neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Casual hand drawn Caveat Brush is a natural brush font that’s a happy medium between handwriting and paintbrush strokes. Find it in, This is the sister family to Adobe’sSource Sans Pro (the first open source typeface family by Adobe and designed by Paul D. Hunt. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Arvo. Perfectly Pairs with:  Roboto and Open Sans. Paytone One is a Sans serif typeface developed for display and headlines. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Roboto. Flavours is a decorative, fun, handwritten novelty font. Just follow a few guidelines as follows: Here is our complete list of Font Pairing awesomeness. Created by Nicole Vally, you can find it in Easil in our font selector, and in Google Fonts. ‘mach’ Wust. Created by ISIA Urbino in Italy, it’s Italian typewriter style, through and through. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Quicksand. Designed by Vernon Adams, Cutive Mono is ready to go in the Easil font selector and also available for free in Google Fonts. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Merriweather. The final font in the Mustache family, this handwritten script font is elegant and edgy. Flip and scale your logos and designs, pair bold and nimble fonts, and see letters as images. Perfectly pairs with: Roboto and Raleway. Please consult us to discuss your specific needs. Perfectly pairs with: Montserrat and Open Sans Condensed. Ah Cookie, so sweet and delicious. It’s apparently loosely based on the title screen from the 1942 film “The Palm Beach Story”. Sanchez is a punchy San Serif font created by Daniel Hernandez and available in Regular and Italic. Veerle will tell you that choosing the right font for your project is not a science, it’s a feeling. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Roboto Condensed. Also created by Marcelo Magalhães. Did this guide fire up your love of fonts and all things typography? Perfect for academia, it’s available in Bold and Italic versions. It was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a friendly appearance. Perfectly Pairs with:  Playfair Display and Lato (and Donuts). We monitor over 6 million websites from all around the world and present unique research data from our findings. Unifrattur Magnuntia is a blackletter font designed by J. Designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Free. It’s the handwriting you always wished you had. If you’re looking for a modern Arabic typeface, El Messeiri is it. Architectually classic Dorsa is great for headings and display, brought to you from Santiago Orozco. Perfectly pairs with: Roboto and Open Sans. All of this text is editable. Chelsea Market is a bold yet playful and quirky, bohemian casual font. Damion is a casual script typeface perfect for modern webpages. Created by James Grieshaber, this display typeface font is available in both Easil and Google Fonts. Source Sans Pro is a sans serif typeface designed to work well in user interfaces of all type. Dancing Script is a feminine cursive handwritten font designed by Impallari Type. It’s elegant in its simplicity. How to use the font pair of Roboto and Montserrat. Get it right and you’ve got a winning design. Clicker Script is brought to you by Astigmatic. Fugaz One is an Italic sans serif font with geometric features. Finding the right secondary font to match your title font can often be a time-consuming task. Perfectly pairs with: Work Sans and Roboto Light. A popular style throughout the history of typography, Pathway Gothic One is a narrow grotesque sans typeface. Created by Vernon Adams, you can find it in Easil and Google Fonts. Use it now as an Easil font, or find it for free in Google Fonts, Josephin Sans has a retro, almost art deco feel about it. Perfectly pairs with: Lobster and Playfair Display. Available now in Easil and Google Fonts. Grab it now in Easil or you can download the font from Google Fonts. Created by Sorkin Type, you can find Limelight in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Pow! Sue Ellen Francisco is a tall, skinny handwritter font perfect for any project that pair swell with slender text. Montserrat is a crowd favourite sans-serif, rounded typeface font with low contrast. Created by the Indian Type Foundry. Perfectly pairs with: Arvo and Work Sans. Dark patterns have the power to design harm into our technologies. Bree Serif is a warm, sunny typeface ideal for display use. What do you need to keep in mind to pick fonts that both look great and foster a good user experience across multiple screen sizes and devices? Abril Fatface is part of a bigger type family system, Abril, which includes 18 styles for all Display and Text uses. It has a timeless classic feel with modern flair. Perfectly pairs with: Roboto and Quicksand. Perfect Font Pairing: Open Sans and Raleway. Created by Riccardo De Franceschi and Sorkin Type, find it in Easil and Google Fonts. Perfect Font Pairing: Open Sans and Source Sans Pro. Find it in Easil. Perfect Font Pairing: Oswald and Raleway. Rubik One is a San Serif font family. She believes, “There needs to be contrast. Perfectly pairs with: Oswald Light and Montserrat Light. It’s a casual, playful informal script created by Sabrina Mariela Lopez. Designed for Scholars by David Perry, Cardo is a gothic-style scholarly font with distinguished shapes and lines. Athene, the classic-classic serif font that is incredibly simple to pair. Special Elite is the combination of old school analog and vintage typewriter typeface for your website and designs. It has irregular brush shapes with lots of fun loops,  and is sweet in character. Perfect Font Pairing: Libre Baskerville and Lato Regular. Libre Baskerville is a Roman serif web font optimized for onscreen body text. Think: theatre, 1920’s, Hollywood – all are captured beautifully with this font. It’s designed to be more like the handwriting of an ordinary person vs a calligrapher, and it’s a font that works well on screen, even in small sizes. Need a spooktacular font perfect for Halloween and all of your other spin-chilling project needs? Both go really well together. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Dosis. Create delicious designs with this apple pie font. Modern. This Ultimate FREE Font Pairing Guide is about to blow your typography-loving mind. Perfectly Pairs with:  Work Sans and Roboto Light. It’s quirky and inviting yet still looks professional and polished. Pairing fonts yourself can be problematic. Arizonia is a sign painter script font from TypeSETit. Designed to celebrate the old posters and signs in the traditional neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, this font is all about urban typography from the first half of the 20th Century. Access it now as an Easil font, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Unica One is a condensed unicase sans serif style font. It’s cool, it’s casual, it’s – Trash Hand. So, how do we ensure we are best communicating our ideas to the end user? Archivo Narrow font is a san serif typeface available in Bold, Regular and Italic weights. Serif; 1 font style: regular; Pairs well with Roboto, Source Sans Pro, and Open Sans; Created by Jonathan Ross, it’s all about shadows and lines, bringing a unique edge to bold headings. Created by Astigmatic, it has a little bounce in it, and has intentional irregularity to give it a classic (yet very free-spirited) feel. Think vintage typewriter and classic typefaces (and the sound of clacking keys). (Ex. Free fonts. Bangers is available to use in Easil or download from Google Fonts.a. It’s inspired by the elegant title fonts you would find on advertising posters from the 19th Century Britain and France. Perfectly flawed, just like our uneven, yet appealing and readable handwriting style. Perfect Font Pairing: Open Sans and Roboto. Playful. Perfect Font Pairing: Abril Fat Face, Work Sans and Roboto Condensed. Satisfy is a brush script, ready to add a little pizazz to your next project. Perfectly pairs with: Montserrat and Oswald. Like Hammersmith One? It has urlified drops and sloped terminals. Grand Hotel is inspired by the title screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole” starring Tyrone Power. When text characters are not displayed properly on a computer screen (because there is no font to support them) the small boxes that appear instead are called ‘tofu’. Cedarville Cursive works best with:  Raleway and Dancing Script. Available on Easil or Google Fonts. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Perfect Font Pairing: Roboto Regular or Raleway. Dorsa is a tall, commanding condensed headline typeface. If you are looking for a signature feel to your titles, this is a great font to use. Created by TypeSETit, it’s available for you now in Easil and in Google Fonts. Lobster is a lovely bold, retro-style condensed script font that has become hugely popular over recent years. Created by Crystal Kluge and the Tart Workshop, it’s a perfectly playful and casual serif font that oozes Santa and Elves and snow and all things Christmas – bringing Christmas to your project all year round. It’s friendly with open curves and can be found ready and waiting for your next project in Easil and in Google Fonts. Often designers make the mistake of keeping things too light. Typically the pair includes a Headline Font and a Body Copy Font Why Do I Need Font Pairings For My Brand? Designed by Sorkin Type, you can find this font hanging out in Easil or via Google Fonts. Font pairing guidelines Same typeface. Created by Christian Robertson, it can be used effectively alongside the other Roboto fonts, Roboto and Roboto Condensed. Perfectly pairs with:  Open Sans and Kaushun Script. It’s like bacon and eggs. We can’t get enough of it! Available on Easil or Google Fonts. A popular font, it pairs well with many other fonts. Get your copy from joelmaker, or test it out on Easil by clicking the link below. Teko is a Display type for headlines created by Indian Type Foundry and it works well on screen or in print and perfect for advertising or television screens. It’s designed to be pleasant to read on screens, even at very small sizes. This font draws its inspiration from 1960s beauty product ads. Easil ® | Copyright 2020 | Terms Of Use | Privacy Policy | Privacy Policy (GDPR) | Social Media Terms | Cookies Policy. Available in regular and bold options the Bio Rhyme is a super wide “eexpanded” font. It’s available for your DIY designs in Easil or you can download the font now from Google Fonts. Available on Easil or Google Fonts. Art Deco. Perfect Font Pairing: Lato and Raleway. Created by Sideshow, it’s in Easil and Google Fonts. Created by Vernon Adams, find it in Easil and Google Fonts. It has mixed capitals and irregularities, iso if you are looking for a font that’s imprerfect and fun, then check it out in Easil. The below example shows heading and copy sizes that are used throughout the site in RTE (rich text editable) areas as well as the web fonts themselves. Created by Eduardo Tunni, you can find this font in the font selector in Easil or in Google Fonts. But, with this font duo pack, you don’t have to worry about it. Rozha One is a Display Serif, with thick and thin strokes that make it an excellent choice for large headlines and poster-size graphics. It’s great for composing headlines and short text, and was designed by Eduardo Tunni for readability and simplicity. Inspired by italics, Fugaz is a very dynamic, powerful font for headings or display. It’s created by Typemondo and you can find it in Easil in our font selector, or in Google Fonts. Start using Fugaz One now in Easil or find it in Google Fonts. If you’re a comic book lover from way back, then you’ll love this font. Do you love old retro typewriters as much as we do at Easil? Casual. Allan is available on Easil or Google Fonts. Perfect for display and Halloween and Vampire things. Created by Joe Prince, you can find it in Easil and Google Fonts. Lilyscript is it. