I always welcome feedback and ideas for future topics you'd like to see covered. This Coir Fibre block is an ideal bedding when starting a new worm farm. Coco & Coir is a leading manufacturer of coco peat. NuGro is very easy to use. Made from compressed coconut fibres, coir blocks make a very practical alternative to peat. It may look like soil, but it is not soil. All Fertile Fibre coir is quality controlled, from sustainable organic sources at least 50 miles from the ocean. You want water to drip profusely out of the mixture when you squeeze it. I use either a quart or half gallon yogurt container when making this recipe; a half gallon will yield several trays of soil blocks. For me, every single purchase accumulates. Use whatever container you’d like and that is your “part”. You can order as many coir bricks as you need, from 1 to 1000. Peat-free compost – what are the environmental benefits? You can also read my original soil block post from last winter here. Made from waste coconut fibres, coir compost is a totally natural and renewable alternative for your garden and its open structure works extremely well for seed sowing, root development and potting on. Vegro composts – vegan and vegetarian-friendly, Vegro Ingredients – vegan-friendly composts. Simply soak the block in a bucket of water, leave for 60 minutes and then squeeze out excess moisture. Horticultural coir is a peat-like substance that is used in gardening and agriculture. Coir is available in convenient blocks which have been sun dried in Sri Lanka and compressed to make shipping economical. NuGro is a perfect balanced plant food for using with coir block, especially as an initial plant food and for subsequent feedings. A Fertile Fibre compressed coir brick (0.625 kg) “” the size of a house-brick “” will expand to make approximately 9 litres of fibre. It’s coconut coir. If you wish to enquire about trade prices then please contact us. 4.7 out of 5 stars 21. I think of it like recycling or upcycling. The coir bricks are delivered dry and are pleasant to handle. Organic compost – tips from National Trust head gardeners and others, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019: Our Top Five, Palmetum in Tenerife – Europe’s best palm trees, Focus on: peatfree compost users Shugborough Estate, Our vegan gardening podcast – as heard on Roots And All, Focus on: peat-free cottage garden plants growers. This is not an exact science. It is made from the pith found between the fibers. I love that it is a by-product of an industry rather than an industry in and of itself. Coco Peat Blocks, Coco Coir Pith Grow Bags, Cocopeat Briquette. Just add 24ml in 3 litres of water per brick. If the landscape is in someone else’s backyard, does that mean it doesn’t impact us? Tests include electric conductivity, pH, density and consistency, sodium, potassium. What do I mean? 2 parts perlite. To ensure freedom from salt “” which ruins some of the coir on the market “” our product is carefully tested. You can always shoot me an email at: meg@megcowden.com. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Coir Pith Block for buying in India. And after two successful growing seasons we continue to enjoy the process of creating these blocks, appreciating how well the seedlings grow and how easily they transplant and adapt once set out into the garden. Peat bogs, depending on whose side you land on, are considered a non-renewable resource and sensitive Canadian ecosystem, and the harvesting practices of this resource permanently alters the landscape and takes centuries to recover. Learn more by watching my You Tube Tutorial. The coir pith gets washed, heat-treated, sieved to remove large particles, and graded. Soil blocks are known to have numerous advantages over pots in large part due to the natural air pruning that occurs when roots reach the end of the soil block, which also helps minimize transplant shock. Potting compost will be produced by adding our specially formulated plant food or 5Fs fertilizer. We buy direct from the manufacture in Sri Lanka and visit regularly to check on quality. These were among my first seedlings with coconut coir, before I had made adjustments to the soil block recipe, substituting 1:1 peat to coir. 3 x 9L Compressed Coir Compost Bricks/Briquettes - Ideal peat free compost! Just add 24ml in 3 litres of water per brick. Logic would say of course, so I’ll just roll with it. 3 parts compost. Is it generally possible to cut bits off in order to make up a smaller amount in a trug, or is it generally too condensed to cut in your experience? Once this happens and the block is completely broken up, you’re ready to start using it. £9.95. Coir compost is an organic soil-less growing media for horticulture and floriculture. Coco coir is a relatively inexpensive growing medium and has a comparable price tag to peat moss. NuGro is very easy to use. 9 – 10 & 65 – 70 Litre Coir Compost Organic Blocks. Easy to Transport. Cocopeat/Coco Coir/Coco Fiber has a unique ability to withstand high compaction force without leaving its beneficial structure. Coco Peat Compost in Nursery Growbags Enriched with Asola and Neem Cake. Free postage. The thing I love most about them is that I am using less plastic, and that we don’t have any potbound plants anymore. 