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Raleway. It’s available on Easil or you can find it on Google Fonts. Graduate is all about US college style. Just as the name suggests, Germania One brings historical German typography to your project. If you want to add a touch of ‘creep’ or horror to your projects, then Nosifer is a great display type font to use. Simply put, it was designed to catch people's attention. Perfectly pairs with:  Raleway and Quicksand. Perfect Font Pairing: Source Sans Pro and Roboto. The six resulting fonts use different OpenType features to allow users to activate and deactivate the new ornamental shapes by just one click of the mouse. Created by Christian Robertson. The wide space between letters also makes it easy to read. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Check out her free Adobe XD design file and start seeing letterforms differently today. Sharpie fun! Bentham is inspired by 19th Century Maps, Gravestones and Machinery Maker Plates – classic, flowing and easy to read! Perfect for corporate projects,  it’s locked and loaded inAvailable now in Easil for your design convenience or ready to download from Google Fonts. Cedarville Cursive is available now in Easil or you can download it from Google Fonts. Get your copy from joelmaker, or test it out on Easil by clicking the link below. Created by Matt McInerney, find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. In this post, we’ll show you how to nail your font pairing – with 180+ free font examples PLUS templates. Created by Astigmatic, Montez has sweeping with strokes that are designed for medium to large text sizes for optimal readability. In her everyday practice, though, she prefers edgy fonts with a lot of character for package design, as seen in her HERBi packaging. Created by Cyreal, you’ll find Lora waiting for you in Easil in our font selector – or free in Google Fonts. The bloodcurdling Creepster is the perfect frightening font for your project needs. An experimental font by Daniel Johnson, this is a great fit if you are looking for a futuristic style of typography. Created by Julia Petretta, this sturdy display script font is playful with a bold texture and is ideal for large format lettering. Plaster is a low contrast geometric design, suitable for medium to large size headlines. Yanone is a condensed typeface available in Bold, Extra Light and Light. Erica One, created byMiguel Hernandez is a voluptuous font perfect for headings. It has elegant swashes matched with clean lowercases, making it also suitable for larger paragraphs. The whole idea of the font ‘Permanent Marker’ is to re-create the look and feel of a marker! Heading: Bree Serif. Also available from joelmaker, or test it out on Easil by clicking the link below. Typically, she would start making her font decisions based on the needs of the client. Perfect for typeface and short blocks of text. It works well for headings and other large size usage. Also created by Tyler Finck, Blackout Midnight is a uppercase only sans serif font with solid counters. Bitter is a contemporary slab serif typeface by Huerta Tipográfica. Created by Soytutype Fonts, you can find Oleo Script in Easil or for free in Google Fonts. Created by Juan Pablo del Peral. Use it right now on Easil or you can download it from Google Fonts. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. You can find Kristi (the font) in Easil in our font selector, or for free in Google Fonts. Created by Sideshow you can find it ready to use in Easil or Google Fonts. This font is perfect for music and concert posters. Download your copy from Font Squirrel. Created by Kimberly Geswein (and it’s based on her handwriting), it’savailable now for you to use in Easil or Google Fonts. Get to it – try it on Easil now, or buy your own copy from. This font is the serif version of the award-winning Bree font family. Try it out on Easil today, or buy your own copy by downloading here. Perfectly pairs with: Raleway and Source Sans Pro. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans Condensed and Merriweather. This lively casual script font is available and ready to use in Easil and also available for free in Google Fonts. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts. Designed by Eduardo Tunni, Graduate is an Easil font, ready to go in Easil – or you can find it for free in Google Fonts. It’s strong, attention-grabbing and works well in large sizes. Created by Vernon Adams, find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts, Just like the song, this font in handwriting style will make you smile and bring an upbeat demeanour to any project! Bree Serif & Open Sans All of this text is editable. Creating her Adobe Font pack required a bit of reverse engineering for Pieters. It’s also available for free in Google Fonts. Find it in Easil ready to start designing or in Google Fonts. Surf’s Up with Pacifico – a popular font created by Vernon Adams. I’ts easy to read from header to copy, and is available from Type Together. Problems finding a typographic pair, choosing a suitable font for screen or buying a set of font licences according to your budget. As urban development changes the neighbourhood, some of the designs that are special and unique to the area were in danger of being lost – and the font was created to help preserve it.