4 x 3 Litre COIR DISCS/ COCO BRICK COCONUT FIBRE FOR PEAT FREE COMPOST. The traditional soil block recipe including any pre-mixes you purchase from well-respected seed companies all use a somewhat controversial, non-renewable resource, peat moss. The Mother Earth HGC714728 Coco Bale 100% Coconut Coir Fibers is perfect for outdoor container gardens, indoor plants, and even a worm farm.. Made from 100% natural coconut fibers, this bale is a better alternative to potting soil. A part is a part is a part. Now buy online too. New recipe detailed below. Free postage. Watch my You Tube tutorial on the basics of soil blocks, including my new recipe. Coconut Coir Products (www.coirproducts.co.uk) supplies a range of coir-based products in UK that can help with landscaping, erosion control, ground maintenance, and geotechnical as well as gardening, greenhouse, and nursery needs. Are they more vigorous and do they exhibit less transplant shock? This means you will need to add hydroponic nutrients and control the pH when using coco coir. Straight coir contains only low amounts of plant nutrition but can be used for seeds and cuttings as long as they are potted up once established. The Brunnings coir power garden soil block will expand up to 90 litres of premium grade coir garden soil in just 20 minutes with the addition of water. Hydrate the blocks slowly by using 25 liters of water and allow the moisture to be fully absorbed. We have been using and selling coir coco cocopeat for more than 25 years. That being said, I did not observe any major differences in growth of seedlings grown with coir vs peat moss last year, so I’m diving deeper into this peat alternative this year. Coir is known by many different names including coco, coco coir, cocopeat, coco peat, coir fibre, coconut husks and coconut fibre. I mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the water. Actually, most if not all commercial seed starting mixes contain peat moss. I prefer to have ample leftover in my bin so I can easily stuff my soil blocker, so I always make more than I need for any given day. I use either a quart or half gallon yogurt container when making this recipe; a half gallon will yield several trays of soil blocks. I update the store as needed. It can be used as a base for homemade composts or added to aerate garden waste composts. Fertilized Coir originally fertilized to balance natural nutrient, use as an all purpose seed and potting compost. Once the block is completely reconstituted to get the yield 70 – 75 liters. Coir makes a perfect base for homemade composts. Coco coir is often sold in compacted blocks, and these blocks are lightweight and easy to transport. The 5kg bale contains a mixture of long and short fibers which gives it an exceptional water-holding ability, high porosity, and good drainage. The compost from your coir brick can now be added to your own compost mixes. A part is a part is a part. Just soak overnight, and it is ready for use. 99 There are big blocks of coir for sale on ebay where each block makes 70 lts of compost (cost £20.99). £9.95. To re-constitute just add 25 litres of water. Additionally, I’ve read it can contain high salinity content if it is processed using salt water instead of filtered water, which would not be a good thing for tender seedlings. Each block is about the same size of a house bricj. 2 parts coconut coir. Coir Brick, Coconut Coir Fiber Compost Block Organic Aseptic Coarse Fiber Peat for Seed Starting, Gardening, House Plants, Flowers, Wheatgrass 3.0 out of 5 stars 1 £7.99 £ 7 . Coir Soil Block Recipe. These Coir Compost Blocks are compressed blocks of coir fibres that make it even easier to go peat free by replacing peat based compost with environmentally friendly coir compost. It is extensively used as a soil-less growing medium to produce high yielding quality vegetables and cut flowers. With superior water retention, premium grade coir garden soil is perfect for giving your garden improved drought tolerance. Thanks Nicola, that really helps. Because I only use a small proportion of coir in my soil blocks, and lesser quantity than that of peat, I am happy to share my new recipe with you. Posted on March 1, 2008June 15, 2019 by admin. Or you can add well-rotted manure, green waste, bark, sand, or grit to it for your perfect mix. Coco Pith is a natural multipurpose plant growing medium. Coir, unlike peat’s acidity, is pH neutral, exhibits a slightly lower but still very functional water-holding capacity to peat, and can absorb water and re-wet itself much more readily than peat. Coco Top Tips: Because coir is sterile, it is a very good seed starting medium. But most often, I add an entire new batch to the mixture and moisten the entire new batch with the leftovers mixed in the next time I make soil blocks. If you want to get an old worm farm started again or are starting a new worm farm for the first time the Coir Block is essential. I hope you already know a little—or a lot—about this peat alternative. NuGro is a perfect balanced plant food for using with coir block, especially as an initial plant food and for subsequent feedings. Coir is ideal for seeds and cuttings. Personally, in this age of globalism, it’s impossible for me to not think about the impact my purchases have on the broader environment. Cut open the Growbag and you get a ready to use open-top nursery Growbag with 2 kg Enriched Coco Peat Compost to kick start your kitchen garden. We are embarking on our third growing season using soil blocks to start most of our veggies and many of our flowers. Growing in soil isn’t too different though, as many gardeners amend their soil constantly throughout the growing season anyways. Click to download my Succession Planting Guide for the adventurous gardener. Coir is a by-product, a waste product, of an existing industry, something that has been piling up for decades (it does not decompose quickly) and accumulates year round in tropical regions around the globe. I want to say yes, but I didn’t really pay close enough attention to determine this for myself. When hydrated with water, Viagrow Coir bricks and blocks rapidly expand which saves you time and effort. Targeted for hobby growers and home gardeners, 2 Kg Coco Peat Compost in Nursery Growbags are designed primarily for easy usage. You can see our bottom watering setup in this photo and can read more in my original post here. Coir is the ideal medium for hydroponics. Coir improves water retention in soil that drains quickly. We stock both fertilised and unfertilised coir blocks that are both convenient and great value for money. Shop our range of eco-friendly, organic peat blocks and get free UK mainland delivery on every order. I was concerned about the transportation costs of shipping this agricultural by-product across the Pacific Ocean to my midwestern home, a real tradeoff cost of the global lives we now live. Find here online price details of companies selling Coir Pith Block. £13.00. And I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit skeptical a few years ago. You can see all of the soil block equipment we use by visiting my Amazon storefront (full disclosure, I am an Amazon affiliate and may receive small commission on purchases made without any additional cost to you). Very often it is compressed into blocks or bricks, which need to be soaked before using. I currently use 2/3 coir to 1 part peat and add extra compost instead. It usually takes about 4-6 parts water to achieve adequate moisture. So what’s the big deal? Visit my Amazon store for links to our favorite books, seed starting supplies, kitchen gadgets, and more. Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Coco peat products and allied horticultural inputs. Use whatever container you’d like and that is your “part”. My goal is to send one email per month with links to my most recent blog posts, an update on what's growing inside and out, and tips for what you should be planning for and doing in your garden for the month. Inert – coconut coir is inert, meaning that it has no nutrients within it. There are alternatives to peat, and they aren’t without their tradeoffs, because everything has consequences. And any leftover mixture I simply leave in my bin and re-wet a good 30 minutes prior to needing it the next time. Thank you for joining my mailing list! As a re-purposed waste product, coir is a … 9-10 Litres Premium Coir Cactus Potting Soil Compost Block for Succulents Cacti. +44 (0) 2071756786 A great potting mix using coco coir, perlite or vermiculite and compost. We prepare this easy potting mix or soil with rain water. You can use coir bricks for seed raising or cuttings. Your coir brick can be loose or individually shrink wrapped. This fiber accumulates in large proportions, and has been studied, compared to peat moss, with very promising results. In full disclosure, as an Amazon affiliate I may receive a small commission from purchases made through this link at no additional cost to you. What do I mean? ₹700.00 Ex Tax: ₹700.00 Coir Pith 5kg Block Usage Growing medium/Potting soil for commercial farming .. Each 600g compressed block is simply soaked in water and within approx 30 minutes it "expands" to produce approx 8L litres of compost. We spent many seasons considering soil blocking before investing in the tool and trays. It’s an additive effect on the environment. Peat moss is a seemingly abundant resources of seed starting mixes that has come under intense scrutiny—and for good reason—over the past decade. As an aside, I am currently working on significantly reducing my family’s single use plastic, which takes a shift in our consumer mindset and is a very active work in progress. We use a 2” soil block with the standard pin. 1-16 of 276 results for "coir compost block" 20 X 9 LITRE ORGANIC COCO PEAT-FREE COIR BRICKS - SPECIAL OFFER !! All our coir products are natural, 100% … The coir bricks can be exclusively used by themselves, blended or mixed with expanded clay pellets, code: VS10, perlite, code: VPER4, vermiculite, code: VER4, topsoil, earth worm castings or a compost of your choice. It would make a great accompaniment to peat if you’re not ready to completely switch off peat moss. 1 part garden soil . Coir / coco Peat Free Organic Compost Block Soil, Compost Fibre improver 65-70ltr or 9-10ltr Available. It is an eco-friendly organic soil substitute and soil conditioner. You can also aerate garden waste compost with it. The compost from your coir brick can now be added to your own compost mixes. The compost is sterile, so it will not contains any pests, diseases or weed seeds. This was a stellar hodge podge of cotton seedlings (far left), thyme, and my super early peppers including Hatch and Aji Amarillo. Our coir blocks are perfect to use as bedding when starting off worms in a wormery or for mixing with worm casts to make a finished coir compost. Please take a look at the coir bricks for sale in our online shop. As this is my second season and first full season using coir, if I see adjustments are needed I will update this post. You may want to play with your proportions and moisture, and your compost may have more or less moisture than mine.